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The Baldrick plan for World Domination gets beyond a joke when the Psychos who escaped the asylum meet to discuss a new agenda:
1. Destroy all societies & countries who appear to be cleverer than you.
2. Change all the Laws of Justice to make Corporate theft legal.
3. Get the Pentagon to wipe out any opposition.

The Bilderberg Agenda has a few major flaws that make it look like a plan from a mental hospital.
The World Domination theory is a product of a psychosis which should be treated by a long lie down in a dark room.
The fact that these people are actually running the Western World also poses a few problems for us.

The Denial of Reality:

To ignore anything other than the Material World is to deny not only The Seven Levels of Living
but to deny basic school room science, the Laws of the Universe & the Laws of Nature.


1.Energy does not dissipate it just changes form.
2. Every action has a reaction.
If you then follow this science/logic, then every action that The Bilderberg Group takes actually brings about an opposing reaction.


The Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Syria Wars have caused more problems for the US than they have resolved.
The Ukraine intervention has caused an opposing alliance between Russia & China.
Prism surveillance has totally alienated whole populations of the UK/US &EU.

Vice versa: If the Pentagon were a peace force for good it would get positive alliances.

A Crime Against Humanity

While the destruction of countries & societies by design may have been the plan with the aim of installing puppet governments over an impoverished population.
This is actually a Crime Against Humanity.
And when our governments took it upon themselves to take the Corporate Fraud route they became complicit in the crime, especially when they used the same techniques on their own population.

The Bilderberg/Pentagon psychosis, if carried to its ultimate Corporate Nirvana, would mean that the world population are not needed & would be exterminated leaving The Bilderberg/Pentagon Psychotics with all the money & all the worlds resources.
But in an empty planet.

These people are just Psychotic Power Junkies in need of treatment.

Max Wolfe

The Movement for Universal Democratic Justice

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