Though shalt pray unto Goldman Sachs and respect their authority. 

Though shalt be able to steal in the name of The Economy.

Though shalt be able to fornicate with those you chose
so long as it is for power or influence.

Though shalt be able to make up the laws of the state as fits your purpose.

Though shalt repress & impoverish the poor and the weak
for they are in need of lesson's to be learned.

Though shalt be able to covet your neighbour's house
and all your subjects' possessions & moneys.

Though shalt bear false witness against whistleblowers & lock them in jail.

Though shalt have no allegiance to the electorate or Democratic principles.

Though shalt impoverish the United Kingdom
& make it very cheap for Goldman to buy.

Though shalt be allowed to kill with drones all those who stand against you.

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