Universal Justice

I find it strange living in Britain, a Democratic country, that we do not have Democracy.
And in a country that was one of the founders of International Law, that we have no Justice.
In fact this country is Post Democratic & moving speedily towards a Corporate State.

The problem appears to be the deception about the two economies in this country.
The Real Economy, domestic, and the Corporate Economy. Ref: The Money Game
A deception maintained by all political parties & London’s main stream media.

While this has worked well for hundreds of years there are no longer a minority of people involved in Corporate Fraud.
In fact it has been accepted as standard practice in both the City of London & Government.
The reason given is that it is for "the good of the economy."
This is now used carte blanche as a justification for having no legal restraint on Corporations & the Corporate World Economy.

The power of The Corporations has reached such a point that they can easily manipulate politicians, governments, accountants, lawyers, Justice Ministers etc.

In fact most levels of Government have been infiltrated by the corporations allowing them to control & corrupt government contracts & asset strip the UK infra structure.

This infra structure has taken hundreds of years of hard work & taxpayers money to build up.
The immorality of these corporations has reached such a crisis level that they are completely devoid of responsibility to the United Kingdom population.
Greed is their mantra & they have no conscience or religious belief to stop them destroying the social fabric of the country & putting swathes of the population into poverty, sickness & death.
They will sabotage areas of public infra structure to create a reason for privatisation & profit.

Another uncomfortable reality is the dominance of Warmonger Corporations in the survival of the World Economy.
While the USA & UK has massive sovereign debts keeping The Real Economy stagnant.
Hundreds of Billions of pounds are spent annually on weapons for warfare.
A lot of these weapons appear to be designed for population control, an insidious side effect of the paranoia of power.
So many industries worldwide are dependent on warfare that there does not appear to be any space or time for peace.
In fact the economic dynamic of the Warfare Corporations deem it necessary to have wars as a product placement, to provide a use for all the money & people involved and to use up outdated weapons.
These Corporations are in a position to start wars for profit.

We are now witnessing the destruction of the Western Economies where the echelons of power refuse to accept their fate.
Obama, Merkel & Cameron have become The Lords of Fraud.
They will not accept that they should cut back on Government expenditure, make a high percentage of Public Servants unemployed or indeed stop their own personal high expenditures.
So they drift further into corruption by stealing money, goods & assets from the docile domestic population. And all this while travelling the world espousing the benefits of Democracy.
But the hollow truth is that Democracy is dead.
And the Corporate State will bring with it a new frightening alliance between the Rich Corporations & The Warmongers.
They both have the intention of creating a New World State built on Corporate Fraud & Warfare.
Unfortunately, when you sleep with the devil, you wake up in hell.

Max Wolfe 12/06/2014

The Movement for Universal Justice & Democracy

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