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The Conservative Party,

The Liberal Democrats &

The Labour Party.

Collectively known as



Achievements over the last twenty years.

Destroyed the country's economy with unmanageable sovereign debt.

Allowed the uncontrolled expansion of expensive mindless bureaucracy.

The privatisation of Britains Institutions & resources with no benefit to the electorate.

The sale of privatised companies to foreign asset strippers & fraudsters.

Allowing the exploitation of the UK consumers & householders.

Failure to regulate the banks.

Failure to regulate company fraud.

Failure to regulate company tax avoidance.

Failure to regulate against Tax Havens.

Failure to regulate the Stock Exchange.

Introduction of multiculturism against the wishes of the electorate.

Allowed uncontrolled immigration against the wishes of the electorate.

Allowed political correctness to override common sense.

The destruction of the British way of life.

The destruction of the British intellectual ethos.

Failure to implement legal control over the rich & the powerful.

Implemented the anti democratic Human Rights Act.

Signed the Lisbon Treaty against the wishes of the electorate.

Surrendered Britains sovereignty to the Germanic EU State.

Destroyed the principles of democracy.

Failed to uphold the Data Protection Act.

Quadrupled Council Tax making it unsustainable for people on low incomes.

Failed to keep the Civil Service politically independent.

Failed to keep the Civil Service morally untainted.

Failed to keep the Civil Service as Public Servants instead of Political Servants.

House of Commons MP's expenses fraud; failure to control.

House of Commons Lobbying; failure to control.

Cash For Honours; corruption at the heart of the establishment concealed.

Using the licence fee to manipulated the BBC & other media politically.

Installed national surveillance road camera system on the electorate, paid for out of taxes.

Increased taxes at every opportunity.

Continual expansion of government expenditure while telling others to cut.

Participating in three wars.

Running the government on a 24 hour news agenda.

Handing out taxpayers money in foreign aid without statutory controls.

Paying out money to the IMF against the electorates wishes.

Paying out money to the EU against the electorates wishes.

Paying out money to the ECB against the electorates wishes.

Implementing hidden eco taxes on energy & fuel.

Wasting taxes on wind farms.

Wasting money on IT disasters.

Increasing costs on workers by increasing regulation & health & safety.

Introduction of Criminal Record (CRB) checkss against the British principles of common justice.

Preparing for the subversive introduction of Identity Cards without notification to Parliament..

Creating a Stasi surveillance state.

Introducing the monitoring of the electorates private communications.

Generally not having a plan for Britain's future prosperity and wealth.

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