A Criminal Justice System.

The basis of the UK Justice System has always been assumed to be objective, impartial & balanced.
The origins of English Justice in feudal times were extreme & barbaric.
Latterly it became protection for the ruling elite & the rich from the hoards of uncouth uneducated peasants.
Justice was often corrupted by false testimony & lack of legal representation.
Nowadays it is assumed that the failings in the Justice system tend more to its liberal nature
misrepresentation & by those who use the law for their own gain.

But the trials & tribulations of the legal system on this level tend to conceal the true nature of Justice in our society

It is still, as it always has been a system to punish the working class & to protect the rich.
But its failing as in the rest of society has been the profusion of wealth & the expansion of
those who expect to be within the protection of the law but outside of its jurisdiction.
The equality of Justice for all Men is & has always been a fable but the perception of Justice has never before been so exposed.
The whole point of Justice is that it has to be seen to be fair & has to be accepted by the population as “The Law of the Land.”

And while historically Justice has been tested by the working classes,
we now find that there is a multitudinous new aristocracy of rich & famous
who have moved on from being bourgeois & decadent to being downright dishonest.
As these people are from the same London intelligentsia they seem to have forgotten
that their positions are privileged and have certain responsibilities for honesty & integrity.
And that as LawMakers they have thought themselves & their multitude of friends
to be exempt from the Laws of England.

The politicians have failed to protect the UK population from exploitation
& have even encouraged & still do encourage extreme profiteering
& deceitful practice in the pursuance of trade.

And while pretending to represent the population/electorate in their duties
they have become accustomed to promoting their own careers in banking
& profiteering from their associations in the course of their delegation & influence on contracts.

But the failure of these politicians to carry out their duties with honesty & integrity is a minor problem compared to their failure to regulate England’s laws.
The integrity of England’s legal system is a continuous & strenuous responsibility which should be vigilantly upheld.
The failure to bring to the bar laws to curtail what can only be described as blatant fraud in the running of the UK’s companies has led to an acceptance of dishonest practice.
The fact that their friends, acquaintances, relatives & business partners have benefited from this failure
is a sign of complicity in fraud against the state & the people of England.
Their failure to do so is therefore in itself a crime.

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