The Political Vortex


The failure of the London Main Stream Media & our London Political Elite to recognise a seismic shift in public opinion has led them to completely misjudge social/political realities.

The rise of UKIP is denigrated as a reactive vote.
The 100 or so active political groups who wish to preserve & protect Democracy are ignored.
The 100 or so fringe groups who the media label as anti capitalists
The anti fracking & anti windfarm brigade are also suitably denigrated.
The web activists trying to get their political opinions acted on by lobbying MP's.
Plus the anti corporate tax fraud campaigners.
But when they are all added up they actually become representative of 75% of the population.
And when you add up the number of people in full time work you also find that it is 25%,
leaving 75% of the population excluded from the affluence that our politicians & public servants maintain.

Manufacturing Public Consent

The media & politicians have lost touch because they have manufactured public consent for so long that they cannot debate their own opinion.
They write off public opinion as inferior & ignorant not realising that the internet has opened up a whole new political & economic awareness internationally.

Freedom of speech with free & open media political debate is now an expectation of the new digital media generation.
But the main stream media & the London politicians are still trying to prop up their dead ideology.

As the media pundits attack more & more "fringe groups" for being wacky & eccentric
they are alienating more & more of the general public.
The corrupting of statistics from the governments office of national statistics is a popular political manipulation aired on main stream media with daily regularity.
But as the broadcasters happily follow the Cameron/Osborne dodgy statistics on our wondrous economic recovery
The public knows that economic recovery means City of London recovery & more Corporate profits, not money in their pockets.

Whereas a "recovery" that started in London would take five years to spread countrywide,
Sullenly the working classes know that the cake has been carved up too many times for them ever to benefit.
Even the middle classes are starting to wonder about the validity of any economic good news after Austerity, which even they have suffered.
Repairing Austerity is not a priority for this government, so future Prosperity is just words.
This government has a grand plan but it is to open up UK consumers, householders & landowners to the big UK asset strip.


This is where Cameron & his Corporate Crooks slide their way in to the Public Services (HMRC) to control & subvert the national interest.
By inserting key personnel into various government departments they can obliterate planning controls, change laws & stop the prosecution for fraud of corrupt corporations.
The implementation of the EU/UK/US TTIP trade agreement is the wanton destruction of Democracy worldwide
& the installation of a new world order administrated by Corporations for themselves.

In the Name of the Economy.

The London media, used to absenting themselves from any debate which can; "harm the economy," "not be in the national interest," or "infringe the integrity of the City of London"" are not involved.
And yet here we have not only; The End of Democracy, The Destruction of the UK Real Economy but the creation of Corporate Government.
And still, no debate.


And then there's democracy. Who would have thought that England, the bedrock of democracy would have a government so corrupt & selfishly polemic as to destroy democracy just because it stopped them thieving.
It's now six years since the bank collapse & no one has put in place a solution to the problem.
In fact the finance houses have used the collapse to blackmail governments into giving them more & more taxpayer's money.

The Lords of Fraud: Obama, Cameron & Merkel.

The Corporate Politicians are so consumed in greed & corruption that they fail to consider that they could be wrong about anything.
The bank failure in 2008 was nothing to do with them even though they were supposedly in charge.
The war failures in; Iraq, Afghanistan & Libyan has only succeeded in empowering & enriching the Corporate Warmongers.
Basing the world economy on fraudulent capitalist expansion has been brought in to question many times but the debate is silenced.
The main stream media will not go there.
So we continue with a corrupt world economy based on Corporate Warfare & Compromise.
How can that go wrong?....

Universal Democratic Justice. v Corrupt Corporate Warmongers.

There is an opportunity here to debate the basis of human existence.
In a connected world the old affirmation that Knowledge is Power has been destroyed.
The Corporations are now fighting a rearguard action to regain their stranglehold on power.
Their institutions of Warfare (defence) are now not only coiled against the enemies of the state but against the population itself.
The rearguard action continues as they try to take corporate control of the internet & all communications.

So are we heading for a Corrupt UK Corporate State which will keep its subjects in a continuous state of civil warfare?
All the signs are that the NSA, Pentagon, GCHQ, MI5 & the police are gearing up for civil insurrection.
Strange then that we are not; terrorists, anarchists, swivel eyed loonies or anti capitalists
but just homely anti fraud democrats.

Max Wolfe

The Movement for Universal Democratic Justice.

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