Part 1, Double Speak;

LOBBYING: Bribery & corruption as it is known in the real world.

EXPENSES: A claim for anything that you kept the receipt for.

PENSIONS: Money paid to the low paid public servants for decades of honest public service.

TAX: The legal obligation for workers to pay their share of the cost of government.

PENSION FUND: A target for jealous unscrupulous politicians.

SOVEREIGN FUND: Government debt to conceal bank fraud.

STATE PENSION: Its so low Civil Servants donít even consider it.

SOVEREIGNTY: How Germany outwitted 27 countries & won Europe without fighting a war.

TREASON: Oh sorry we deleted that law by mistake.

ECONOMIC EXPANSION: Its good for the City of London & bad for the Real Economy.

POLITICALLY CORRECT: Mad as a box of frogs.

BUREAUCRATS: People who work in an office block & have no idea of reality.

CORPORATE LAW: Not in the English dictionary

JUSTICE: Keeping the working class in their place.

LONDON POLICE: Used by .gov to repress the population.

SAFETY CAMERA: A hidden speed camera placed on a safe road for taxing safe drivers.(TAXCAM)

PRIVATISATION: Giving companies loads of UK assets so they can rip off the population.

AN ACCOUNTANT: An accredited crook who fiddles your books.

A TAXPAYER: Someone who doesnít know how to set up a fraudulent company.

CEO: Company executive in charge of hiding; assets, profits & bribes.

PLANNING LAWS:1 A hindrance to the economic recovery of the UK.

PLANNING LAWS:2 The only thing stopping crooked corporations buying up the countryside.

GOVERNMENT DEBT: A debt to be paid off by your children if they ever get a job.

CORPORATE FRAUD: A mechanism approved by HMRC for offsetting tax.

TAX HAVEN FRAUD: A mechanism approved by HMRC for offsetting tax.

OFFSETTING PROFITS: A mechanism approved by HMRC for avoiding tax.

CORPORATETAX FRAUD: A mechanism approved by HMRC for offsetting tax.

THE BANKERS: People who were given responsible positions in society but decided to steal instead.

GCHQ: People who havenít got a life so they read other peopleís emails.

JUSTICE: The moral judgement of conscience between whatís right & whatís wrong.

LONDON JUSTICE: Well, everybody else does it?

THE COUNTRYSIDE: Lots of room for corporate exploitation if only we could get rid of the people.

OVERSEAS AID: A political slush fund for bribing dictators to buy from our (arms) corporations

QUEENíS COUNCIL: Barristers who can twist the law to prove that corruption definitely pays.

A CIVIL SERVANT: A .gov worker who extorts taxes out of people to pay his; wages, expenses & pension. February 3rd 2014

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