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And who will lead England

Who will serve her and support her

And fight for her freedom

Who will be brave enough to challenge

The corrupt and the weak

The leaders with no vision

The lords with no laughter

The barons who spend our lives


Will our Queen save us from this sea of contempt

The men with no humility, no sense and no passion

Who destroy this land with their frail thought

And selfish egos.

Who torment the people with their stupidity

Starving the brave soldiers who fight for us

While celebrating a daily occasion, of gluttony


As democracy lies in tatters, Magna Carta deceased,

Destroyed by feeble men with feeble minds.

Who will now start the revolution

Of thought to make this political elite

Flounder and drown in the sauce of their own shame.



Away the men who pray to the false idols of economy

Who have surrendered England to it's foes, for a price.

Wearing the greed of personal success, a badge of recognition

And treachery, as England, abandoned,

Shrivels from within.


Awake the men of steel who lay hidden in the shadows

Vanquish from this land the stain of mediocrity

Be gone the bureaucratic serpent who steals our wealth.

No more squalid satisfaction, we fight

In memory of the soldiers who died in defence of this realm

We salute the past and work from within, for a land that is,

Forever England.



Copyright 2007





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