Great Britain - A Failed State

The United Kingdom is now a failed state.
It has the highest Sovereign Debts in Europe.
The financial balance between the Public Sector & the Private Sector is still unsustainable.
Our businesses & industries continue to suffer zero growth in productivity due to lack of financial support from the banks.
And yet the government fails to change anything.
It continues along the path of keeping the gravy train running.
Of supporting The City of London financial centre to the cost of The Real Economy.
Of supporting the fraudulent Corporate Economy & its insatiable greed.
And as slump turns to triple dip the reality dawns
That this is a crisis that has ignored the reality of 50 million lives while keeping the rich happy.
A crisis that ignores the underclass, the unemployed & the pensioners.
As the City of London & the FTSE Stock exchange hit all time highs.

It has to be said that no one actually revisited the decision that Gordon Brown made to support all of our failed banks.
For most of the less well off, the bank failure would have meant nothing.
It might even have meant that they lost their mortgage debt or bank overdraft.
But it is the rich who have benefited from the payments to the UK banking system.
And it is the poor & their children who have been landed with the 20 year debt.
On top of this Gordon Brown (Mr Prudence) ran up another £3.25 trillion government sovereign debt,
leaving the UK virtually bankrupt.

It is difficult to describe or over estimate the level of political incompetence these actions uncover.
The resulting destruction to UK society is again indescribable.
The failure of the London TV News Media to have any understanding of the situation has similarly left the public without any explanations.
Or maybe there have been too many false explanations.
But this failure & the resulting actions have exposed the electorate to some hard truths.
Basically that they have been callously misrepresented in just about every way possible.
20 years of political corruption has brought Britain to the brink.

Added to this the exposure of all the political parties & their craven attitude to Corporate Law.
& the general acceptance of using UK householders as static consumer targets.
Of using PAYE workers as cash cows to support the government infrastructure
& the lifestyles of the corporate & political elite.

UK politicians have encouraged; foreign companies, UK companies,
government departments & the Inland Revenue to exploit UK consumers.
This has left the general public feeling badly represented & badly exposed.
There is no sign of equality of justice in the treatment of corporate & PAYE Britons.

Economic Warfare.
And now we are engaged in economic warfare between the rich & the public.
And a conflict of political ideology between Capitalism & Democracy.
There are so many corrupt bureaucracies in the UK now exploiting the public that it is not surprising that no one has any money any more.
How many times can you skin a cat?
The corporate riche have exploited every loophole in the financial system to profiteer on the UK consumer base.
And they have paid themselves well a few times over, hiding their gold in secret Tax Havens.
And now they ask the public to go out and spend, spend, spend so they can have even more of our money.

In the 18th century France was the richest country in Europe but it was bankrupted by a Noble Elite who refused to pay taxes.
Britain is now in a similar situation.
The governing elite & their bureaucracies have become so proliferate & so criminal in their use of Tax Havens that they have bankrupted the UK economy.

Its All Legal
There is no longer any expansion in the economy to cover up this exploitation of the financial system.
This eliteís immoral attitude to their responsibilities in government & corporate management has now been exposed for all to see.
Their claim that they have done nothing illegal is a poor defence for those who have the power & influence to create the laws of the land.

We can only hope that in the future there will be some retribution as the law is realigned.
And those corrupting the system of government & finance will be brought to justice.

Just donít mention the guillotine.

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