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The Corporate World is Planning a Coup d'Etat

Corporate Liberalisation

Liberalisation doesn't mean what you might think.

In the Corporate world, liberalisation means removing trade barriers between countries.

Or exploiting a country's consumer base & resources.

Corporate Liberalisation means offering investment opportunities internationally.

Since the 1980's, successive UK governments have prioritised liberalisation in both private and public sectors.
Private sector liberalisation has resulted in overseas ownership of most UK companies.
Privatisations in the public sector have been simultaneously liberalised.
Overseas investors are involved in the public sector sell-offs (energy,water, rail),
private contracting (waste collection, hospital cleaning) and PFI schemes.

TTIP - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The intention of the corporations is to use this trade agreement to allow them to sue governments
For compensation when laws or the population hinder their expansion.
This will stop governments opposing planning permission, land grabs or takeovers.

The UK government is now poverty stricken because it re financed the 2008 bank crash.
The corporations are rich beyond belief. So the government will be unable to risk fighting these legal battles.
They will just surrender.
Corporations will be able to set their own prices for; gas, electricity, petroleum.
There are already no laws to regulate them.
There will be no planning restrictions on them.
People will be virtual slaves to the whims of these corporate crooks.

Corporate Fascism

This is a stitch up by the UK, US, & EU corporations of the population of Europe.
With the complete support of our politicians who are supposed to represent our interests.
With the connivance of the London Main Stream Media.
This will potentially not only leave our government under the power of corporate crooks,
it will also destroy; honesty, integrity, Democracy & Justice as a basis of law & human ethics.
It has the potential to return all workers to the days of Victorian servitude.

The Corporations are "carving up the cake."
And the cake is you & me & our countries; the UK, EU & the USA.
2014: The year that CORPORATE FASCISM is born in Europe.
Be very afraid.
February 4th 2014

The Movement for Universal Democratic Justice

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