The Modernisers

Itís really pointless trying to explain the causes of the riots in London and elsewhere last year.
Pointless because, like the economic chaos, everybody now knows whats going on.
How corrupt our society is. How shallow its values have become.
Pointless because everyone with political power in the last thirty years has been guiding us to this point
And it is they who are the problem.

It is not the underclass who steal from society every day in every way.
It is not the underclass who sold Britainís sovereignty, land and its commerce for commission.
It is not the underclass who lost the nationís wealth.
It is not the underclass who destroyed Britains working class ethic and replaced it with the dysfunctional political cerrectness,
The Human Rights Act, multi-culturalism, equalities commission, health & safety ethos.
It is the overclass.

The overclass of arrogant self seeking parasites who purport to work for the good of the people.
The overclass who are surreptitiously always working for themselves.
The overclass who pay themselves gigantic wages, pensions, bonuses and expenses and then send us the bill.

They were given our trust and they abused it.
They run the BBC, British Telecom, the utility companies, British Petroleum, the local councils, the courts, the police, the banks,
All leeches on the back of the working classes.
Not because theyíre bad people but just because they do not give value for money.
In fact they give such bad value, they canít be afforded anymore.

The Overclass has wielded its power and it has made its personal gains.
The rich stand before us taunting all with their material possessions and their successes.
While the ordinary Ďnormsí look on powerless to achieve anything.
Power is something that people need. It is something that everyone needs.
To feel self respect & confidence, to function properly in their lives.
Maybe they will now realise that equality is not about telling other people how to be equal.

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