The Money Game.

Its now five years since the 2008 financial meltdown & still the politicians have done nothing.
Well time is running out.
Funny how no one mentioned how well the City of London is doing
& the fact that the richest multi-millionaires are now 18% better off.
The whole of the London News Media also failed to mention that
We have two economic systems running in parallel.

The Corrupt Corporate World Economy, which operates outside of legal constraint
& The Real Economy, which is just for the pleb workers.

The Corrupt Corporate Economy exploits The Real Economy & drains its Resources.
Using Tax Havens & accountants to hide their Pirate Booty.
If the politicians dont grab back some of the money which the crooks have lifted from
The Real Economy & hidden in Tax Havens
Then the there will be riots & destruction on the UK/EU streets.

Why cant the most successful finance centre in the world,
The City of London, pay off 50% of the UK's Sovereign Debt .
And then they can carry on being self seeking parasites
& we can carry on with our lives.
Copyright 2013

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