Power Junkies

Power Junkies want to win.
They will do everything in their power to win.
They do not have friends; they have supporters who pretend they are their friends.
If any of their friends stop supporting them they immediately become enemies.
They do not have feelings like ordinary people.
They do not know what love is because their childhood was barren.
They only know how to survive in a loveless world.
They mimic other people to act out emotional empathy.
They pretend they care but it is just another tool in their plan to outwit the opposition.
Their objective is to win & to feel the adrenaline rush of power running through their veins.
They win by subversion & lies.
They take great pleasure in annihilating the opposition.

The problem is that other people are trying to be nice to them.
This is good in a way because it makes them easy prey.
They can walk all over them & steal their money, break their hearts, mess up other peoples marriages & lives.
For they have no morality. They have no belief in God or any other personal responsibility or conscience.
They are basically robots in human bodies.

Eventually they get bored with tormenting ordinary people who they can manipulate easily.
So they go into a power profession where they can rule by manipulation & play out their game.
But Power Junkies are addicted to the adrenaline rush of the kill.
They want more.
Like vampires they need more blood the more they drink.
And other people are a great disappointment to them.
So they have to create enemies.

Paranoia is a permanent problem for Power Junkies.
They are always alone, completely isolated in their belief.
They cannot confide in others as it would expose their weakness.
And their paranoia creates its own enemies.
Their close friends, associates, husband, wife can become "a problem" that has to be solved.
They have no concept of humanity as a whole, or the importance of life.
And therefore they will kill to promote their cause.

They will kill journalists & politicians who get in their way.
They will blackmail & subvert. They will destroy whole nations.
And this helps them further their ambition.
For fear then spreads & people will turn away from them.
And leave them to empire build.

But they have to expand forever to satisfy their lust for power and adrenaline.
So they create a nation of dissent, of conflict,where everyone is against them.
And then they are fighting to save & to annihilate the opposition.
For the good of the state.
The Pentagon World State.
A world ruled by complete control;
Surveillance cameras, Data banks, Computers, police drones,
The Corporate Politicians & the Corrupt Corporations
all in complete control of the enemy.
The Domestic Population.

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