The Failure to Implement Corporate Law

I don't think there is a word in the English language to express the level of Political/Corporate fraud currently being manipulated in London. (Multi-Layered-Duplicity)

The failure of the UK Justice system to encompass the Corporate Economy is not just a failure for the UK, it is a failure for Humanity.
These corporations are not just out of legal control they are operating outside of the realms of any known religious or moral constraint.
Killing & starting wars for commercial exploitation is not really on in a politically correct digitally connected world.

Prism did not only open up awareness to the world of the personal invasion of privacy, it also made it obvious that corporate murder was a by product of our way of life.
The linkage between the arms corporations & the State defence industries was a bridge that we were not meant to see, let alone acknowledge.
It also makes it more obvious that these corporations who have been operating "abroad"" for decades without criticism are now operating in the UK with their foul morality of "Profit before Life."

But while the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico warranted a stiff response from Obama & billions in compensation, apparently life is cheap in the UK as our political elite, the main stream media & corporate news organisations find that 31,000 pensioner deaths, killed by Energy Company fraud, are not worth a conversation let alone any action.

It is unfortunately a sign of grave times ahead for the UK population who have been hung out to dry more times than the weekly washing.
The popular elitist concept that the UK population are a consumer base to be exploited by the international corporate world as the UK's contribution to the "world economy" is only just the beginning of complete betrayal of the electorate by the political classes over the last few decades.

The awareness that the Real Economy is being destroyed in multiple ways by the Corporate Economy "Greed is Good"" mantra spouting corporate CEO's, has only served to enhance the boldness of these corporate monsters.

In any civilised society these people would be jailed for theft.
The political lobbyists would be charged with bribery & corruption.
And the tax avoiders would be prosecuted for fraud.
But strangely we find that although we have all been brought up to believe in; honesty, integrity & justice, apparently this only applies to half of the population.
There is not only a divide between the rich & the poor, the corporate & the real economy but also between two differing judicial systems in which the privileged corporate riche are excluded from normal counts of morality & justice.
While in the past this was a small minority of exclusive brethren this has now spread to any common Arthur Daley from the City of London who can suspend reality with an algorithm in a surrealistic world of computerised corruption.

Obviously these people think they are very clever for profiteering & stealing all the world commodities and locking all their ill gained profits in off shore tax havens.
But the obvious question to the less intelligent of us in the human race would possibly be to question the point of owning vast riches in a virtual economy which is by its nature totally corrupt.
The question then is "who is the clever crook & who is the fool?"

But to step back a few paragraphs to ponder the failings of our judicial system to control corporate morality you might just wonder how we landed up in this situation.
The answer lies in the corruption of our political system.
While our political masters have been talking the talk of Democracy they have actually been walking the walk of corporate expedience.
This was originally justified as the way to support the UK & world economies to provide jobs & goods for the population.
But the linkage between the Political Elite & the Corporate Elite has become corrupted over the years.
And as our politicians were in charge of creating new laws we find that they have repeatedly failed to protect Democracy & have also failed to legislate against corporate fraud.

This failure has now spread to the point where the corporations have gained supreme dominance of the political system, have taken control of many parts of government & the judicial system.
The power of corporate money to corrupt the bureaucratic institutions within London has become endemic.
But of course this has also been happening worldwide with the US & EU suitably compliant in their own corrupt greed.

The arrogance of these corporate politicians has also led to the rewriting of the laws of economics as they have bankrupted the Real Economies in their countries with their misguided self seeking greed & sought to sustain the monoliths & bureaucracies which they have created.
They refuse to accept the reality of their own stupidity.
They continue to play their own games of Gekko Greed with no money in the bank.
So then they steal the population's money.

And still the maths does not add up so they create a new world order outside of Justice where they can continue to live on other people money & pay themselves, expenses, bonuses & pensions.
And still the maths doesn't add up because they fail to understand that they got it all wrong.
And they refuse to admit that they got it all wrong.
Because they have paid so many people to lie to them in the main stream media that they don't realise that they have been caught in a reflection of their own false creation.
And still the maths doesn't add up.

50% of the working population are government employees sucking the UK economy dry.
The Corporate Economy is draining; money, assets & resources from the country without putting anything back.
Corporations are now attacking the UK & putting Profit before Life.
And the UK population is being attacked on all fronts by; the main stream media, Prism, police, corrupt gov, a corrupt judicial system & the corporate crooks.

The response from the politicians to this is to legislate to stop free speech, to gag whistleblowers & to allow the corrupt corporations to overrule Democratic Governments.
Cameron & Osborne, The Eton Boys rule; Repress the masses & profit at every opportunity.

Please take note. There is a new rule of law in the UK.
Honesty, integrity & Democratic justice is dead.
We now live under Corporate Law: Profit before Life.
The failure of the UK Justice system to control the Corporate Economy is not just a failure for the UK.
It is a failure for Humanity.

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