Political Reform Agenda

All Corporate taxpayers should pay PAYE taxes on the first 100K pounds.

All British off shore banks should be nationalised.

Tax avoidance to be made illegal with costs liable for prosecution.

Accountants required to appear before a judicial enquiry.

Accountants prosecuted for previous offences at their own cost.

Investment Banks to be separated from domestic banks immediately.

Bankers involved in precarious speculation will be prosecuted & fined.

Corporate bonuses & wages over 500% of the average employee will be taxed at 100%.

Shareholders to take legal responsibility for their companyís ethics.

Shareholders to be made aware of a companyís financial integrity rating.

Top Corporate Taxpayers will be listed on a Good4UK list.

Politicians will not be able to privatise state assets without approval from the electorate.

Corporate laws to be introduced to control utility companies in the UK.

Politicians will not be allowed to increase taxes on energy or fuel without electoral approval.

Basic goods register will protect minimum prices on essential food, housing, energy, water. etc.

A roll back on the cost of diesel, water, council tax.

An agreed fixed number for immigration with all party concensus.

An agreed fixed number for Public Service employees with all party concensus.

Government to set up website for online public voting to ballot current issues.

Public made aware of budgetary controls in individual ministries & allowed poll feedback.

Lobbying of MPís & Public Servants made illegal.

Independent external economists to be allowed access & influence with public reporting.

CRB checks scrapped.

Toll road plans scrapped.

Public debate on paying for nuclear power, wind farms, gas power stations, Trident.

All party concensus on cutting public service personel.

All party concensus on cutting the working week to provide jobs for the young.

All political party's should register a 5 year contract laying out a schedule of objectives at the general election.

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