The Political Vortex

The London Main Stream Media

Smug Chess is the game played by the media.
Its a game of lies & betrayal.
Betrayal of the population, the electorate, the householders & consumers of the UK.
It is a game of political & economic fraud, duplicity & criminality.

The media is not the media

The media is The Corporate Media or the Main Stream Corporate Media or the London Main Stream Corporate Media.
BBC, ITV, Sky. etc
While we all thought the media was made up of pseudo intellectual upper middle class smug bastards it actually turns out in this story that they are just complete frauds.

They don't just sit around at weekends talking bollocks about how the art at the Tate is sooo downhill nowadays & how you just have to go to the Philippines for the real ethnic experience just because they are stupid academic up there own arse idiots.
It's because beneath the pseudo intellectual upper middle class smug bastard, hides a horrible truth.

The Eton Rules: Repress the masses & profit at every opportunity.

The whole thing is a game to them.
A game of Smug Chess where everybody plays their part in the lying charade for a piece of the action.
And the lying charade is that they are lying to everybody every day about reality, about life and about living.
And while us ignorant workers don't mind getting paid low wages & paying taxes, we do mind dishonesty & getting ripped off.

You might have noticed how the Pentagon, the corporate & government departments seem to still have loads of money & loads of wages, expenses, pensions & bonuses when we're still in austerity street.
Well there ain't no austerity in Corporate Wonderland because its our money their living on. And they all think its all very funny.

In fact, I expect they all sit around the table at weekends with their upper class intellectual friends trying to work out the next scam to rip us off for the hundredth time.
And the BBC which we all pay for "information," is the biggest joke & the biggest lie of all.
Because we pay for it, twice over & then the politicians use it for themselves to lie to us.

So the media missed out the interesting bits of politics where;

The Corporations are carving up the UK household consumer base to drain every last penny out of our wages & savings accounts & leave us in total poverty.
The UK politicians actually have no control over events as most of the decisions are made in Brussels since Gordon Brown signed over UK sovereignty.
The City of London runs government policy & the HMRC even though they are living in a separate feudal Masonic square mile.
Lobbying is actually bribery & corruption but is the basis of UK political power & policy.
Democracy died along with; Honesty, Integrity & Justice.


It is quite amazing to see how much power the western media has to alter perceptions & even events.
The brainwashing power of the media is immense.
In fact many totalitarian regimes in South America ensure that they have complete control of the media.
And while we might look at the News International media empire & the BBC with disdain this does not quite equate with what might actually be happening in the underworld of political betrayal.

Corporate Power

If power in the western economies is Corporate then logically the most powerful must be the richest corporations.
These corporations then control government by; lobbying, bribery, corruption & blackmail.
And the game is; government contracts paid for by the taxpayer.
If the corporations take over government, which they have,
then they have the power to award themselves contracts
& then carry out unnecessary work for profit.
Which in the Capitalist world is a win win situation.

Corrupt Capitalism

Nursing homes run for profit which kill people
Hospitals run for profit which kill people
Energy companies run for profit which kill people
Politicians who fail to regulate corporate law
Arms manufacturers which make war planes we don't need
A world economy based on arms manufacture.
Arms manufacturers that start wars.
Insurance companies that don't pay out on insurance claims.
Accountants that specialise in false accounting
Water companies that make rain expensive.
Banks that just play on the stock exchange.
Pentagon arms manufacturers that kill journalists.
Food manufacturers that include cancerous additives that kill people.
Retail prices falsly inflated on commodities.
Civil Servants corrupted.
Corporations take over seed copyright & bankrupt farmers
Speculators who buy food commodities (rice) starving Africans.
Corrupt lawyers who protect criminal corporations for profit.
Government justice run by corrupt corporations.


And all this nice little pile of money making machinery is propped up by a daily media show of lies & stability.
A media lie where everything is lovely as our politicians protect us from the ravages of the world.
Where justice & humanity live in harmony with free speech honesty & integrity.
And where the only criminals are us when we fail to pay our taxes
or get caught on a Taxcam driving safely down a safe road.

A game of Smug Chess where everybody plays their part in the lying charade for a piece of the action.
Exploiting the population.

The Movement for Universal Democratic Justice

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