Are USA Corporations & Pentagon blackops trying to take over Europe with the TTIP trade agreement & using Ukraine gas as blackmail weapon?

The Pentagon used a similar tactic in 2012 in Silicon Valley when it was trying to get the Digital Corporations to give them complete access to customers personal data files.
Microsoft, Google,Twitter,Facebook. Etc
When they refused, a black op attacked their local power station causing power outage.( ref: Skynews.)

A black op was mounted last week in Ukraine which knocked out Europes main gas pipeline from Russia.
There is now only one gas supply pipeline left......
This pipe supplies all of Europe.

The EU is currently negotiating an open borders trade agreement with the USA.
The TTIP trade agreement gives US Corporation complete control of Europe’s asset base without any legal restrictions.
This is like a mafia tactic, holding a gun to someone’s head and saying "sign this."
And we thought the Americans were our allies and our friends, obviously not.

Another power player in this scenario is The City of London.
Rumoured to be the financial centre of Shadow Banking & international criminality
The centre for Off Shore Tax Havens & now a Tax Haven in its own right.
The City of London is currently under threat from the EU who want to legislate to control its illegal activities.
Activities which it carries out worldwide for; The Tories, Dictators, Criminals, fraudsters, governments, banks, The Bilderbergs, The Rothschilds, amoral power players & of course The Pentagon.

Whether the City of London is with The Pentagon on this is anybody’s guess.
The London Media are silent.


If you tried to work out who GCHQ actually works for I think you would be hard pressed to find the answer. It certainly isn’t for Queen & Country.

The USA Pentagon Psychos appear to want to rule Europe with Stealth Bombers and the destruction of non compliant countries.

U.S. fines French bank BNP $9Bn

The French Bank, BNP Paribas is expected to pay up to $9 billion in a potential criminal settlement of U.S. charges that the French banking giant violated economic sanctions by doing business with Sudan, Iran and Cuba..
The extreme size of the fine is allegedly retaliation for France’s refusal to stop the sale of Aircraft carriers to Russia.
The US/PENTAGON are still sulking over UK/EU opposition to their attack on Syria.

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