The further that a society drifts from the truth,
the more it will hate those that speak it.

George Orwell

THE UNITED NATIONS Global Government Take over the regulation & control of THE INTERNET.


The Corporate Western Media is used to confuse the populations of the UK/US/UK with disinformation for the purpose of power, control & maximising profit. False stories & videos are planted by The Corporations to manipulate the population, government & Parliament to gain support for wars, to create fear, to get taxpayers money for surveillance & to asset strip the economies. The population is kept in the dark about the harsh realities of life & also kept confused & disorientated on matters of “National Security.” This is known as “The Consensus Reality.” A dialogue of disinformation, lies, trivia & edited information to isolate & create a benign passive population.


City of London TERRORIST BANKERS are destroying EU/UK/USA western societies for power, profit & control.
THE DARK AGENDA Behind Globalism And Open Borders:
TRUMP: Outs the MSM, Obama & The Clintons as Criminals. read more...
UNITED NATIONS George Soros plan to Globalise Police.
BLACK LIVES MATTER George Soros plan to create Martial Law: read more...
GEORGE SOROS to regulate the Internet from October 1st 2016.
GEORGE SOROS Created Europe Refugee Crisis:


THE ROASTING OF HILLARY CLINTON: UK Daily Mail list the Clinton body count. read more...
MURDERED: British Barrister, John Jones QC, investigating Obama & Hillary Clinton for Yemen War Crimes. read more...
MURDERED: Shawn Lucas filed lawsuit against the Democrat National Committee alleging they rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton”. read more...
MURDERED: Father Of doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia mysteriously dies read more...
CLINTON MERCENARIES caught by FBI during assassination of DNC official Seth Rich. read more...
MURDERED: Hillary Clinton’s email hacker/witness Guccifer.
MURDERED: Hillary Clinton United Nations prosecution witness.
HILLARY CLINTON’s: Private mercenaries G4S Linked to Orlando LGBT mass murder. read more...
HILLARY CLINTON’s private mercenaries Triple Canopy LLC in spy shoot out in Moscow. read more...
CLINTONS LINKED TO WACO MURDERS: US army used 3 flame thrower tanks on cowering women & children in church. read more...
MURDERED: Prosecutors husband investigating Bill Clinton for child sex charges. read more...
HILLARY CLINTON:Linked to 45 suspicious deaths; Friends, bodyguards, lovers, witnesses, business associates. read more...
CLINTON’S BODYGUARDS: Bodies dumped in WACO fireball.

THE COMMITTEE OF 300: Are now at war with the UK/US/EU populations. read more...
JO COX MP & DonaldTrump Assassins both treated at Lincolnshire Partnership mental hospital in UK. read more...
MURDERED: 40 Deutsche Bank Libor Banker Witnesses:
UK CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS: From foreign War & Fraud to homeland population control with Martial Law.
PSYCHOPATHS & SOCIOPATHS: Should be excluded from UK government by screening.
CORPORATE GCHQ & America's CORPORATE NSA .regularly intercept British MPs emails: read more...


The most articulate criminal mastermind of the 21st Century.
The wholesale theft of all Taxpayer owned sovereign assets.
The criminal Infrastructure Act 2015 & The Consumer Rights Act 2015.
The Creation of a Criminal Corporate UK State.
The destruction of Democracy, Law, Justice & Fiduciary Integrity in the UK.
An undeclared War & Fraud on the passive domestic UK population.
The protection of UK Tax Havens & The Criminal Bankers.
The introduction of The New World Order Criminal Global Fascist State.
The subjugation of the British Broadcasting Corporation & the London Media.
Working for a “Foreign State,” The City of London, criminal bankers.

CAMERON deletes Consumer Protection Laws.
CHINA Calls Rothschild WW3 bluff:
IT'S ALL LEGAL: Cameron, a pretty duplicitous defence from a Law Maker. #offshore
CAMERON Linked to organised crime investigation.
USA Destroys hopes for peace on earth:
FRANCE: Refuses to sign TTIP surrender agreement with USA. read more...
OFFSHORE: Cameron is hampering the fight against terrorism by supporting Tax Havens.
HMRC & Treasury Civil Servants have been totally compromised in their acceptance of tax fraud, accountancy fraud, bank fraud, commodity rate fraud. etc
TTIP is a surrender agreement to US Corporate Imperialism.
THE GLOBAL CITIZEN: Global Government brainwashing programme for school children. read more...
WEAPONISING WEATHER: USA cuts off rain from populations around the globe read more...
DYNASTY WARS: US election descends into intercine warfare between Globalist & Nationalist elite.
Europe’s Planned Islamisation:
CHINA’S $50 Trillion Clean Energy Project

US MILITARY releases documents on Free Nuclear Fusion Energy: read more...
THE FAIR TAX MARK: Please email your Local Councillors to ban Tax Avoiders. read more...
UK COMPANY. Started Zika biological warfare on Brazil to destroy BRICS economy: read more...
OBAMA: The Art of Ruin.
KISSINGER WARNS PUTIN: The US/UK Banker Wars can’t be stopped, UK/US plan for total global & civil war.
PSYCHO BANKERS: Pay ISIS & Pentagon mercenaries to destroy Europe/UK, Syria & Russia.
TURKEY: Shoots down British special forces helicopter who were defending the Kurds. read more
CENSORED DEBATES 27 Debates censored by the Main Stream Media. read here
THE BANKERS: If proof were needed that the bankers control western governments it came last week. read here
GLOBALIST OR NATIONALIST: The Pentagon & the CIA have internal conflicts on the future of the USA & Humanity.
CHINA enters Syrian war with 5,000 elite troops.
RUSSIA to authorise Spetsnaz troop deployments in US and Turkey to combat ISIS. read more...
NATO & RUSSIA: Turkey will start WW3 when it attacks the Kurds. read more...
CITY OF LONDON CRIMINAL BANKERS: Put the UK in danger of Russian EMP nuke attack. .
The Conspiracy Theory: The CIA created the conspiracy dialogue for the MSM to destroy Democratic opposition. read more...
ONLINE COVERT ACTION: UK government agency uses deception to destroy Democracy groups. read more...
BRITISH SPIES: Working against the UK sovereign state for the criminal bankers.
PUTIN: Completely destroyed UK/US foreign policy with Syrian air strikes.
The Cashless Society Begins: Sweden & Denmark are eradicating cash. read more...
MAIN STREAM MEDIA: Facilitating False Flag terror attacks, broadcasting racial aggravation to start civil war.
CAMERON: Orders RAF to give air support to ISIS terrorists. read more...
WAR WITH RUSSIA: Putin warns US/UK coalition not to provide air cover for ISIS again. read more...
OBAMA backs down in nuclear confrontation with Russia over NATO air support for ISIS. read more...
OBAMA tries to piece together a new ISIS narrative as the Main Stream Media goes into meltdown. read more...

The Busted Flush

As Russia & China stand up to US/UK aggression in Syria there is more to the story than Syria.
Russia & China have watched the Western nations bankrupt themselves with Banker Fraud instigated & calculated by The New World Order.
And they have watched The New World Order destroy country after country with criminal means & the psychopathic warmonger corporations wrecking the planet while supposedly creating a Global Corporate Government.

It has become obvious to all that this Global Government is nothing more than an excuse to carry on their criminal corporate frauds worldwide by financing the Pentagon military.
This hierarchy of psychopaths has been exposed for what it is & China & Russia do not want to be part of it.
While they may have some understanding of the need to keep their populations under control they certainly have no intension of letting the moraly bankrupt ego maniacs in the USA Council of Foreign Relations & the European Jewish bankers in the Bilderberg clan carve up their own countries sovereign assets.

The UK/USA/EU Criminal Bankers went too far when they started to destroy their own sovereign economies & their own population’s wealth.
Their egocentric grandeur & greed had made them over estimate their power & led them to create the means of their own destruction.
Without their own healthy sovereign economies they do not have any consumers to play their part in the world economy.
They have lost their own power base with their own stupidity.

Russia & China have drawn a line in the sand but make no mistake, this is not just about Syria. If Russia & China face down The New World Order criminal bankers there is nowhere else for them to go.

UK GOVERNMENT: Hackers trace ISIS twitter accounts to UK Gov. read more...
AGENDA 21: UN GLOBAL GOVERNMENT: The repression & control of the world population by UK/US criminal banking corps. read more...
THE GLOBAL CITIZEN: UN Global Government brainwashing programme for school children. read more...
New £15m UK naval base opens in Bahrain.
GEORGE SOROS: Hungarian PM Accuses Soros of Stoking Refugee Wave to Weaken Europe. read more...
EUROPEAN WOMEN buy up gun stocks as refugees go on a rape spree. read more...
CONGRESSMAN Calls for Hearing on Vaccine-Autism Cover-up.
UK POLICE FAIL: Iceland jail 26 criminal bankers,UK Bankers still robbing UK Economy. Sign Petition here; read more...
AGENDA 21: The United Nations plans to impoverish & militarise the UK/US/EU. read more...
UK POLITICAL PRISONER: Julian Assange still imprisoned as Media criticises China for Human Rights abuse.
CARBON TAX: United Nations grand plan for a new layer of tax to pay for its Criminal Global Government. read more...
BANKERS:The Hidden History of the Rothschild Kazarian Mafia.

NEW WORLD ORDER George Soros commands Europe to accept a million Muslims a year. read more...
CHINESE fighter jets and helicopters to assist Russia in battle against US/UK backed mercenaries. read more...
CAMERON: Supporting & implementing New World Order Global Government for the City of London.
No Brains In Washington
US Justice Department Sets its Sights on Wall Street Executives. read more...
ASSANGE: There are 5,000 NSA employees in Yorkshire UK.
IT Coalition Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others take a stand against US Gov on net neutrality. read more...
REFUGEE CRISIS. Is the Policy of The New World Order criminal bankers. read more...
CORBYN: UK Establishment in complete meltdown over Labours' new Democratic leader.
LONDON CORPORATE MEDIA: Under renewed pressure to expose the 9/11 mass murderers.



Obama signs his own TPA/TPP/TTIP treaty crowning himself,
King of the World.

Weeks Till Global Economic Collapse:
Satanic Control Grid Exposed:
THE EURO SWINDLE: Greece Owes Nothing. €245 billion debt was a criminal bank fraud. read more...

A Life of Crime

It is actually very easy to be a criminal.
Especially if you have been highly educated in one of the best private schools in the country like Eton & then enforced with self confidence at Oxford or Cambridge University.
All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a presentable face & no morality.
There are always people around you to reinforce your idea of the world.
A world where other people don’t matter because they are; plebs, sheep, norms, workers.
And you are part of the privileged elite who have had no childhood struggles to hinder your growth, no vaccinations to restrict your brainpower & a clique of selfish spoilt brats to assist you in your development.
Who would ever have thought that the most affluent families & the most privileged children of England would turn into the most dangerous criminal elite in western history.
A Criminal Elite that could look at the wholesale theft of the United Kingdoms’ Sovereign Assets as a straight forward business transaction.
That could destroy Democracy after 300 years without any tinge of regret.
That could turn our Legal & Justice system into a protection racket for the rich & the Criminal Corporations.
A Criminal Elite that turns a blind eye to; war, mass murder & economic destruction as long as it makes them a profit.
This Criminal Cartel are more dangerous than the Mafia gangsters, Hitler & Genghis Khan.
They just wear better suits & smile the PR smile.

UK Civil Society

We pay taxes for the army but we are undefended.

We pay taxes for politicians but we are unrepresented.

We paid money to save The Bankers but we are in debt.

We pay the Civil Service for administration but we are manipulated.

We pay taxes for Justice, Law & Order but the Criminal Bankers go free.

We pay taxes for housing but only the rich are housed.

We pay taxes for business investment but there is none.

We pay taxes for the NHS but they are diverted.

We pay taxes for the infrastructure but it is asset stripped.

We pay taxes for the secret services & GCHQ but they work against us.

The Bankers Criminal Cartel

As Capitalism & the World Economy is a giant Ponzi scheme maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for the Crook Bankers to get so greedy.
The World Economy could have lasted another twenty years if they hadn’t made it a Ponzi + fraud + fraud +fraud economy.
The whole point of human transactions, economics & currency is that they are based on Trust.
When they got double & triple greedy they destroyed their own integrity & economics.
They thought they could hold it all together with lies & hypnotising people with the Western News Media but now the truth is out.
The Bankers are a Criminal Cartel more dangerous than Mafia gangsters.

FRACKING: Cuadrilla fracking application rejected by Lancashire Council.


Western Governments are forcing child vaccination. No vax, no school, no doctor.
Privatised Medical Facilities vaccine schedule includes 21 innoculations infants should receive before the first year of age, many of which they admit cause severe adverse reactions, including death, largely in part to the ease by which toxins can permeate children’s underdeveloped blood-brain barriers. read more...

USA National Debt now $18 Trillion.
LONDON NEWS MEDIA:Watch out for Flase Flag stories to push UK/USA/EU into war in Syria.
BIG PHARM: Assasinating high profile alternative therapists in USA.
DOCTOR MURDERED: Who exposed that it was mercury in vaccines that caused Autism in children. read more...
PENTAGON: Predator surveillance drones to fly over Europe.
MOBILE PHONE RADIATION: Phones should not touch your skin & be at least 5mm away. read more...
TTIP GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: The paranoid control of the populations of the world by the Pentagon Military under the orders of psychopathic Criminal Bankers.

US SENATE: Rand Paul fighting to expose the US TTIP/TPP trade deal on Global Governance. read more...

HOW THE NSA HACKS PC’s:
WINDOWS 10: To become a subscription model.
PENTAGON: To store Tanks in Baltic States for war with Europe. read more...
WINDOWS 10: The NSA keylogger in “terms & conditions.” read more...
TEXAS: to remove its gold from the US Federal Reserve Bank read more...
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Moves away from the Tory Globalist agenda when it admits “Perhaps the world's conspiracy theorists have been right all along.” read more...
SUNDAY TIMES: Reporter fails To defend anti-Snowden story.
THE GUARDIAN: Bilderberg2015, Where criminals mingle with ministers.
GENOCIDE: Corporate Globalists plan to cut the world population to 3Billion.
FBI FIFA FRAUD: A media diversion from £5 Trillion Criminal Bank Fraud. FBI can’t touch the Criminal Bankers.

Corporate Globalists Control RAF Fuel Supply. The Government Pipelines and Storage System (GPSS) was built during World War II & owned by the Ministry of Defence.
On 20 March 2015 it was sold to the Spanish oil network operator Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (CLH) for £82m. The MoD also signed a contract with CLH for the military to be supplied with fuel via the GPSS.

US SENATE: Lobbying bribes totalling $1.15 million rig the TTIP/TPP vote. read more...

GOLDMAN SACHS: Destroys opposition to TTIP in the US Senate with £127,856 “bribes.” read more...

GEORGE SOROS: Ferguson protesters paid by Soros Front Group. read more...

Banking Reform

The myth that there were just a few bad people in banking was shattered for good with the criminal conviction of; JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Barclays,The Royal Bank of Scotland & UBS with fines exceeding $5 billion. These major banks, admitted criminal wrong doing which involved senior staff in the rigging of exchange rates. Even complicity by the Bank of England is on record. We now need a complete reappraisal of the banking sector & the implementation of a set of Banking Reforms which include; A Financial Transaction Tax, Accounting Transparency, Separating the High Street banks from the Speculators, Criminal Liability enforced & punished by jail time, Reassessment of Status & Full Disclosure. read more...

Criminal Bankers Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash.”

Central Banks aim to institute governmental approval for all purchases and sales.
“In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail,” writes Michael Krieger.
“Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.” read more...

The London Lobbying Industry

The professional UK lobbying industry has been rapidly growing since the mid-1990s and in 2007 was estimated to be worth £1.9 billion, employing 14,000 people. A report suggests that some MPs are approached over 100 times a week by lobbyists.

Since 1994 there have been various complaints by MPs about unacceptable lobbying and several police investigations. Current levels of lobbying are causing concern as is the 'revolving door' which allow individuals to move rapidly between legislative and commercial roles in the same sectors creating potential conflict of interests. Ministers are making increasing use of Special Advisors (staff members employed by the minister personally, but paid for from the public purse) who are often selected from the related private sector industries and have sometimes been criticised for engaging in campaigning while still on the government payroll or for moving directly between lobbying roles and the advisor role.

There is presently no formal or mandatory registration process for lobbyists and consequently there are many self-employed or freelance workers who consider themselves to be lobbyists of some sort. In 2009 the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee recommended creation of a statutory register of lobbying companies and activities (similar to the one required in the United States), but the government rejected that recommendation.The United Kingdom lobbying sector is currently self-regulated by the Public Affairs Council, which registers individual lobbyists. (Wikipedia)


The London TV News Media combined with the London Press, The Bankers & The Corporations to produce a resounding victory for Cameron in this election. The combination of SNP fear & split voting with UKIP & the Greens handed the Conservatives an unexpected win.
This now leaves the UK population completely fractured as it faces another five years of Austerity & Corporate exploitation.

THOUSANDS PROTEST IN DUBLIN: Against proposed water charges.

RIOTS IN GERMANY AGAINST EC BANK. 20% of Germans think Revolution is the only answer. Thousands of protesters have been clashing with riot police in Frankfurt ahead of a ceremony on Wednesday that opened the new £1Bn headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB). The morning rally was marred by torched vehicles burning in the blocked streets. (RTnews)

US CONVOY INVADES EUROPE: US military vehicles parade through; Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia & the Czech Republic to Germany in a symbolic show of force. #TTIP

US Tanks roll into Latvia
The United States has started deploying 3,000 troops into the Baltics. They will hold a three-month exercise with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia has confirmed more than 120 armored vehicles including tanks have been delivered by the US.

More than 50 Russian fighter jets participate in combat exercises

Russia started a week long exercise with live firing of its most modern jets including the SU-34

Conservative Party Bankrolled by Hedge Funds

A Labour Party analysis shows that City of London hedge fund managers have donated more than £19m to Tory coffers. Guardian, read more...

Share Fraud & Bank Fraud vs The Real Economy

US President Obama Announces Tax Haven Taxes

Obama calls for a one-time, 14 percent tax on an estimated $2.1 trillion in profits piled up in tax havens over the years by multinationals such as General Electric, Microsoft, Pfizer and Apple.
He will also seek to impose a 19 percent tax on U.S. companies' future foreign earnings.
He probably knows that the Republicans will veto this.


It is not just Scotland & the SNP who seek devolution from London. The rest of the UK are also appalled at the criminal activities of our Corporate /Political elite. The manipulations of the London criminal bankers cartel, the secret societies & the oil companies have led to a continual ethos of War & Fraud which shows a reckless disregard for other countries, ecology & ultimately humanity. This is a plan to ostracise & isolate those who chose to damage the UK & its economy. read more...

The Infrastructure Bill

As The Infrastructure Bill passes through Parliament no one mentions the massive constitutional change that it contains & the fact that it transfers ALL UK public owned assets to the City of London Bankers for Privatisation.

Boris Johnson seeks to take control of the Justice system in London


The Fracking Fraud

UK households are to pay an extra £150Bn on their energy bills for no energy. George Osborne has decided to put the cost of Fracking exploration on to UK energy bills even though energy consumers will not benefit from any cheaper energy.
As with other Corporate projects in the UK it is government finance & government subsidies which make them financially viable.
With Fracking & the Wind Farms the whole justification for their existence is taxpayers money.
We appear to being subjected to hyped London Media Advertising where the saleable product is just an illusion.
Something that has been created for no other purpose than to make money for The Corporations.
There is no justification for Fracking, there is no shortage in the world for oil.
But the Corporations have used the project to obliterate planning laws & gain control overruling Democratic Law.

The £500Bn Rip Off

The Tories are to sell £500Bn of YOUR roads & land to The City of London for £2.6Bn
The Infrastructure Bill now being finalised in the House of Commons Transfers all highways to central government control for privatisation. Transfers all; public land, parks, woodland, common land, & National Parks to a new Central Land Registry.
Which will be followed by the Privatisation of The Land Registry & the privatisation & sale of all public land.
It also tranfers planning control from local councils to central government. read more...

The Tory War on Democracy

The Conservative government is making a concerted effort to push through new laws to destroy British Democracy & create a Corporate State. read more...

Corporate Tyranny

Tories have increased UK debt by £572 Bn in 5 years. read more...
Britain's fracking trespass law flouts UK democratic rights.

The Saudi oil war against Russia, Iran and the US.

The House of Saud believes it can dump a tsunami of oil in the market and back it up with a tsunami of spin – creating the illusion the Saudis control oil prices. They don’t. As much as this strategy will fail, Beijing is showing the way out; trading in other currencies stabilizes prices. The only losers, in the end, will be those who stick to trading oil in US dollars. read more...

The Renminbi - A new financial era is coming.

The US dollar’s power is threatened as it loses importance and status as the predominant world currency. The Renminbi System using the Yuan is on its way up. It is the official Chinese currency that is now being used by Russia, the EU & UK as a backup currency.The existing order of a single ruling currency is now being challenged. A new financial era is coming. read more...

The Geopolitics of World War 3

The reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now is to keep the US Dollar as the currency for oil trading. History shows that any country that tries to ditch the PetroDollar gets attacked. Iraq, Libya, Syria,.... Iran.

UK Annual Corporate Tax Fraud now £120Bn.


USA Foreign Policy - War & Fraud

There is a basic law of class room science which says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Obviously the people in the Pentagon are too stupid to believe in Universal Laws. And our politicians have not learned from the mistakes of the past.
The Pentagon actually want a War of the Worlds planet because as a corporate entity thats how they make the most profit. The fact that this is completely insane seems to have passed them by.
And then there's ISIS the so called enemy who just appeared from nowhere a few months ago & very conveniently provided a few beheading videos for public consumption & outrage.
But this war isn't about ISIS or even oil or even who owns the oil fields & the refineries.
It is actually about the Petro Dollar which means that whoever runs the oil companies must trade in Dollars.
This is because the USA, whose national debt of $17 Trillion was largely built up by the warmongers in The Pentagon. The USA whose Bankers brought the World Economy to its knees & then carried on the fraud anyway. The USA that has a plan to rule the world by War & Fraud. Is actually bankrupt & unable to pay it's debts.
If it lost control of the PetroDollar oil market the Wall Street Stock Market would crash.

The Bankers, the USA/UK/EU governments have had six years to re balance the world economy but in fact they decided to carry on with their Political/Economic Fraud.
And they have grand plans for the Corrupt Corporations to dominate the world with War, Fraud & drones.
Obviously for the politicians to actually accept that they had messed up & should accept their place in the world community with humility is beyond them.
The people in Syria, Iraq, Libya, South America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, have paid the price for US imperialism & next it will be Iran the EU & Russia.
But the day of reckoning will arrive when someone realises that the only way for peace to exist on this planet is for the USA to be exterminated.
The USA has many enemies & only bribed allies.
And they do like a good war.
But will they be any good against a real army instead of their video enemies, women, children & the docile domestic populations of the world?

Corporate/Political Fraud

Our Corporate/Political Elite are so absorbed in their own power, control & greed that they are repressing the population, stunting our ability to grow, educate, innovate & revolutionise our way out of recession.
They are creating the downfall of the Western Hemisphere by stunting human progress.
Their answer is to dominate the world with War & Fraud, creating a world of slaves which they will control.
This is the madness of our time..


Criminal Politicians, Corporate Predators,
Psychopathic Warmongers & Corrupt Bankers.

The New World Order is just an excuse to destroy countries, plunder their assets & kill the dissenters. It creates worldwide chaos not cohesion.
read more......


People with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Investment analyst downgrades Apple, Amazon and Philip Morris on ethical grounds

Ronnie Moas of StandPoint Research in Florida, which does research on behalf of hedge funds, pension funds and asset management firms, said social misdemeanours and inequality at all three companies had led him make the decision to downgrade them because their future outlook has grown weaker. read more......

ISPs take GCHQ to court over mass surveillance

Seven international web providers have lodged a formal complaint to UK court alleging breach of privacy and breaking into their networks. read more......


Are USA Corporations & Pentagon blackops trying to take over Europe?
As the EU gas pipeline is sabotaged in Ukraine.
And with the TTIP trade agreement under negotiation
Are the US using Ukraine gas as a blackmail weapon?
read more......

The UK's Missing Tax Billions

In The Shade: The UK's hidden economy

A new report,by Tax Research's Richard Murphy uncovers the staggering scale of the UK's shadow economy.
Based on data from HM Revenue & Customs and the European Union the report estimates that in 2011/12 there were £100 billion of sales that weren't declared to the UK's tax authorities, (10%).
The report estimates that £40 billion of tax was lost to the UK Exchequer in 2011/12. read more......

The Political Vortex


The failure of the London Main Stream Media & our London Political Elite to recognise a seismic shift in public opinion has led them to completely misjudge social/political realities.
read more......

Cameron Rewrites the Ten Commandments

read here......

HMRC Standard Practices:

Tax avoidance, accountancy fraud, corporate offset mortgage fraud, profits diverted offshore, Tax Haven transaction concealment,asset stripping, base erosion, profit shifting, undeclared profits, and concealed investments.
All crimes against the UK population sanctioned by corrupt Civil Servants & politicians.
It appears that HMRC is working for the City of London & not the people of the UK.
Is the UK government a legal state or a criminal corporate syndicate working against the population?

Capitalism, Not Corrupt Capitalism.

If money & the world economy are manmade devices for bartering & trade,
What's the point of corrupting the system for profit if it destroys the system.
The world economy is only sustained by its own integrity & trust.
Therefore it is only a virtual economy, not a real economy.
To create a real economy you have to have fixed parameters.
Expansion, the basis of Capitalism is not a fixed parameter.
It is therefore designed to fail.
To create a real economy you have to have international fixed parameters.
For; Law, Accountancy & Justice.

A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: Is one that works against the National Interest.
A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: Is one that treats the population like terrorists.
A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: Is one that exists for its own; power, greed & corporate fraud.
A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: Is one that censors political debate on Main Stream Media.
A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: Is one that corrupts the tenets of: Law, Accountancy & Justice.

EU Votes to Create Public Company Registers.

The European Parliament voted to create public registries in EU member countries listing the real owners of companies and trusts.
The measure will crack down on individuals and companies that hide assets in secretive offshore entities,
These have often been linked to tax evasion, money laundering and corruption.
The use of offshore havens by prominent European politicians andbusiness leaders was revealed last year by ICIJ's Offshore Leaks investigation.
"Tax Havens are crucial facilitators of illicit money flows by secretive corporate structures."

Westminster vs Whitehall

One of the reasons that London Party Politics doesn't work is because the main battle ground for power is the Civil Service.
Hidden from view the Political Parties are placing key people into the Civil Service to maintain control & sabotage the next government.
This negative destructive battle leaves the Civil Service in a continuous state of chaos.
working against positive government and leaving important work rushed or ignored.
Cameron has already placed key corporate people into the Treasury, HMRC etc.
Gordon Brown did the same when he left office.
This is corrupt.

New Corporate Laws to kill off Democratic Justice.

The EU State in Brussels has kept quiet about a treaty that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty
The purpose of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
is to remove the regulatory differences between the US and the EU.
But it also includes new laws called the investor-state dispute settlement.
These are already being used in many parts of the world to kill regulations protecting people and the living planet. read here......

Russell Brand newsnight interview with Paxman

Channel 4 Dispatches: Energy Bills Exposed.

Video Link......

EU Law created tax loophole.

Daily Telegraph reports on the origin of corporate tax fraud. Read more......

BP and Shell rigged Brent oil price for a decade.

Daily Telegraph link......

The Global Economy's Corporate Crime Wave

The world is drowning in corporate fraud, and the problems are probably the greatest in rich countries -- those with supposedly "good governance."
Money talks, and it is corrupting politics and markets all over the world.
The explosion of corruption -- in the US, Europe, China, India, Africa, Brazil, and beyond.
Raises a host of challenging questions about its causes, and about how to control it now that it has reached epidemic proportions.
.......cont: "read more

The Gift Economy

Top defence contractors in Washington regularly finance the election campaigns
of the lawmakers who oversee or control their budgets.
Political analysts have called this phenomenon, the gift economy,
in which each routinely gets, and expects, something of value from the other.
This financial relationship has a large influence on the US governments policymaking
and expenditures relating to national security.
read more......

The City of Detroit files for bankruptcy.

This is historically the first US city to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy.
It is likely to be the first of many as public sector costs of; high pensions, high wages & shrinking population crippled its finances.
This is a phenomenon which is likely to sweep through other US cities & across to the UK & EU.
Public servants are failing to curb spiralling wages & bad public sector pension investments in the City of London & Wall Street.
read more......

Global Hawk. The Drone that could not be grounded.

With large budget cuts looming top US Air Force officials looked for a project
that was underperforming, had exceeded its budget, and wasnt vital to immediate combat needs.
They soon settled for Global Hawk, a $223 million aircraft had cost far more than expected,
and was plagued by recurrent operating flaws and maintenance troubles.
The cancellation of this project was reversed by a team of Northrop lobbyists,
They used former congressional staff and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign
contributions to persuaded Congress to demand the drone continued production and operation.
Northrop Grumen spend nearly $17 million annually on lobbying expenses.
read more....

Lobbyists for General Dynamics who pass through the revolving door

General Dynamics is a US arms manufacturer building land & air combat vehicles
& systems, armaments, munitions, shipbuilding & computer systems for the US government.
read more....

Obama administration drowning in lawsuits over NSA surveillance

UK Gov to face legal challenge over GCHQ/Prism surveillance

UN human rights chief says whistleblowers need protection

In her first reference to whistleblower Edward Snowden’s case,
UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay has called on all countries
to protect the rights of those who uncover abuses and stressed the need
to respect the right for people to seek asylum.
Read more....

Aurelia Fedenisn: Lawyers Burgled

The Dallas law office representing State Department whistleblower Aurelia Fedenisn has been burgled.
The former State Department general investigator leaked government documents last month
providing CBS News with documents that accused the State Department
of covering up criminal investigations involving its diplomats and employees.
Offences included; illicit drug use, sexual solicitation of minors and prostitutes, and sexual harassment. read more....

Edward Snowden:

Whistleblowers are people of conscience who support the Democratic Justice Movement. YouTube video interview link....

Edward Snowden:

I dont want to live in a world where everything I say is recorded. - Guardian video interview. video link....


NSA Controls Global Internet Traffic

read more....

Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow

read more....

Attacks from America:

PRISM: NSA Spied on European Union Offices. read more....

Journalist Killed:

Michael Hastings killed in Los Angeles last week was investigating the US arms industry. read more....

The Guardian Newspaper:

The US Army confirmed that access to The Guardian newspaper’s website had been restricted.
Documents related to Edward Snowdens revelations about PRISM. read more....

The Pentagon


Bradley Manning,Julian Assange,Edward Snowden,Michael Hastings.

The Mad Men:

UK politicians have abandoned Nuclear Fusion in favour of sea based wind farms.
read more....

The Secret City of London

Video Link

Max Keiser: The Financial War Reports

Video Link

June 2013

State TV Pulled of the Air by Greek Government

An employee wipes tears as she works with colleagues
at the Greek state television ERT headquarters
Athens June 12, 2013. REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis.

The Greek government took the State TV network, ERT, off the air
at midnight on Tuesday 11th June, just hours after announcing the move.
Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou told Reuters the shutdown was decided
six weeks ago .......cont: "read more

GCHQ Cheltenham


May 2013

The War of the Worlds

Once we were just paranoid idiots
And then the US.Gov intercepted journalists emails & telephone records.
And then we knew that Corporate Gov was at war with its own people.
Obviously Jesus wasted his time preaching to the Christians about greed.
So now Money is King. Greed is Good. Goldman rules the Earth.
Bring on the corporate police drones.

CIA Langley



The Politics of Diversion

The main game in Westminster at the moment appears to be diversion.
There is the smell of desperation to conceal & divert attention from the economic problems facing the UK.
Desperation to conceal the explosion of Corporate Fraud from the public.
Desperation to conceal the reality of UK.Gov internal finances
And the real cost of keeping this failed establishments various bureaucratic empires intact.
And then how to make the PAYE workers pay for it all.
Not to mention the continuing saga of the EU nearly failed corrupt state.
53 billion a day to Brussels & rising.

Politics used to be regarded as politics.
Now they are regarded as a dishonest elite vainly trying to hold on to power at all costs.

And The Shires watch in disgust as the corrupt City of London & the Corrupt politicians of London
struggle to twist their mistaken scenario of deviousness into a win/win situation.
The Corporate Fraudsters have created their own downfall by asset stripping their own homeland.
Didnt anybody ever tell them not to s**t on their own doorstep.

And the corporate media are going greyer by the day as their lies & omissions from reality catch up with them in the most unexpected ways.
The futility of everything that the politicians do in their own stupid corrupt way just shows them up for the fakes & the charlatans that they are.
All they have left is Ego Politics.
How many EU directives are hidden under the House of Commons table this week Mr Speaker?

Great Britain - A Failed State

The United Kingdom is now a failed state.
It has the highest Sovereign Debts in Europe.
The financial balance between the Public Sector & the Private Sector is still unsustainable.
Our businesses & industries continue to suffer zero growth in productivity due to lack of financial support from the banks.
And yet the government fails to change anything.
.......cont: "read more



Articles & Links

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* The Seven Levels of Living * How the World Really Works * The Music Room * Agenda 21 * The People's Agenda 2016 * Briefing Notes * Inverse Truth * FAKE NEWS * The Doors of Deception


700 years of Western history is changing now.
We are witnessing the attempted overthrow of the Rothschild World Economy which controls 165 countries through its’ Central Banks which are then controlled by the Bank of England, which is the City of London world “Mother Bank.”
The current battle in the USA by President Donald Trump against the Obama/Clinton/Soros Shadow Government is a battle that should be watched carefully by all in the UK & Europe
Because the chaos in America today will happen in the EU & the UK in the near future.
This battle between The Globalist New World Order & The Nationalist Donald Trump is a last chance for humanity to control its’ own Destiny.

Plans by The New World Order include;
A five year recession to destroy the western economies.
Main Stream Media disinformation & agitation to create racial civil war.
The imposition of Martial Law with the UN Military.
The Mass Murder of 3 Billion people to cut down the world population.
The use of paid agitator groups to start riots.
The Main Stream Media attacking, deriding & destroying all people who are Nationalists;
Trump, Corbyn, Farage, Putin. Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders etc.

The Globalists want to create a World Banker Government which they control.
They will destroy all opposition using the Main Stream Media to incite violence, by accusing Nationalists of being “Racist.”
You are being lied to a thousand times a day by The Evil Main Stream Media.
Know your enemies; The Corporations, The Main Stream Media & The Criminal Bankers.

The next 4 years could be the most exciting period in our lifetime.

BANKERS: People who commit Treason in the USA get death by Hanging.
90% of CIA now support President Donald Trump.
500 HOLLYWOOD Paedophiles arrested in California.
HILLARY CLINTON: Stopped from leaving USA.
ABC NEWS REPORTER: Martha Raditz Named as Clinton/al-Qaeda informant who betrayed US special forces in Yemen.
TRUMPS MUSLIM BAN was to stop Clintons ISIS terrorists entering USA.
25 MILLION VOTES For Hillary Clinton ‘Completely Fake’
70 ARREST WARRANTS ISSUED against the Clinton Democrats.
CIA Fire missile at Saudi Arabia from Yemen to start WW3.
BILL CLINTON TURNS STATE’S EVIDENCE & supplies information on Democratic Party criminals.

USA has given Daesh terrorist locations to the Russian forces clearing Syria.
Trump is to release the block on new technologies held back from humanity. Free energy, cell regeneration, anti gravity.
Trump cancels the much hated TTIP/TPP trade deal
Obama Bombshell: ‘DNC Emails Were Leaked’ – Not Hacked By Russia. CIA & Main Stream Media lied.
Mainstream Media Must be shut down and/or taken over to break their monopoly on information.
US Secret Service investigating Madonna for inciting violence.
MAIN STREAM MEDIA: Concealed Vaccine/Autism link from politicians & public. FBI Raids Pharmaceutical Watchdog (CDC) Alleged intentional poisoning.
TRUMP: Cuts finance & pulls USA out of United Nations & New World Order project.
USA MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: To move from weapons to FREE ENERGY, spacecraft & high tech innovation.

TRUMP: Wins US 2016 Election & stops WW3 with Russia.

EXECUTIVE ORDER: Obama Federalises the US electoral machine.
EXECUTIVE ORDER: Obama Federalises main stream media & news.

MEDIA FORMENT RACIAL CONLICT: Globalists use the race card to Divide & Rule.


This is the end of War & Fraud, off shore tax fraud & mass murder for profit. The Corporate takeover of sovereign states has failed, the people have won a new legal economic battle. TTIP is dead, the New World Order is Dead.
If the Main Stream Media Liars had told you the truth, you would be celebrating now. But they are hiding in their shallow lies of greed & corruption, waiting to be exposed for their past crimes.
The Criminals await judgement day.

US Shadow Government Faces Coup

Multiple sources in the USA state that the USA shadow government is in the process of overthrow.
Pentagon, CIA & FBI forces are arresting & imprisoning corrupt officials in the Shadow Government/Banking criminal cartel & the Federal Bank.
The Home Guard & US army personnel are on full alert.

Undeclared Warfare

UNDERGROUND CITIES that the Criminal Elite were going to hide in during the nuclear/EMP attacks have been destroyed by "earthquakes."
MASS ARRESTS: and killings in 43 countries as the corporate/political dynasties fight to stop the Global Government takeover.
FAKE WAR: USA fights fake war in Iraq/Mosul as it transfers ISIS terrorists to Syria/Aleppo.
PENTAGON:Paid UK PR firm $540mn to make fake ISIS terrorist videos. read more...
HILLARY CLINTON’s ISIS terrorist controller captured In Britain:
PUTIN: Authorises the sinking of NATO ships. MSM get their WW3. read more...
USA Turns on its missile system on Russia’s border in Europe. read more...
SYRIA 30 Israeli & British Intelligence Officers killed by Russian missile attack on Aleppo command & control centre, read more...
United Nations Plan to transfer 500 Million Muslim refugees to USA & Europe over next five years.
Global Government Plan is for an equal world. Our standard of living will drop to Africa’s.The Criminal Elite will be protected.
NSA Official: Spy Grid is the Global Government Takeover Plan: read more...
RUSSIA sends 50,000 troops to USA northern border.
RUSSIA sends special forces to Bolivia in South America to protect the government from a CIA coup. read more...
US Global Hegemony is Officially Dead:
OBAMA ORDERS SPACEX ROCKET DESTROYED On Florida Launch Pad. read more...
US NAVY: Destroys Spacex rocket, Israeli satellite, Israeli submarine off West coast USA & then destroys its own helicopter & crew to eliminate witnesses. read more...
CHINA WILL RETALIATE: for Obama destroying the sale of Spacecom to Beijing.
OBAMA HUMILIATED AT G20: No steps or red carpet as he is forced to exit the “arse” of Airforce 1. read more...

GERMANY calls up army reservists for war with USA Bankers. read more...
BRAZIL: CIA/Banker coup takeover of Brazilian government, a BRICS nation. read more...
THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET October 1st 2016 ?
SMART METERS: The hidden spy in your homes that will irradiate your brain. read more...
CIA Admits failed Turkey Coup:
WAR CRIMES: Obama & Hillary Clinton being investigated for genocide in the Yemen war. read more...
CIA Coup in Turkey fails
CRIMEA CIA Botches terror attack on Crimea, links to Hillary Clinton. read more...
UN & NATO Support destruction of UK/US/UK societies by migrant flood/civil war. read more...
PUTIN: Issues final warning to NATO. City of London criminal bankers go for WW3 war profit. read more...
PACIFIC OCEAN: Warships on full combat alert: American-led naval fleet placed on full combat status with nearly 50 ships & submarines, 200 aircraft, 25,000 personnel from 26 nations. read more...


A new type of warfare is being used against the undefended populations of the USA/EU/UK.
Psycho-ops is the drugging & brainwashing of weak minded loner type individuals who are then used to carry out atrocities or mass murders for; the “state,” elite clique, secret society or criminal bankers.
These attacks are then attributed to “ISIS” or another malevolent group by the Main Stream Media Liars.
These operations are often carried out by government secret services, corporate mercenaries or political dynasty mafias.
The intention is to manipulate the Main Stream Media Agenda to get the populations to accept; War, Martial Law, additional data-mining & surveillance & eventually individual micro chipping.
The UK/US war with Russia is now classified as Undeclared Warfare and the UK/US war against it’s own citizens is categorised as covert manipulation.
The psychopaths who rule the Western Nations are also involved in intercine warfare & “sending messages” by knocking passenger planes out of the sky.

The Blair Witch Project

Jeremy Corbyn v Tony Blair
London Politics is a continuing saga of lies & deceit, the London Media keeping the population completely unaware of just about everything that is going on.
The "takeover" of the Labour Party is actually the destruction of The Last Democrat, Jeremy Corbyn.
And the Blairite criminals who paid The Criminal Bankers £750 million in taxpayers money without getting a repayment loan or interest, continue to expand The Bankers takeover of 900 years of UK Public owned Sovereign Assets.
Its a Tory criminal government making crime legal & nothing the ordinary mugs can do about it.

The Main Stream Media Liars
continue with their disinformation agenda leaving the public bewildered. THE AGENDA which everybody loves because the psychopaths get richer every day, is to totally impoverish the UK population and after asset stripping their government assets, to strip their bank accounts & leave them on a digital currency which they only get if they support The Global Empire.
This has been well documented for over fifty years.
The Main Stream Media Liars are also on a hyper barrage to "Blame Corbyn" for their own failure to manipulate the population in The Referendum.
Not to mention the cover up of the murder of Jo Cox MP by Cameron linked MI%
Why are the Labour Blairites covering up the #JoCoxMP murder for Cameron? read more...

Bury your head in the sand and it won't happen.
Anyone who ever gets their head out of the sand will know that the EU/UK/US are run by the same K Mafia of criminal bankers.
Presidential contender Hillary Clinton who is famed for her ability to be closely linked to 45 murders, a Russian mining fraud, email fraud, WACO mass murder etc
narrowly escaped prosecution last week when the main United Nations prosecution witness was murdered the night before he gave evidence.
The judge then set a new trend of law process destroying 500 years of "common law" which will destroy all legal precedents in the UK & make the Globalist Criminal Bankers untouchable.
Meanwhile outside of the Western Global Football the BRICS nations are building a new world economy backed by gold & looking positively to the future.
They are building trans continental railways for a new pan Asian Silk Road & a North Passage bridge to link Alaska & Russia, and are working on Free Energy with a Fusion reactor.

It appears that The Criminal Bankers who destroyed the World Economy with fraud are not only fighting the rest of the world in an undeclared war, they are fighting their own populations to drive them into poverty & data chipped slavehood. This Utopian Psychopathic dream is unwittingly supported by every man, woman & child in the USA, UK & EU.
That is the final Paradox of the EU Referendum, the dysfunctional Western Criminal Globalist Elite already dominate the west & half the world. There is no escape.

The Undeclared War

Within the last week the USA has confronted Russian bombers in Syria with its own fighter jets bringing it close to a WW3 trip point. This is about the fourth time this year that the UK/USA has tried to push Russia into a war. read more...

NATO Exercise Anakonda-16

Another piece of NATO propaganda to boost their own egos & allow the USA/UK to sell another few £ billion weapons of mass destruction within Europe.
The Criminal Bankers are still playing their psycho chess game by loading Europe with weapons of war on the off chance that someone will later set off a false flag to kick the whole thing off.
This is what the US/UK Criminal Bankers call a winning move, getting Europe into chaos & under their control.
To Divide & Rule by empowering the Baltic States against the EU State.

While NATO plays silly games in Putin's back yard, both China & Russia have deployed nuclear armed subs to the USA coast for the quick kill. And they’re not "on exercise."

Europe Under Attack By The Shadow Government.

The shadow government hiding within the Central Intelligence Agency is now blackmailing the EU to accept the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP), and also to prevent a possible Brexit. read more...

Russia gains advantage on UK/US defence industry.

A pity that the UK/US governments thought that destroying its own economy & base erosion of research & development in IT was in its own interest. The financial criminal governments were so focused on their own personal enrichment that they destroyed their sovereign economies. And the US/UK corporate arms manufacturers similarly are more interested in ripping off taxpayers than providing good products.

Trump - The Last Democrat

If you watch the London or Western main stream media you have been fed all that is bad about Donald Trump.
The aspiring Republican candidate for the United States Presidency has been maligned by the media with daily regularity.
They have begrudgingly let out his current campaign motto; “America First,” but always follow it with the usual negative criticisms.
But Trump is The Last Democrat, he is standing up for the US population against the criminal bankers. The Bankers who want to wreck & plunder the US/UK/EU & then create a Global Government with the populations, you, as slaves. read more...

SHARAPOVA: The Obama creed of "Exceptionalism," If the USA can't win, change the law.

Moral Justice

The Western Media refuse to accept that there is any such thing as Moral Justice. They try to destroy people’s sense of morality, the difference between right and wrong. They destroy the values of family life & try to create conflict within our cultures. This is to weaken our resolve & distract us from their corporate criminality, Divide & Rule. read more...

The Bank of England intentionally strangles the UK economy.

The U.K. Treasury is packed with City of London corporate tax criminals who for some reason can't figure out that £120bn in Tax Fraud would wipe out Austerity if they did their job properly.
They also keep the HMRC short of funds for investigating corporate tax fraud, keep Companies House short of funds & IT to stop them being capable of catching corporate crooks. The Serious Fraud Office is also under-resourced for the same reason.
The next little trick from Cameron will be to hand over The Land Registry to his City of London bankers to asset strip 900 years of UK Taxpayers sovereign assets which they very cleverly told all public bodies to transfer to the Land Registry in the 2015 Infrastructure Act.
Obviously this was kept secret from the electorate during the election by the quissling Corporate London Media.

The Land Registry

The Infrastructure Act 2015 transferred all public owned assets to The Land Registry. Privatisation will give the City of London corporations control of the sale of ; parks, national parks, roads, council estates, town halls, school buildings, county council offices, Whitehall & a million properties as yet unknown. This is not just the sale of the Land Registry it is the theft of every single sovereign asset Taxpayers paid for over 900 years.


Guess How Many People They Killed.
Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) involves a more ruthless, gratuitous dog-eat-dog pursuit of hierarchy and inequality than Right Wing authoritarian (RWA). In an ideal SDO world, the ‘strong’ in society oppress the ‘weak’ by whatever means they can, whether consistent with tradition and authority or not.
Whereas RWA is known to be driven primarily by fear of change and difference, with an anxiously aggressive quest for certainty, simplicity and the familiar, SDO has a different personality profile.
It is predicted not by the fearful, rigid, closed-minded personality of the authoritarian, but by antagonistic personality traits, including the ‘dark triad’ of personality; psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism. These personality correlates share with SDO a “dark core” of callousness or lack of empathy, and dishonesty.
Being cruel and ruthless simply feels satisfying to the socially dominating psyche, particularly when the target is weakened or vulnerable. Lying comes naturally. There is no conscience to appease.

For the general population believing in the existing social, economic and political order helps people to feel safe and secure (existential needs), that life holds coherence and meaning (epistemic needs), and connected to others through a sense of shared reality (relational needs).
Put simply, if you are relying on the system to survive, believing that it is good and just helps to keep your fear, insecurity, futility, alienation and meaninglessness at bay. Dr Lissa Johnson read more...

USA Backs Down in Nuclear Crisis

Obama’s surrender to Putin over Syria has thrown the US/UK media axis of propaganda into “complete meltdown”
Putin told the USA to stop playing "kiddy games" in Syria.
“The Axis of Propaganda” UK/US media lies about this conflict have now been exposed for the entire world to see.

Layers of Warfare

Jeremy Corbyn

As our Western Civilisation withers & dies on the cross of banker crime there are few people who have actually put their heads above the parapet to stand up for what they believe & to represent the needs & wishes of the United Kingdom population.
Jeremy Corbyn stands alone as leader of the Labour Party, under attack from all sides, within & without his party.

He is attacked from within the Labour party by the Blairites who took the United Kingdom into illegal wars with false documents.
The Blairites who, with Gordon Brown, destroyed the fabric of government by handing the Establishment Bankers & the City of London complete control of the Bank of England’s money supply.
He is also derided on a daily basis by The London Media.
No opportunity is missed to drop into a sentence some backhanded comment to show him in a bad light.

The insults come thick & fast with every hour that passes to install into the public’s mind that “Corbyn is unelectable.”
The Establishment, & the Media Corporations line up against Jeremy Corbyn to hurl their insults at him because he is an original, because he is not one of them & because he makes them look bad.

How could we actually have a politician that democratically & honestly represents the people of this country when everybody else is on The Establishment banker payroll?
It makes them all look bad. Bad for who they are, bad for what they pretend to believe, bad for their shame in taking The Bankers lobbying bribes & bad for not having the integrity to walk away from the criminal conspiracy.
Their conscience is hidden with their compassion, their empathy & their intellect.

The Establishment, the London Media & the London Political Elite are in total meltdown about Jeremy Corbyn.
He is an anathema to their whole lifestyle of greed & corruption.
They will do anything & everything to destroy him.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, the United Kingdom is in deep trouble.
While all this political infighting is going on, the media has diverted our eyes & our thoughts from the fact that this country is at war.

Layers of Warfare.

There is a continuous economic war going on against the general population, to keep them ignorant of the fact that their taxes & assets are being drained away from them by The Corporations.
The United Kingdom consumer society is like an unprotected lamb lost in the wilderness. It is assailed from all sides by the beaks of the eagle corporations looking for weakness so it can move in for the kill & rip off another few hundred thousand pounds of flesh.

Silently the Banker Corporations have grown in power over the last few hundred years.
They have taken control of nearly every sovereign state in the world & use politicians & now the media to control & indoctrinate the populations.
At this time there is a push to integrate The United Nations into a World Government. While the documentation of the UN is written in benign language the actual agenda, Agenda 21, is quite frightening.
It lays out a plan to integrate all of the world economic areas into one great Corporate Fiefdom, with Corporate law as the ultimate arbitrator.

While some may have confidence in the integrity & honesty of this plan the fact that it is being introduced by the convicted criminal bankers makes it a great source of concern.
To say that the agenda includes the impoverishment & repression of our general population for the benefit of the rich corporations is not an exaggeration.

Covert Warfare
We might assume that the USA, who considers itself the rightful leader of this New World Order, is at war with Europe over the imposition of its TTIP, Transatlantic Trade Agreement.
Its invasion of Ukraine, where Europe’s gas pipelines lay. Its frequent attacks to separate the EU from Russia.
The Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris to persuade the French not to deliver their two new aircraft carriers to Russia.
And of course the Paris Attack when France started to work with Russia in Syria, now used as a forceful presentation for a full blown Syrian War.

When China signalled support for Russia in Ukraine & then devalued its economy to the detriment of the USA economy it was attacked by mysterious electric flashes which destroyed its financial centre in the port of Tianjin.
Other cities were also attacked by what some assumed to be a nuclear electromagnetic pulse beam. (EMP)

It is difficult to work out exactly where the United Kingdom stands in all this. The complex layers of London media disinformation make it difficult to understand our allies & allegiances.
In fact it appears that even The Establishment have no idea what is going on.

The Bankers though, have a clear plan for World Domination & it is difficult to ignore our history of imperialist power.
The City of London with its myriad tentacles to the world’s tax havens controls the corrupt World Economy.
This is allegedly the centre of the Shadow Economy, the hidden Banking System where anything goes.
But we are also tied to the USA with their London Media Empire which seems to broadcast USA propaganda & instruct our politicians.
The Bankers will buy whole armies of mercenaries to get their own way. Whether they are UK or US bankers is not clear, their plans supplant old ideas of sovereign countries as do their psychopathic morals & sexual perversions.

One of the USA manipulations is to try to set up NATO for a war with Russia.
The USA sees Russia & China as its only obstacle to Global Domination.
It tried to use Ukraine & MH17 to trigger a war but NATO saw the trap coming.
And then there was the downing of the Russian passenger airliner & the Russian fighter jet brought down by Turkey.
Putin wisely didn’t overreact.

Syria is turning into a game of chess. The Middle East seems to have become a sick war game for the New World Order Globalists & their opponents to test their power. There are over 60 nations & terrorist organisations involved in carving up Syria.

It is quite possible that the hidden agenda for the war in Syria is not just to win power over the Middle East but also Europe.
This is a test for the world’s psychopaths to play out their power games & we have no idea which side we are on.
Is the UK supporting; The Global Bankers, is it a USA vassal or a Euro/Russian partner.
Cameron is probably playing all sides to get his place at the table alongside the winners.

But of course, it never occurred to anyone that it might have been easier to clean up the World Economy.
Except Jeremy Corbyn.
RealNewsUK Max Wolfe 27/11/2015

US President Kennedy was Murdered by Globalist Bankers.

Putin Reveals Who Created ISIS.

China Joins Russia in Syrian War against US/UK backed mercenaries.

UNREPORTED: ICELAND sends 26 corrupt bankers to prison

In a story not reported by any Western mainstream media, Iceland has sentenced another five high level bankers to prison for directly contributing to the collapse of the country’s economy in 2008.
This brings to 26 the total bankers now behind bars in Iceland, with most being CEOs of large financial institutions, rather than low level traders.
74 years of sentences for high level fraudsters; The US and the rest of Europe bailed theirs out.
Most of those jailed will serve terms of two to five years, according to a report by Iceland Magazine, which notes that three executives at Landsbankinn and two at Kaupþing, along with one prominent investor, have been prosecuted.

Their crimes include market manipulation, embezzlement, and breach of fiduciary duties. Their market manipulation destroyed the country’s economy and to this day Iceland is still having to repay the global loan sharks at the IMF, as well as governments of other countries, which kept the nation operating.
The article explains that the prosecutions have been possible because rather than protect and reward the very institutions responsible for the collapse and the gangsters that run them, the Icelandic government let them fail, and created a financial supervisory authority to strictly oversee the banks.
Iceland’s President, Olafur Ragnar Grimmson noted:
“Why are the banks considered to be the holy churches of the modern economy? Why are private banks not like airlines and telecommunication companies and allowed to go bankrupt if they have been run in an irresponsible way? The theory that you have to bail out banks is a theory that you allow bankers enjoy for their own profit, their success and then let ordinary people bear their failure through taxes and austerity ? People in enlightened democracies are not going to accept that in the long run.”
Steve Watson


The Corporate Fascist Bankers take over the US/UK/EU.

Mr 24%. DAVID CAMERON’s ROYALIST FAMILY ROOTS: When the young Cameron was due to attend a job interview at Conservative Central Office, a phone call was received from Buckingham Palace. "I understand you are to see David Cameron," said the caller. "I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man." read more...

Is Cameron an Evil Genius?

Frankie Boyle is well known for his controversial comments on just about everything but a piece written for the Guardian seems to have just about everyone agreeing with him.
The column poses the unlikely question "What if David Cameron is an evil genius?" The comic suggests that perhaps the Prime Minister could in fact be “a shrewd and malevolent psychopath who thinks two moves deeper into the game than any of his opponents”. read more...

GEORGE SOROS: Ferguson protesters paid by Soros Front Group to create chaos. read more...
GOLDMAN SACHS destroys opposition to TTIP in the US Senate with £127,856 “bribes.” read more...
INVESTORS Start To Panic As A Global Bond Market Crash Begins. read more...

Jade Helm

Pentagon admits preparing for mass civil disorder.

THE USA DOLLAR CRISIS: Historically, when a nation’s debt exceeds its ability to pay the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse.
THE EURO CRISIS: Historically, when a nation’s debt exceeds its ability to pay the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse.
THE UK FINANCIAL CRISIS: Historically, when a nation’s debt exceed its ability to pay the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse.
Now that the politicians & The Bankers have stripped away the ownership of UK Sovereign Assets from the population to the City of London, UK debts are now unsupported leaving our economy on the verge of collapse..
Is this coincidence or intentional.?

USA PREPARES FOR CIVIL WAR Eight Southern States in the USA are apprehensive about the coming "Jade Helm" US Army exercise. Rumours of an attempt by some states to separate from Central Government, combining with an economic collapse, civil unrest, the creation of over 30 detention camps with a million coffins has led to a paranoic scattering of scare stories including; Martial Law, ISIS false flag attacks intentional Ebola contamination & even mass genocide.

EUROPE: Europe oil & gas supplies have been hit by a second pipeline explosion with the Russia oil feed being hit in Belarus. A main gas supply line in Ukraine was blown up last year. Europe is under attack.

NEW WORLD ORDER BANKERS: Appear to be financing wars worldwide with the middle east conflicts driving desperate refugees northward into Europe. With Yemen, Syria, Libya & Iraq reignited they seem to be intent on creating wars, destruction, sovereign nation destruction & death on a unprecedented scale. An influx of foreign nationals into Europe would give the NWO cover for yet another false flag attack to create a false Nationalist uprising & conflict with pseudo fascists. Cover for their mercenaries to destroy Europe unhindered.

URUGUAY: Tobacco Giant takes Uruguay gov to court for restricting cigarette sales.
The tobacco giant Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for having some of the best anti-smoking laws in the world.
This is a worldwide problem. If The Corporations take over our legal systems we are just pawns & slaves to the criminals who steal our government money & fail to pay their taxes. They will destroy our laws, then they will destroy our countries, then they will create their own paramilitary corporate police to control us.
If you do not stand up to them now we will have to fight them for decades. Please sign here...

UKRAINE: 300 US Paratroops have been deployed as military instructors in western Ukraine. The UK has already deployed troops to Ukraine. Both these deployments are an attempt by NATO to destroy the Minsk peace agreement negotiated by Merkel & Putin.

SPAIN: Demonstrators protest against anti protest law.
The draconian law, which was passed in the Spanish parliament in December, gives sweeping powers to the authorities. It makes it illegal to protest outside government buildings, insult police officers or refuse to show identification documents. On top of that, there's also a €600 fine for showing a lack of respect to anyone in uniform, while the photographing or filming of police officers, where they could be put in danger, will incur a €30,000 fine.

GREECE On the verge of an exit from the Euro looks to Russia for financial support.

ITALY faces EU exit referendum as opposition grows.

RT UK NEWS;Why listen to London Media Disinformation & Lies when there’s a debate going on

FRANCE24 DEBATE;Why listen to London Media Disinformation & Lies when there’s a debate going on

NATO: Naval Forces have arrived in Scotland for the largest ever NATO joint exercise which will include 50 ships, 70 aircraft and 13,000 personnel from 14 countries. Read more...

Michael Sheen on The People’s March for the NHS.

Obama Takes Control of Internet with Emergency Executive Order.
Merkel Caves in on TTIP
On Wednesday, April 1st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a measure to bring fracking, the patents for which are owned mainly by large American companies, into Germany. This is a prelude to U.S. President Obama’s secret Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) pact with Europe to subordinate national laws and regulations to corporate panels. It is also a major step toward removing Europe from Russia’s energy-market. read more...
YOU DO THE MATHS: £75Bn deficit, £120Bn Corporate Tax Fraud.
THE NEW WORLD ORDER Forgot to cut us a deal & wonder why we don’t like; war, poverty & repression. read more...
CAMERON: Ignores warnings & vaccinates 800,000 babies a year for Corporate Profit.
All UK babies are to receive Meningitis Vaccine despite package insert warnings. The vaccine leaflet states “Safety and effectiveness of BEXSERO have not been established in children younger than 10 years of age,”... At a cost to the NHS of £16million 800,000 babies a year are to be vaccinated. A London TV news media campaign had been launched to create public consent by the USA manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline to promote the mass vaccination even though only 0.005 percent of population have contracted meningitis annually. read more...
JADE HELM USA military exercise in nine states, a rehearsal for the invasion of ?
Jade Helm is an eight-week joint military exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado which runs from July 15 through September 15.
It includes multiple branches of the US military, including Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, who will participate in the 8-week long exercise, which may result in “increased aircraft noise at night.”
THE INFRASTRUCTURE ACT: Has completely changed the social/economic balance of the UK. Read more...
EU & UK JOIN CHINESE BANK,AIIB. The European decision to break ranks with Washington represents a significant diplomatic setback for the United States economy.
CAMERON: Puts UK troops in harm’s way in #Ukraine which is already a false flag zone.
VOTE BILDERBERGER: Vote Lib/Lab/Con For; WW3, repression, austerity & The Corporate State.
Why would City of London Bankers want to invest in the UK when they can just steal it.
USA Administration descends into psychomania as NWO War & Fraud plan backfires.
TORY & LABOUR PARTY: Unite in Parliament to Sell & Privatise every UK taxpayer owned asset.
THE LONDON NEWS MEDIA: Fail to report the mass transfer of all taxpayer assets to the City of London Banks.
SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE Investigate The Bank of England.
TORY ATTORNEY GENERAL Refuses offers of help from UK National Police forces to help the Serious Fraud Office with Corporate Fraud.
CHINA WARNS THE WEST: Respect Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine.
US FOREIGN POLICY: To “contain” every country in the world.
OBAMA: Says that all other nations are dispensable.
UKRAINE: Obama heads towards his Cuban Missile Crisis with “Lethal Aid.”
MOSCOW ASSASSINATION: USA Alt News rumours blame CIA false flag op, again.
ONS STATS: 3 million UK workers living in poverty.
UK FIRESALE: TORIES sell off large areas of land & woods in Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.
SAVE DARTMOOR CAMPAIGN to stop the government privatising Dartmoor National Park. Sign here...
HOW MUCH DID YOUR VOTE COST: Tories £8m, Labour £7m, LibDem £3m, UKIP £1m, Green £0.25m
USA GOV: Begins the destruction of the internet with regulation.
CAMERONs: War with Russia based on MH17 London Media lies.
The Green Party Membership growing at 2,000 a day.
SPAIN Criminalises Public Protest with €3000 fine.
US CONGRESS authorizes $577 billion in U.S. war spending

The US Aircraft Carrier USS Stennis

The USS Stennis loaded up six million pounds of ordnance, the largest it has ever carried. Is it heading for Ukraine or Syria/Iraq? Allies & enemies now fear US foreign policy is under the control of the psychopathic New World Order bankers.

Seven EU nations support lifting sanctions on Russia

Washington and London hoped that last week’s violent Attacks in Paris might pull EU sanction-rebels back into Washington’s anti-Russia political cult, but it looks like the effect was only short-term. The reason for sanctions against Russia in the first place according to President Obama and Britain’s David Cameron, was because of “Russia’s continued aggression in the Ukraine”.
The only problem with that is that Russia never invaded the Ukraine, nor did it ‘invade’ Crimea. Obama and Cameron’s Biggest Fear is coming true. The anti-Russian coalition in Europe is starting to fall apart.
21st Century Wire,

Energy Smart Meters

In Australia smart meters installed by the Energy Corporations are emitting Microwave Radiation which has caused people to suffer continuous sleeplessness, headaches & blindness.

Scottish & Southern Electric is first "Fair Tax" FTSE 100 company.

read more......

The UK Economy Figures the Tories don't want you to see.

How the World Really Works

The world does not work the way we have been led to believe by our mainstream media, our politicians, our corporations, our financial institutions, our military, our schools.
We are bombarded daily with so much misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, half-truths, and outright lies, that it takes a persistency to sort through the fog of information to find the truth. Read more....

The European Citizens' Initiative Against TTIP was launched on October 7:

More than 200,000 people have already signed up in the first 24 hours against the planned free trade and investment agreements with the United States and Canada.Within a year, more than one million signatures are collected. Next Saturday a Europe-wide day of action is planned with many decentralized actions.

HSBC Directors Quit

Two HSBC directors have quit in protest at new regulations which include jail time for reckless trading. read more......


A senior banker from a leading British bank has pleaded guilty to rigging the inter-bank lending rate Libor.


The City of London is now in direct confrontation with the UK population over Fracking.
Cameron changing UK Democratic Law to facilitate The Corporations.

OECD to Introduce Controls on Corporate Tax Abuse

The OECD announced the first seven steps of a major overhaul of international tax systems yesterday, ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Australia. The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan is aimed at curbing aggressive tax schemes used by multinational companies to avoid paying taxes.

Endorsed by a total of 44 countries, including all OECD members and the G20 nations, the recommendations include plans to eliminate double non-taxation or “hybrid mismatching” (where a company uses treaty arrangements to avoid paying tax in two jurisdictions), to establish multilateral tax agreements to streamline international tax rules (as opposed to the current system of more than 3000 bilateral agreements), and create a standard for companies to report their activities and profits in each jurisdiction where they operate.

Could a pair of document templates be the most revolutionary tax tools to emerge from decades of debate over global tax rules?
By Hamish Boland-Rudder

People Power.

Journalists have turned to their fellow citizens for mass data help.
Investigative reporters have traditionally been very protective of their work. Yet, the old guard has found a strong and increasingly necessary ally in a group outside the bounds of traditional journalism – the open data community.
As the number of documents available to reporters has grown both in size and in complexity, newsrooms have been more and more open to asking ordinary citizens for help with rescuing, transcribing, and digitizing everything from scanned images and handwritten PDFs to documents dumped in a lake. And the trend is spreading globally. read more......

Rockefeller Heirs pull out of Oil Shares.

The Rockefeller family have divested their stock market investments from fossil fuels over concerns about climate change.
The heirs to the Standard Oil fortune have joined a campaign that will withdraw a total of $50bn from fossil fuel investments.
The heirs to the fabled Rockefeller oil fortune withdrew their funds in September 2014..

The 9/11 Files.

US State-sponsored terrorism has been exposed by Russia.
US meddling in Ukraine has provoked Putin into releasing documentary evidence of the 9/11 false flag attack which includes evidence against; US, UK and Israel Co-Conspirators.
Section headings include;

IAEA investigators confirm nuclear devices were used which US Sandia Labs had designed.
The Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile from the US military arsenal.
Vice President Cheney issued 9/11 stand down orders as the missile approached Pentagon.
Every section of the mainstream media participated in the cover-up.
CIA leak gives ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that 9/11 was state sponsored.
FBI Whistleblower says; Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 were masterminds behind 9/11
Shanksville, Pennsylvania: The mysterious plane crash site without a plane.
The planned Demolition of World Trade Centre Building 7 was admitted by its developer, Larry Silverstein, on national television in 2002.
9/11 Was planned & used as justification for wars in Afghanistan & Iraq for Corporate profit.
read more......

The Open Source Revolution is Coming

An ex CIA spy gives advice on how open source information can be used to revolutionise the structures of government. read more......

News in Brief

September 2014

Skynews: The Fantasy News Channel. You couldn’t make it up, oh yes they did!
The American Dream: American psychos want endless world war.
ISIS: CIA Creates a new enemy to justify wars in Syria & Iraq.
MediaLies: Beheading video disputed by Aljazeera News.
MH17: Coverup still continues
MH370: Coverup still continues.
USA Prepares for Mass Civil Unrest: Paramilitary police & detention camps built to prepare for dollar crash chaos.
Stock Markets: Preparing for imminent crash.
Ukraine: Distracting Russia from US action in Syria.
Scotland: It was very rewarding seeing The Three Stooges looking sick as pigs as The City of London panicked & sent them scuttling northwards.
Scotland: Rumours of a massive oil find off Shetland persist. Read more.....

August 2014

The Silent War

Europe is in the middle of a battle for its future as the USA tightens its grip on the EU's Ukraine gas supply. Western Media silence has allowed the US Warmongers to continue their agenda without restraint. Read more .......

FASCISM: Is the merger of the state with corporate power. (Mussolini)

The Treasury no Longer Acts in the Public Interest

The East Coast mainline rail service has to be re-privatised because it is an ongoing and deeply embarrassing illustration, for the Treasury, the Department for Transport, and the government, of the fact that publicly run services can be highly successful.
Furthermore, it demonstrates that rather than running a service for the financial benefit of private shareholders and senior management, profit can be returned directly to the public purse.
The East Coast main line is anathema to the neoliberal project
By pursuing the re-privatisation process despite the success of the current state owned company. It demonstrates beyond any doubt that this government and the Treasury, are so ideologically compromised that they no longer act in the public interest.
Across government as a whole we now see clearly that the mission of departments of state is to gift public assets and services to private interests at whatever short or longer term cost to the state and taxpayers.
Ivan Horrocks Open University

Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam
Something big about to be exposed in Australia. Read more.....

The Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014.
The US New World Order continues its Fascist/Corporate march across the world with legislation to take over Ukraine & the surrounding European countries including former Soviet countries. Shortly to be put through the US Congress is a bill that will station US troops & equipment in Europe & use NATO to support their aggression.
This legislation is effectively a declaration of war on Russia.
For those unaware of US Warmonger history, it has taken over 125 sovereign countries & overthrown 50 governments. It is now attempting to take over Europe & the EU.
Cameron has already surrendered the UK with TTIP trade agreements & the Infrastructure Bill now in parliament. This leaves UK civilians undefended & unprotected by any legal restraint.

July 2014

Flight MH17, Short Synopsis of Evidence Read more.....

Flight MH17, Complete Breakdown of Evidence Read more.....

Europe, Just Collateral Damage in a US/Russian War
European governments and the London media have put the world at risk by enabling Washington’s propaganda and aggression against Russia. Read more.....

The Infrastructure Bill
Currently on its third reading in the House of Lords is a new law to privatise all public land, including parks, national parks & all roads & sell it. Fracking permission to be considered in National Parks by Eric Pickles. Read more.....

TTIP negotiations currently underway in Brussels
The TTIP trade agreement between the EU & the USA will allow US corporations free unfettered access to the UK. There will be no legal restrictions on; hostile takeovers, asset stripping, avarice exploitation, damage to life or compensation for accidents including pollution & transportation.
This will also give US corporations no restrictions by planning laws or any hindrance by public complaint.
In fact, if there is any democratic hindrance to any corporate plans they can sue the British government for compensation.
This law is supported by all our political parties.
If you haven't phoned your MP lately, it's about time you did.

Fracking causes air pollution in the USA

USA families made sick by fracking.

Terror Laws to Stop Political Bloggers
The UK Parliament has introduced terror laws that can be used to imprison political bloggers & journalists. Read more...

Flight MH17
Another plane. Another coverup.Another elephant in the London Media Offices. The same bunch of psychopaths. Nothing to do with Putin or Russia.

The London main stream media blocked another peaceful democratic demonstration by the general public.

The City of London.

The term "tax haven" is a bit of a misnomer; because Tax Havens aren't just about tax. What they sell is escape.
Escape from the laws, rules and taxes of sovereign jurisdictions elsewhere with secrecy as their prime offering.
The City of Londons' tax and secrecy laws are not designed for the benefit of the UK
but to help wealthy people and corporations get around the rules of their own democratic societies.
The outcome is, one set of rules for the rich elite and another for the rest of us. Read more...

June 2014


The USA is dragging the UK into a war with Russia. (John Pilger)

Universal Justice

When you sleep with the Devil
You wake up in hell.


Pentagon oil, gas & warfare corporations are allegedly in complete control of the US government.
Obama too frightened to cut their budget.

Tesla, gives away its patents

The USA's biggest electric car maker, Tesla,
Will allow other companies free access to their electric car technology.
Maybe they are a bit nervous about getting on a plane.

Ego Wars

Obama allegedly started the War in Europe/Ukraine out of inferiority.
Putin has a new Topol nuclear missile which is unstoppable.
And makes the US Navy obsolete.


The Baldrick plan for World Domination gets beyond a joke when the Psychos who escaped the lunatic asylum meet to discuss a new agenda:
1. Destroy all societies & countries who appear to be cleverer than you.
2. Change all the Laws of Justice to make Corporate theft legal.
3. Get the Pentagon to wipe out any opposition.

Flight MH 370

Rumours circulating the web say that flight 370 flew to the US secret air base on the British Island of Diego Garcia. This island is in the middle of the Indian Ocean close to where the plane was last detected & in a direct line with its last heading. Whether it was used in an attack or was the subject of a Corporate Hi-jack has not been assertained.
The reason for the attack was allegedly to stop the US losing the patents for revolutionary electric car batteries & semi conductor chips held by passengers on board on route to China.

May 2014

SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION: The London Lawmakers have created a legal void for themselves & the Corporate/Political Elite.
PFIZER: A bridge too far for Osborne's new "Tax Haven UK" as the US Treasury stirs.
UKRAINE: 40 Burned alive in Odessa by EU/US backed militia as Pentagon plans Ukraine takeover. Read more...
US brings WARMONGER chaos to Europe.
US debt makes Obama dangerous & irrational.
MARGARET HODGE for Prime Minister. The peoples choice.


The City of London pulls off a historic 1Bn fraud on UK taxpayers.
Read more.......

April 2014


Rethinking economics for the UK.
We, The Post-Crash Economics Society, are a group of economics students at The University of Manchester.
It is our belief that the content of the economics syllabus and teaching methods could and should be seriously rethought. .
We have just published a new Report outlining what is wrong with economic education at the University of Manchester and in the UK with a foreword by the director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England . .

March 2014

The Rise of the Euro Drones

European citizens are unknowingly subsidising the EU drone industry.
Yet are excluded from any debate about their use,
Behind empty promises of consultation, E.U. officials have turned over drone policy development to the European defence and security corporations which seek to profit from it. Read more.......