Castles Built on Sand

May 2010

Britain is a society built on the dreams of the upper middle classes.
With yuppie Gucci clad kids and ideals that we all should strive for.
A house in the country, holidays abroad and a four wheel drive estate car for the wife for the school run.
The husband with the ideal job in a air conditioned, heated office where the rich carve up the honest earnings
of the working classes.

This is a society built on the dreams of the university students of the ‘60’s & ‘70’s when going to university was
a “real” achievement only accessed by the seriously affluent & intellectual.
When GCE’s had “real” gravitas and grammar schools were only for the privileged, even though paid for by the state.

But this privileged yuppie generation has failed the test of time.
So enthusiastic was it for its great personal achievements that it failed to notice its own failures in honesty,
integrity and basic maths.
These movers and shakers, who arrogantly look down on the menials and the hard working, have used their privileged upbringing,
the boom of post war expansion and their network of 'likeminds' to damage Britains belief and its position in the world.

The people of Britain have been sold down the river so many times that the population can hardly afford the weekly bills.

This affluent elite have turned Britain into a hell hole of failed economics and politically incorrect insanity.
With a computer world designed to turn our children into psychotic killers, a media world which glorifies the extreme
and sex & violence.
And an electronic information world full of dis-information.
And to hold all this together a corrupt government that has turned into control freaks who spend their time treating the
population like hunted tax animals.

And why? Why does a supposedly well educated, superior human intelligence travel down this road to self destruction?
Why is everything they do justified by the unholy mantra of “wealth.”
The wealth of the family and the affluence of the country is used to justify all kinds of dishonesty.

And now we can see the shallowness of it all. How these values have proved false. How consumerism was wrong.
How the free market economics just didn’t hold up. How happiness was not to be found in affluence, possessions,
and holidays in the sun.

And when these financial crooks finally make peace with their own consciences.
As they lay on their sunbeds in their 10million pound retirement homes with their gold plated pensions in Barbados.
When they have drunk their thirst at the hundredth celebratory party.
Maybe they will realise that life without love is a failure.
And a dream built on personal greed is shallow.
And maybe then, they will be haunted by the people of Britain who they served so badly.