Disassociate Belief

January 2009

Disassociate Belief is an illusion.
It is like washing hanging in the garden.
When you look out the window, you can see the washing but you can't see the line that is holding it up.
The fact that the washing is there is enough for you to believe that it is held by a line.

It is the same with knowledge.
You have opinions about certain things and you assume that there is a correlation holding these things together.
Maybe you think that you can prove this is true by backing it up with several facts.
But where did these facts come from? Are they second hand and are they directly sourced from first hand experience.

If you were to analyse why people have certain beliefs would it be possible to trace them to any particular source?
We can go back to childhood and note the parental influence.
Social background, school education, books, social networks joined.
The internet, computer games, the media, relatives & friends etc.

In adulthood your working environment & your job is all defining.
You are not so much what you eat as what you do.
Your work environment is your dominating influence with your work colleagues becoming one of you main sources of first hand information.
You spend more time with them than you do your spouse.
Your social life also brings you into continuous contact with a reflection or contradiction of your own beliefs.

Its a Liberal World

Our society has developed into many social blocks. Some for political influence some for religious beliefs and some for economic wealth. etc
The current strongest power block in our society is that of the Liberal centre or liberal centre left.
It is a communal belief system created within academic institutions to progress post Christian philosophy. To fill the gap left by the demise of Christianity.
The basic problem with current liberal thinking is that it is has no history and therefore has not been tested over time.
Nevertheless the Liberal agenda has swept through western societies guided by the totalitarian strength of the media.

The Certainty of Knowledge

People who have strong beliefs can use these to formulate a path through life which is consistent and rewarding. But are fixed beliefs relevant ten or twenty years later.
We are taught in school to accept information as 'knowledge' and then we are tested and thereby judged on our ability to absorb and repeat this knowledge.
But if knowledge is something that should be updated everyday of our life then the whole basis of our education system is irrelevant.
We are being trained to accept information pro rata instead of assimilating and progressing it.

Knowledge is Power.

The pressure to conform to certain standard ideals is forced on us from an early age.
Our life objectives are nurtured or dissuaded by effects outside of our control.
A healthy society would be one that has a fluid belief system.
One that can absorb many different ideas to use them for help and abandon those that don't work.
Political dogma is the antithesis of human expressive thought. It creates mind numbing bureaucracies built on failing ideas.
The reason that politicians have to lie all the time is because they are trying to fit their political dogma into an incompatible truth.
If anybody had any faith in our political elite they would not have to explain their actions.
They would be trusted to do the right thing at the right time.

Fact & Opinion

The media has struggled in the past with opposing views.
Certain newspapers held to a certain political party, class, or section of the work sector.
These divisions became unclear with the advent of the internet.
Not only was there a direct source of competition for these media outlets, there was an abundant source of sometimes conflicting information.
In the past it was general consensus in universities and media circles that information had to have several different verifiable sources before it was accepted as fact and included in an article.
Subsequently it became apparent that by using the internet, it was possible to prove either side of an argument to be factual.
Newspapers got over this problem by heading articles as 'opinion.'
Unfortunately some broadcasters seem to have missed out on this separation of "news" from "opinion" and now project a daily diatribe of its own liberal opinions on world events.

24 hour news has produced a barrage if ill-informed short segments of disinformation that are forming the basis of belief for the current generation.
People who are too busy to spend time analysing world situations and trust the liberal media to be a balanced source of information.
But like the bankers who lost control of the banking system.
The media have lost control of their own video world.
There is no check on the validity of video news stories and no process of correction if it is wrong.

The liberal media spent years obsessed by the Iraq war while the business of day of government was overlooked.
They also continue to make programmes about the spread of democracy throughout the world without noticing that our own countries democratic rights were being taken from the electorate in the UK.
The Liberal elite now dominates all three parties and the media It has a complete grip on western society but the most dangerous thing is its unfailing belief in its own correctness.
It therefore doesn't matter that they were wrong about the financial meltdown as collectively 'no-one saw it coming'
Just as our politicians have constructed media 'keywords' to indoctrinate us into a belief in their reasoning, so too the media have assimilated a 'get out clause' for their failure.
The lie that 'no-one saw it coming' covers up the truth that intellectually and philosophically the whole current establishment of power in the western democracies have failed.
As our Prime Minister repeats his sham babble of conceit also the media pundits try to rebuild their understanding of the situation and their reputations.

This is a Time for Change.

The financial failure will be a brutal reality for those who suffer directly the unemployment, the homelessness.
No doubt our political elite have extorted enough money from our taxes to protect themselves.
No doubt the jobs of those on the BBC tax payroll will be safe, as will the millions of public servants.
But the inability to recognise the problems that exist in this failure of government will in time bring about a split in our society of the protected and the unprotected. (incomes).

This is a time for change. Unfortunately there is no sign of an Obama style messiah in our political elite.
And the continuation of the current system to hold on to power is likely to prove disastrous.
There is so much wrong with democracy in this country.
Being in denial is not an option.
Constructing a society on Disassociate Belief is a mistake we cannot afford.

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