December 2008

Bureaucratic Control

Top Down Bureaucracy is a system of regulation for the public services which involves a contract for funding tied to statistical performance results.

Top down bureaucratic control has recently been blamed for the failure in many public services.
Haringey Social Services were blamed for being negligent in supervising and protecting baby P .
Their response was to claim that their statistics showed that they were completing their required work load efficiently.
The director even showed graphs to the press to prove it.
This was even backed up by a full scale Ofsted inspection after a whistleblower had raised concerns to various government departments.

The National Health Service has swallowed so much of tax payers money it could have been a bank..
Again the top down bureaucratic control system broke down.
Even though thousands of administrators were employed to help improve the NHS all it did was waste money on another level of bureaucracy taking money away from patient care.
And again the bureaucrats created a system which was manipulated to show improvements when actually they were just ticking boxes.

The police have been castrated by the bureaucracy heaped on them.
We once had our streets policed, now we have statistics telling us crime is going down while we find that the police are unavailable for call outs.
This is apparently because they spend half their time filling in forms and a system that couldn't differentiate between serious crime and petty crime.

Schools have the same problems.
Sats were imposed to test children to asses the efficiency of teachers and what happened.
Yet again they found a way of making the schools look like they were excelling when actually they were only excelling at filling in forms.
Again 50% of these front line public servants time had been wasted in a fruitless exercise.

We can only assume that this system has been extended to the Inland Revenue, Local Government, The Prison Service and the Department of Works and Pensions.
So who was the faceless bureaucrat who devised this top down bureaucratic control system?
Who held all the purse strings and created this system of top down bureaucratic control?

When Ed Balls jumped on Haringey Social Services and held them to blame for their appalling mismanagement, was he correct.
Or was he 'The Terminator,' sent to kill the real story.
Covering up for a government system devised by New Labour to Control & Spend that has completely and utterly failed.
Not just in Haringey but in every public service department in Britain.

And who was the person at the top who devised this system.
This system that has wreaked havoc across our public services and wasted billions of pounds.
Do you know of any megalomaniac control freaks in the Labour government?


The fallibility in Bureaucratic Control turned out to be the selection of test fields.
When the test fields are identified it concentrates all resources on that particular area.
This left all the other areas outside the test fields to fail.
When the test fields were expanded to encompase the errors and manipulations, the system still failed.
One problem was the limited knowledge & prejudices of the person selecting the test fields.
The main problem was that there was a complete failure to understand the complexity of human interaction.
And that attempting to put this into operation in the workplace was impossible.
The test fields would have to have been as complex as the human brain.
Human interaction is, as yet, indefinable, mostly unrecognised and often sub-concious.

While people may think that computers can analyse and solve management problems,
Their use in the workplace has turned into a complete disaster.
There is no substitute for putting the right people in the right job.

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