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* Political Deception

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* Treason & Justice

October 2011

Social Responsibility vs The Free Market Economy

The unrestricted free market economy has allowed the sale of key British industries and future resources to be bought by international companies.
Companies that do not have our interests at heart.

Politicians have made British householders the target of financial manipulations at every level and on every transaction.
Even government departments see the population as a cash cow to be exploited.
Dishonesty, manipulation, greed and shareholder profits are now a part of every transaction from the purchase of; petrol, electricity, gas, telecoms, broadband, legal services, local taxation, to concealed taxation.
It is similar to the spiral of greed & corruption that has destroyed the integrity of our national and world economy.
Without the instigation of controls, in the future, the stability of raw materials, food and basic resource prices are likely to cause population unrest and international friction.
More importantly the politicians have lost control of companies involved in national security and companies that hold the future wealth our nation in its hand.

The Free Market
Companies and multinational companies have managed to avoid excessive regulation by threatening to move to another location or country.
Their input into society is described positively as providing jobs and investment.
However, Britain is now finding that these same companies are now using foreign workforces in the production of goods and using Britain just for their retail customers.
More than that, British utility companies are being bought for their static customer base and real estate assets.
Foreign companys lack of social responsibility to the host country can only be enforced by international law.
A political solution that the politicians have failed miserably to provide.

The unrestricted free market economy works only to support a small minority of the population and has its motivation as profit at any cost.
This leaves the democratic rights and economic requirements of the population as a conflicting minor issue.
The fact that unregulated companies can often operate in tax free environments while scooping off huge profits means that they are avoiding any social responsibility.
Firstly by avoiding tax they are not paying into the countries subsistence mechanism.
Secondly by using customers as a cash cow for their shareholders.
This immoral drive for profit at every level in every facet of modern life is driving society towards a peak of social &financial imbalance where basic household finances become unsustainable.
The price of the original commodity has already been perjured by Gordon Browns post code lottery for services, unjustified energy taxes and ill thought out energy conservation.
The original price of the utility commodity (gas, water, electricity, telecomms) has now been totally concealed and the integrity of these companies unchecked.
In fact the mass of expensive bureaucratic consumer watchdogs (off****) have no power to control the profits of these companies, as company law does not restrict many types of fraud.
The politicians, as usual are a good few years behind the situation and with the best brains in the corporate field, the companies are way ahead of them at every turn.

The failure of Britain to hold companies to account for fraudulent practices, asset stripping, profit concealment and tax avoidance could be rectified with little effort.
It only requires a law which makes the managing director and directors of a company responsible for its financial integrity.
In the same way that the Health & Safety executive imposed legal responsibility for health & safety on the company directors, so the Justice system could make directors personally and directly legally responsible for fraud in their company.

September 2011

G20 Bank Crisis

under ECB control to stimulate the economy, serve the people and avoid speculation with QE funds.
The UK should nationalise Northern Rock or Lloyds.
This would also help bolster company law as the bank could avoid investing in companies that are involved in;
tax avoidance, asset stripping, reckless profiteering and fraud.
Set the template for good banking practices and the others will have to follow or lose business.

Utility Costs

The recent rise in the retail price of gas and electricity has got nothing to do with;
1. The wholesale price of gas and electricity
2. The tariffs and competition between different companies

It is to do with the companies being completely unrestricted by company law.
Basically they can do what they like.
Ofgem is a lethargic attempt to keep consumers happy but they are just a diversion from the reality.
That these companys main priority is to provide massive profits for their shareholders.
The current financial climate has led them to believe that worse turmoil is to come
So they are grabbing the spoils and maximum profits before they move on to some other investment/asset strip.

The politicians have set British consumers up for a series of rip offs.
Where they are sitting ducks unable to get way from their household bills and other financial responsibilities.
And the politicians have rigged the justice system so there is no protection from utility company fraud.
Yet this is a crime against society.
We have no protection from these people.
People will die in the UK this winter as a direct consequence of this price rise because of the lack of food and heat
And all we hear is political double talk.

Tax Avoidance - UK Companies Lead the World

** Companies Who Pay No Tax **

May 2011

Betrayal of Trust

The Worst Lie being propagated by the UK media is the illusion of government being played out on our news screens every day.
A pantomime of delusion.
Our MPs are interviewed at length on all subjects.
The Houses of Parliament are shown in full debate.
But they all know that it is just one big lie.
Because Londons' Parliament has been reduced to that of a local district council by the Lisbon Treaty.
Our sovereignty has been transferred to Brussels.
And the UK is being run by unelected Belgian bureaucrats.

BRUSSELS RULES THE UK: London's parliament and MP's are irrelevant.
How long will it be before the electorate realises the truth.
A Historic Betrayal of Democratic Principles.

UK MPs Given Back Expenses Repayments

Roger Berry 635.25 refund for furniture
Chris Bryant 1,303.74 for mortgage and water rates
Sir John Butterfill 15,114.30 for servants quarters
Liam Byrne 1,349.41 for mobile phone and rent
Jon Cruddas 319.94
John Cummings 2,727.06 for cleaning
Paul Flynn 440.87 for life insurance
Cheryl Gillan 4.47 for dog food
Geoff Hoon 245.47 for TV licence and insurance
Stewart Jackson 876 for maintenance
Sally Keeble 3737.74 for mortgage overpayments
Alan Keen 976.85 for claiming for second home which was uninhabitable while repairs being carried out
Ann Keen 976.86 for claiming for second home which was uninhabitable while repairs being carried out
Andrew Lansley 138.80 for repairs and decorations to Tudor cottage shortly before selling.
Rob Marris 3,283.39
Christine McCafferty 2,086.75 for mortgage overpayments and fitted wardrobe
William McCrea 878.79 for furniture
Bill Olner 660.97 for cleaning
Lembit Opik 40 for court summons for late payment of council tax
Baroness Quin 1,504 for repair of broken shower
John Reid 4,604.63 for overlapping claims between renting and leasing properties
Iris Robinson 299.83
Jim Sheriden 379.41
Joan Walley 1,303 for furniture
Wayne David 189.98
Richard Younger-Ross 3,170.92 for furniture
(Daily Telegraph)

The Phoenix 4

The Phoenix 4 judgement highlights a problem within our society.
This is the difference between theft and fraudulent accounting.
Fraudulent accounting appears to have become an accepted part of British company life.

Whereas in the past British institutions were respected for their honesty and integrity .
Nowadays the culture of greed has led directors to assume that any legal manipulation is justified.
This has led to many immoral practices growing up which put profit before humanity and the economy before the good of society.

The Phoenix 4 have caused immense damage not only to the people they employed but to the families and affiliated businesses.
They have reaped chaos and suffering into thousands of peoples lives and yet have
effectively been let off after they agreed to a voluntary ban from being directors.

This would be funny if it were not so sick.
And this is why ordinary people (workers) look at the business world (establishment)
And wonder why theft is not theft.
How come shoplifters and muggers get prison and company directors who commit far worse crimes get let off.

The answer to this lies in the protection of the business community by the British Institute of Chartered Accountants.
And the relative governing regulations laid down by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

The Metropolitan Police serious fraud office have been losing the battle against business fraud for decades and it will take more than a change in accountancy regulations to have any effect.

This problem with false accounting is rife in British companies and has become accepted to the point where accounting companies advertise themselves as tax avoidance experts.
With companies and politicians selling company and UK assets without the knowledge of the British electorate.
With utility companies and local councils extorting exorbitant charges to pay their own inflated wages and pensions.
With normal companies hiding profits offshore for tax avoidance.
How is a new regulatory system going to work.

It is suggested that there will have to be a mental shift by the legislator.
They will have to make company directors directly legally responsible for fraud within their company.
With the threat of a prison sentence if they fail.
Just the same as the Health & Safety executive managed to implement immediate improvements to health and safety by making the directors directly responsible.

But there the question lies;
Is this a society for the good of the people.
Or for the good of the establishment.
And is this fracture in society going to be healed or left to fester?

March 2011


Is this the first war started by 24 hour TV news?

When the pictures of Gadaffis destruction of Zawahiri hit our TV screens
We were appalled at his brutality to his own people.
The use of the army, tanks and air bombing against the Libyan people was a crime against humanity.
But what made this conflict any different to any other.
We had seen Tunisia in revolt. The people of Egypt rise up in a peaceful demonstration.
But in the past we have also seen the obscene atrocities carried out by Mugabe in Zimbabwe.
And many other despots around Africa.
And yet the west has not intervened in these.
After the wars in ; Sudan, Iraq, Vietnam & Afghanistan (twice),
The US was rather apprehensive at military intervention. So what tipped the balance.
Was it Gaddafis plot to bring down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, or the countrys oil reserves
Was it frightened by racism to involve itself in Black Africa but Arab Africa is then, ok.
Or was it purely the daily onslaught of news media coming out of Libya.
Was this a war purely created by 24 hour TV news?

And what of the news coverage now.
As we watch the events unfold day by day.
Are we not voyeurs detached from events but also entertained by the story as it unfolds?
No better than the Romans watching the gladiators in a coliseum.
And the news media turns like a snake.
Todays story can suddenly become dead as another more visual and more shocking arrives on our screen.
And the news media turns like a snake.
It can suddenly turn its analysis against its benefactors if the story warrants it.
And there is the hub of the matter.
With 24 hour TV News it is the negative power of the images that tends to make the story.
Not the beauty, not the courage of the participants, not the truth of the situation.
Todays heroes are tomorrows devils.
Todays facts may be proved to be incorrect
But 24 Hour TV News only provides clips of video.
So tomorrow is not the time to assess the situation.
Tomorrow is another day another story.
Leave the aftermath to the politicians to unravel.

The Reds Are Back

Not content with financing the Labour Partys destruction of Great Britain.
And helping Gordon Brown create his Marxist dream.
The unions are now coordinating street riots to bring down the Coalition Government.
Creating Anarchy is a stage in a Marxist revolution.

They should be very happy that they have created a floundering British Economy
With a massive State dominance of 53% and a debt of 4.8 Trillion pounds.
They are bizarrely allied with; the police, the BBC, the fire service
And the rest of the fat cats in the public service.

I hope they will all be very happy living in the Stalinesque EU State
Where they can continue their virtual jobs.
Having accepted our fate we now watch
As the greedy fight to retain their power and their pensions
At any cost.

4.8 Trillion Debt

Channel 4's programme "Britains' Trillion Pound Horror Story"
Claims that our British bank debt of 0.8 Trillion pounds is actually dwarfed
By government debt of 4 Trillion pounds which was created by our incompetent politicians.
Apparently our politicians aren't very good at maths or economics even though most of them went to university.
Other facts to emerge were that Britains state sector controls 53% of the economy compared to China which is 28% making us theoretically a communist society.
The suggested financial solution to our problems is to cut all taxes and just have a 15% income tax to boost economic activity.
But of course our politicians are addicted to TAX like junkies and are unable to consider a life without state handouts.

January 2011

Pensions Black Hole.

Why do taxpayers have to fill the black hole in the Civil Service pension scheme?
Isnt this just another example of theft from the public purse?
They do it just because they can. But isnt this a breach of trust.
If anyone in the private sector loses their pension, its gone.
And they have to live with the consequences.

Its not just the public servants who expect the long suffering public to support their pension problems.
Just about everybody is at it.
The Post Office, BT, the BBC, our MPs the utility companies, insurance companies and of course, the banks.

False Accounting
The whole legal and financial principle of pension provision has been turned on its head by accountants turning a blind eye to false accounting.
The integrity and honesty of company accounts is regularly perjured by company accountants moving money across from one balance sheet to another.
An innocuous little movement across the columns of a ledger document can mean millions of pounds being reallocated either off shore for tax fraud or into the pension fund to conceal deficiencies caused by poor investments.
This can mean the taxpayer or a utility company customer having to pay an additional levy to make up for the discrepancy.

The tax burdened long suffering public is now being hit repeatedly by having to pay for everyone elses pension.
When sometimes they havent even got one themselves.

Total Bankers

People who were trusted with our money but then used it for themselves,
Thinking that the ordinary honest folk in this country were mugs for being honest.
When they themselves were actually given positions of trust which they abused.

Power Players

From politicians to public servants everyone has become a power player.
We had expected our public servants to serve the nation but we have found that they were just criminals and thieves.
From the political elite in the EU, our own parliamentarians and civil servants through to local government, the banks and utility companies.
We now see an administration riddled with corruption, theft and deceit.

The bank chaos was just the unfortunate exposure of the reality of the situation.
An embarrassing light which shone on to the falseness of Britains judicial system.
Giving us all the chance to see just how corrupt and depraved these manipulators were.
Where once there was honesty, trust and integrity now there are lies, corruption & deceit,

Media Spin
We were told political lies on a daily basis by politicians paid from the public purse
Through a national television news media which was paid by the public purse.
And it was all justified under the notion that it was harmless spin.
But it was not harmless spin.
For apart from covering up their own dishonesty these crooks had also managed to exclude themselves from the legal system.
And in their arrogance failed to regulate the honesty and integrity of the companies which serve and solicit the general public.
In treating the population as cash cows to be abused by the business community the public servants failed to serve the public in a decent and honest way.

So when the bankers failed so spectacularly to balance their books as they dipped into the sea of corrupt speculation
It was treated as a slight glitch in the economic woes of the world economy.
But though the population were made to pay the price, the fraudsters still survived.
The off shore accounts used by most businesses are still there.
The tax havens and the pontificating tax cheats are still on top, affluent and untouched.

And when it comes down to it, it appears that the elite became too big.
And that the new movers and shakers in this country all wanted their slice of the inaction.
Therefore greed became the accepted belief.

Economic Reality 2008
After the bankers manipulated the government of the day into refinancing the banks
It became apparent that the bankers didnt actually have a grip on their own accounting.
And that they had deluded themselves into thinking that the money in their banks was their money and not their customers.
And that the profits were not their customers profits but their profits.

But it was not only the economic system which the bankers destroyed.
This love of money which drove them to destroy the country;
The jobs of five million people,
The homes of a million people with failed mortgages.
And the savings of millions of pensioners.
This love of money which is decried in just about every religion ever created on earth.
This love of money which the bankers proposed as the ultimate basis for regulating life on this planet was actually false.

A Crime Against Society
And still the population is unprotected from these charlatan rogues.
There is still no form of justice to protect the ordinary citizens from the fraudsters who have taken over our administration and our companies.
The fraud still continues on a daily basis and is expanding.
And our legal guardians still fail to serve and protect.

December 2010


Migration Watch have warned that if the current levels of immigration continue unchecked
the projected increase in population will result in new urban areas having to be built.
This they estimate to be 60 towns the size of Slough, or 20 cities the size of Leicester.
Or else the urbanisation of an area equivalent to Surrey or Warwickshire.

Bank Enquiry

Still waiting for a government enquiry into the financial collapse.
Something that politicians of all persuasions fail to support.

November 2010

The Human Rights Act

The most glaringly obvious failing of the Human Rights Act is that it promotes individual rights above Democratic principles.
As a legal & philosophical document the Human Rights Act destroys the Democratic foundations of hundreds of years of the British Constitution..
It overrides the wishes of the electorate and the fundamental basis of British law and justice.

In a Democratic election, the individual gives up their individual rights to be represented by a collective champion (MP).
If that MP ignores the wishes (and individual rights) of a million people to uphold the rights of one person, that is Democracy Destroyed.
So the Human Rights Act has created a liberal left agenda where one terrorist can be protected to the detriment and security considerations of the general Democratic population.

This liberalising cancer has now spread across our armed forces, the police and our security services making them answerable to the Human Rights Act for their actions and punishable for doing their jobs properly.

The basic misapprehension here is the denial of our part in evolution. We are in fact still animals and as such are subject to the laws of the jungle; kill or be killed.
These people (armed forces) are protecting our society and our beliefs. If we destroy their ability to fight for us then we are leaving ourselves open to defeat.
In a time when the political elite has sold our country to the highest bidder,
Where the political establishment has deemed it good policy to import millions of cheap workers from abroad, (never mind the consequences).
Where multiculturalism has been foisted on us as a norm in place of our own British culture.
Where an estimated 3,000 radicalised Muslims live among us waiting for Jihad.
When the most dangerous fanatic the world has ever known (Amhadinerjad) is deploying his agents across Europe for retribution.

Is this really a good time to promote the Human Rights of Terrorists?
Let alone pay them millions of pounds in compensation for the infringement of their Human Rights.

October 2010


According to Newsnight 30/09/10 the banks and the stock exchange have moved on from gambling with our money to using computerised Algorithms.
Algorithms are used in a many computer software applications for processing data and solving problems.
Algorithms are used by the banks to analyse input data and use it to predict/alter stock exchange buy/sell prices.
If the input data is inaccurate the programme will fail.

This is what actually happened on May 6th 2010 when the US stock market crashed 10% in three minutes causing worldwide panic.
So many financial analysis computers are now using algorithms that they are interacting and creating false positives.
This is because they are linking output data from one algorithm to input & alter another.
This causes a chain reaction.
In an attempt to predict and analyse data accurately the banks have now actually created an unstable surreal virtual economic model.
The world economy is now poised on a thread as the geeks skim the profits ignoring the risks and the eventual consequences.

Ofwat Supports South West Water 2 Billion Fraud

Ofwat the regulator in charge of supervising the water industry has come out in support of South West Waters profiteering and off shore asset concealment.
SWW who last year over charged each of its customers in the South West an average of two hundred pounds have no competition from other companies.
Customers were incredulous to hear that Offwat had written a letter in support of South West Waters pricing and surcharge policy.
South West Water had special consideration given to its installation plan for new sewage sea outfalls in 1994 which was completed in 1999 (Clean Sweep)
The surcharge for this work is still being paid for by SWW customers ten years later.
It has since completed a pipe relining programme which no other water company in Britain has yet attempted.
All this work has now been completed and yet the surcharge giving SWW customers the highest water bills in the country still remains in place.

September 2010

Political Deception

The Labour Party, The Unions, The Public Service show no remorse for their part in the downfall of the British economy.
No signs on contrition, no admittance of responsibility. Complete denial.
But isnt it time that everyone pulled together to save this country.
Should they really still be playing political football, party political jibing, and egotistical posturing?
Political deception is a dangerous game to play in a time of recession.
While the country lay in ruin.

BBC Strike

The BBC Strike action planned by the unions will infringe the broadcasters charter of political independence and allow licence fee payers exemption from court action.
This action will effectively decriminalise the licence fee which every receiver in Britain has to pay by law.

TUC - Abuse of Power

The unions threaten coordinated strike action in support of public service redundancies.
Not content with the destruction of the country by the last Labour government, which they financed.
They now pick up the mantel of Abusive Power, so expertly wielded by GB,
to bring the country even more destruction and fragmentation.
No doubt we will see the continuation of Union power when they try to stir up class war and racial tensions because they think theyre right.
But the hidden agenda is a doctrine straight out of the Karl Marx book of politics.
Destroy democratic principles, create anarchy and from the ashes of destruction create a Marxist state.

BT Contracts Invalid

The propsed BT line rental price increase has had unintended consequences.
They now find that all their customer contracts are invalid because of the alteration to charges.

July 2010

Unions Abandon the Working Class

A very strange thing has happened.
There is a re-alignment in the political landscape;
The Unions now represent the Public Service Bureaucrats.
The Tory/Lib government now represents "the electorate"
The Labour Party represents the professional fantasists.
And the workers on the dole are totally unrepresented.

Do we see the Unions abandoning their high morals for the steady gratis from the Public Servants
And a pointless battle with the government on every issue?

Alcoholics Unanimous

It has been impossible to watch the political machinations of the past few years without wondering about the sanity of the people running this country.
The attempted creation of a politically correct society, the law courts supporting terrorists' human rights, the media creating a swine flu epidemic that never existed.
The Prime Minister giving the banks 500 billion of our taxes without any accounting strategy
And now the BBC has come up with a two billion deficit in its pension pot.
It makes you wonder what sort of warped education our universities have given these people.

But then a reassuring realisation becomes apparent.
The powerbrokers, movers and shakers in; high finance, politics, the public service, business, industry and the media are all binge drinkers.
Their warped rational for ruining the country is all based on muddled drunken judgment.
The sad fact is that high technology & stress did not cause this massive miscalculation in western civilisations future. The simple fact is just that,
London, is well pissed.

June 2010

Council Tax - Unsustainable

The relative cost of council tax and utility bills to the state pension is unsustainable.
The maths just does not add up.


So the coalition wants us to give them feedback on the cuts.
Well here we go then;

1. Get back half of the money GB paid to the banks in a windfall tax.
2. Nationalise the Northern Rock and give it this money to pay out loans to British businesses without off shore accounts.
3. Let Northern Rock provide house mortgages at 8% fixed.
4. Split the banks into separate high street, commercial, & investment banks.
5. Cut all public sector pensions by 10%
6. Cut all public sector budgets by 10%
7. Raise the public sector retirement age to 67
8. Stop public sector double dipping now.
9. Change the law to make companies and councils liable for prosecution for issuing fraudulent accounts.
10. Cut public sector expense claims by 20%
11. Go back to our original refuse collections
12. Cut back on construction industry regulation.
13. Prosecute fraudulent bankers and remove their licences to operate.

We expect nothing less


Wouldnt it be ironic if the next war in the Middle East was started by a load of pacifists and the self opinionated British media.

Mobile Broadband 3G

Top mobile broadband supplier Vodaphone boasts a 8Mb connection speed but the actual speeds are absolutely dire.
Most of the time below 100Kb and unable to load a page.

Treason & Justice

No politicians to be prosecuted for the expenses frauds
No bankers to be prosecuted for the banking fraud
No public servants to be prosecuted for bankrupting the country
No Prime Minister to be prosecuted for gross financial incompetence
3 million members of the public prosecuted for parking & speeding.

May 2010

Welfare to Work

There's still a lot of confusion over the benefits issue.
While the debate seems to centre on "lazy job-shirkers," the
people on permanent sickness benefit and kicking them off the dole.
Its all propaganda. The problems are varied and increasing.
While todays job market/money orientated work environment is making people very ill in many different ways.
Keeping people healthy and at work does not seem to be a priorority for anyone.
The fact that there is no work for those looking for jobs has been ignored.
And of course the fact that government mismanagement put another five million out of work
Is an elephhant sized ommission.

While these polarising digressions continue there will never be a chance to be able
to have a real debate on the deeper issues.

Where Has All The Money Gone?

Maybe somebody could explain what actually happened to the five hundred billion pounds that was given to the banks.
Is it a coincidence that the RICH LIST have profited by 33% over the past year.
Is this where the money went?
To stop the Rich from loosing their assets?
With every household in Britain supposedly in debt
Wouldn't it have been better for the workers if the banks had crashed.
And then we would have lost our debts.

The Election

It was such a relief for everyone that GB eventually accepted defeat and removed himself from office.
Now at last we hope that we will have our country run by someone with intelligence and fortitude.
The damage wreaked by this unelected Scotsman has been immense.
Not only to the country but to the whole psychology of the nation.
Hopefully, we will now be able to sit back and relax with the thought that the country is at last in safe hands.

Speed Camera Unit

The Sheriff of Nottingham has sent out his nasty bastard soldiers to collect TAXES from the local population.
Not content with the usual constabulary he has commissioned his own personal tax gatherers by press ganging cheap local labour from the jobcentre, armed forces etc.
He then sends them off in undercover vehicles with long distance telescopic video cameras which are parked illegally on the safest roads where people tend to speed up their vehicles.
These cameras are not operated by the police but by "police staff"

The Sheriff of Nottingham needs lots of taxes to pay for his misdeeds and to keep happy his army of public servants who are stealing the wealth of the population with their inflated wages & general greed.
He has no consideration for the fact that half the population are old age pensioners, & 20% of the population are unemployed both being unable to pay for the public service taxes.
Some think he is trying to get everyone outside of his politburo off the roads.

The speed camera unit in Plymouth issued 31,554 "notices of intended prosecution" from 01/04/2009 - 31/03/2010
With a potential tax yield of 1,893,240.
If you multiply this by the number of other units in the country you then get an idea of the scale of this highway robbery.

This is yet another example of how our corrupt political elite have used our money to buy the latest technology to rob us, impoverish us and control the population.