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The Money Game

We have two economic systems running in parallel.
The Corrupt Corporate World Economy which operates outside of legal restraint.
& The Real Economy which is just for the pleb workers.
The Corrupt World Economy exploits The Real Economy & drains its Resources.
Using Tax Havens & accountants to hide their Pirate Booty.

NewsFeed October 2013

CAMERON: Representing the City Of London tax dodgers at EU meetings.

CAMERON: Controls 12 British Tax Havens working against the Real Economy.

CAMERON: Has cut HMRC staff to halt Corporate & Tax Haven investigations.

CAMERON: Has put crook accountants into HMRC to protect the City of London.

CAMERON: Has put energy company employees into the Dept of Energy.

CAMERON; Gives City of London Post Office privatisation. In exchange for...

CAMERON: Working hard to keep us all poor & the tax fraudsters rich.

CAMERON: Moving Public Servants 'off balance sheet' to create private sector jobs

CAMERON: Keeping Companies House and the companies register under funded to conceal directors.

THE CORPORATE POLITICIANS: 20 years of corruption brings Gt Britain to the brink.

GAMING THE SYSTEM: The big four accountancy firms should be jailed for treason.

THE PUBLIC SECTOR: An unsustainable multitude of bureaucracies increasing taxes exponentially.

PUBLIC SERVANTS: Living in a parallel universe. Living off our tax debt.

ECONOMICS 4 POLITICIANS: There should be 1 Public Servant for every 4 workers.

ECONOMICS 4 POLITICIANS: The fraud money in the tax havens could pay off US/UK national debt.

PUBLIC SERVANTS: Pay themselves more as they enforce Austerity.



POLICE: Support the Corporate Fraudsters not the Justice System.

MET & CITY POLICE: Protecting the Corporate Fraudsters as they victimise pensioners.

MOTOR TAXES: New £100 fine to pay for useless Public Servants.

UK MILITARY SPENDING: £37.2 Bn annually .

Who wrecked the UK then? Mr Nobody.

MULTICULTURISM: Cheap labour, more tax yield. That worked well didnt it?

OSBORNE: Corporate lackey waiting for a job in the city.

PUBLIC SERVANTS: Why are 50% of the working population public servants?

OSBORNE: A bedroom tax for millionaires? Not on my watch.

TORIES: Love the Corporate Economy & the City of London. Hate the Real Economy.

MAIN STREAM MEDIA: Its amazing how politicians can completely change reality with MSM.

OSBORNE: Some people think Civil Servants are scroungers not the unemployed who actually want to work.

THE CORPORATE POLITICIANS: How many lies can you get on main stream media in one TV interview?

THE CORPORATE POLITICIANS: Will these politicians stop spending our taxes like water.

PUBLIC SERVANTS OR OVERPAID TYRANTS: Motor taxes rise to pay for Gov admin

LONDON MEDIA & LONDON POLITICIANS: An unwholesome circle of deceit.

NewsFeed March 2013

OSBORNE & CAMERON: 2 faced politicians working to scupper TAX HAVEN taxation deal.
OSBORNE & CAMERON: Working against the UK REAL ECONOMY to support their TAX HAVEN friends in the City.
OSSIE & CAM: Give Boris 21 billion from German EU State 4 London prjcts, another future taxpayer debt.
TAX HAVENS: 68 MPs and Peers have links to Tax Havens.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: Which political party is going to integrate The City of London into UK democracy?
UNITARY TAXATION: Corporate taxation based on The Real Economic situation instead of the accountants fiction.
CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: Limited liability removed by courts from tax fraudsters.
TAX HAVENS: Blacklisted by holidaymakers; Jersey,Isle of Mann,Bahamas,Cyprus, Bermuda, Cayman Isles.
TAX HAVENS: Travel blacklist;City of London,Luxembourg,Switzerland,Panama,Gibraltar, Liechtenstein.
A FAILED STATE: 20 years of political corruption brings the once Great Britain to the brink.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: The Rich vs the general population.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: Capitalists vs Democracy.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: The Tax Fraudsters vs The Taxpayers.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: 68 MPs and Peers have links to Tax Havens.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: Corporate London TV News Media fails to search for a solution.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: UK GOV is working against the national interest on TAX HAVENS.
CITY SLICKERS: Cameron & Osborne duplicitously represent The City of London & not UK Real Economy.
OSSIE & CAM: Give Boris 21 billion from German EU State 4 London prjcts, another future taxpayer debt.
THE BBC AGENDA? CONCEAL; Tax Havens, Political Control, Corporate Power & brainwash the nation.
BBC: THE STATE BROADCASTER: State Political Propaganda paid for by the people.
GERMAN EU STATE: UK Corporate Political Elite asleep as Germans win World War 3.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: Well guys,its like this. Theyve got the money,the power & the weapons.
ECONOMIC WARFARE: And weve got The Vote! What do you think of our chances?

October 2012

NewsFeed 100

BBC PARROTS: Politicians are given all the questions before an interview, Rigging the broadcast.

ANDREW MITCHELL: Only the working classes get arrested for swearing at police.

STASI CIVIL SERVICE STATE: Treason is not a crime its a way of life for civil servants..

STASI CIVIL SERVICE STATE: There will be revolution on the streets before they relinquish control.

MEDIA WARS: The biggest block to change in society is BBC refusal for open discussion.

CIVIL SERVICE: Killing Britain with stagnation.

UK CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Supports fraud on taxpayers.

BRITISH JUSTICE: Legalised corporate fraud & political theft.

BBCNEWS: Brainwashing the nation into false belief with misguided assumptions.

LABOUR PARTY: It was Gordon Brown who bankrupted the UK not the banks.

ASSANGE: This is why we dont trust the London mc media & why wants state control of web.

ASSANGE:Why was assange under house arrest 4650 days 4 not using a condom during consensual sex?

ASSANGE: Why have the UK Justice dept broken Human Rights laws over Assange & not Jihadists?

ASSANGE: Why are the London Middle Class Media not outraged at this persecution?

NPower: How many UK pensioners will German company NPower kill this winter?

Lonmin Statement on Marikana : Loss of life is public order rather than labour relations matter.

Lonmin Directors: Should be prosecuted in UK for 30 Marikana miners deaths.

NPOWER: German energy co declares war on UK customers with a £200 annual price increase.

CAPITALISM: Economic Failure is the direct result of excessive taxation & corporate profiteering

CAPITALISM: Taxation on basic commodities & goods by irresponsible politicians & the corporate profiteers.

THE SHERIFF OF LONDON: We will tax the peasants till they bleed to keep us in wealth & power.

BBCNEWS: Brainwashing the nation as the Corporate Politicians impoverish the working classes.

BRITAIN NEEDS TECHNOCRATS not 3 party politics. Treasury Civil Servants still not up to the job.

STASI CIVIL SERVICE STATE: Tax thieves topping up their wages & pensions with speed cameras.

UK HOMELESS: 3,960 families in temp bed & breakfast. (National Housing Federation)

UK HOMELESS: 50,000 households in temp accommodation. (National Housing Federation)

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: 25% of UK working age population unemployed.

IMF: Silent on bailout bank assets hidden in tax havens.

MICRO-ECONOMICS: The UK should keep a minimum level of energy & food without tax or profit for those living on under 10,000 per year.

April 2012

LMCM London Middle Class Media

LMCM: The hidden political party driving the agenda 4 the London Lib/left intellectual elite.

LMCM: Exaggerating world events for profit.

LMCM: Gagged & silent on Corporate Fraud in the Global Economy.

LMCM: spreading status envy, causes anxiety, causes fear, causes GREED

LMCM: Spreading subliminal fear & paranoia throughout the population.

LMCM: Has paralysed decades of government with irrelevant petty diversions.

LMCM: Idealises; violence, mindless sex, materialism, general immorality & executive fraud.

LMCM: Protects the status quo 3 party political system which wrecked Britain.

LMCM: Uses Soundbites to brainwash the population into false lifestyles & life goals.

LMCM: Manipulates the population for advertisers & political power brokers.

LMCM: Has no design for the future of Gt Britain.

LMCM: Propagates chaos without planning as a way to maintain the status quo.

LMCM: Is the biggest barrier to constructive change in society.

LMCM: Protects a corrupt meritocracy based on fraud, immorality & greed.

LMCM: Moralising from news hacks with no morals & no ideology.

LMCM: Supports economic expansion for the rich & sectionalisation for the poor.

LMCM: Is a philosophical wasteland.

LMCM: Has the power to change society for the better.

LMCM: Is the piranha devouring Britains heritage.

LMCM: Sycophantically supporting public service strikers while ignoring 10m unemployed.

LMCM: Ignores the continuing plight of those unemployed by 2008 Bank Crash.

LMCM: Supported the death of democracy with the EU Lisbon Treaty.

LMCM: Created politically correct multiculturism.

LMCM: Still unable to assess the consequences of the 2008 Bank Crash.

LMCM: Allows the Office of National Statistics to conceal the true level of unemployment

LMCM: Hiding Bank Crash Costs; Ten years of extra tax for the working classes & mass unemployment.

LMCM: Created a vacuum of information about the 2008 Bank Crash which caused social divisions & the Public Services Strikes.

LMCM: Has more political power than all the UK political parties put together.


NewsFeed 13 1st January 2012

JUSTICE: A rebalance of judicial system required to control company fraud.

ECONOMIC CRASH: The result of the political failure to control and regulate company fraud laws.

COMPANY LAW: Failure to regulate; bankers, company directors & the stock exchange.

TOTAL BANKERS: Governments don’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world.

POLITICIANS: To be included in new legal requirements of honesty & integrity.( not)

TAX THE POOR & PROTECT THE RICH: Justice System wildly out of balance.


UK JUSTICE IS CLASS BASED: No law for the rich

MPs CODE OF CONDUCT: Should be made into law.

FALSE ACCOUNTING: Major tax frauds concealed by accountants.

A DECADE OF CORRUPTION: The 21st Century starts dishonestly.

THE SELFISH RICH: Stealing from & exploiting the poor.

THE MODERNISERS: A political ideology that failed the UK.

THE MODERNISERS: Politicians who compromised so many times they destroyed the system of governance.

ACCOUNTANTS: At the root of UK company & political financial corruption

BRITISH INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS: Company law exploited by specialists in false accounting.

UNIONS: Cynically manipulating UK public servants.

LABOUR PARTY:Wrecked UK finances,flooded public svc with personnel, inflated wages & pensions & called them out on strike

THE UNIONS: Abandoned the unemployed working classes and sucked up to the rich public servants.

UNSUSTAINABLE: Britains state sector controls 53% of the UK economy compared to China which is 28%.

SICKENING: Balls & Milliband: Labour Party deceivers who take no responsibility for the chaos they have caused

LABOUR PARTY: Suffering from collective amnesia about 4 Tr UK national debt which they created.

BALLS got unemployment figures down putting everybody on sickness benefit & creating new ESA benefit not in gov stats


THE UNIONS: Financed the destructive & incompetent Labour Gov.

THE IMPERFECT PLAN: Destroy UK finances, disrupt gov admin, call national strike, create anarchy, bring down gov, create Marxist State. Doh!

UK PUBLIC SERVANTS go on strike when they have got jobs and pensions. How mad is that!

UNION BARRONS: Rich kids on the block playing political games with the UK economy

Total Bankers

People who were trusted with our money but then took it for themselves,
Thinking that the ordinary honest folk in this country were mugs for being honest.
When they themselves were actually given positions of trust which they abused.