Media Gods




April 2002

The new religion is not Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or some new wave fad.
It is the God of Media.
The media has taken over from all other beliefs and now drives our society
down a road of itís own.
It has no restraints in its surge towards oblivion.
No morality, no family ties and it is outside of the law.
Whereas politicians and religious orders have certain moralistic constraints
on their behaviour the media has none.
It is driven only by itís lust to sell more papers and get more advertising revenue.
This is the only restraint on a media that is no longer recording our lives,
disasters and fatalities but is subversively misguiding and manipulating the structures of society.


Democracy is an Illusion


Politicians no longer have the power to create a just and rewarding society, it has become apparent that they have little control over our lives.
Democracy is an illusion, there is no chance of change. The whole structure is just too big and the power is in all the wrong hands.
Governments are driven by the macroeconomics of multi-national companies and not the voterís wishes.
If Corporate Britain wanted the streets well policed and trains on time they would be.
But like all our great companies they are too busy moving their taxes to off shore havens, off-setting their profits and moving their factories to cheaper locations.
When we brought up a generation of children on violent cartoons and wondered why they had no sense of morality, the media said that it had no responsibility for the actions of others.
They said there was no proof that media had an effect on human behaviour.
But it HAS been proved to have an effect. Every shopping census shows the effect that the advertisers have on a consumer driven public.
The empty shelves at Sainsburyís the night after Jamie Oliver gyrates over his latest recipe shows the effect.

We watched the accountants destroy our way of life, the architecture, the public houses, the films, the music business.
They swept through factories and restaurants alike with an unforgiving balance sheet.
They gave us immediate self-gratification as money ruled and the working class ethic was destroyed.
The media grew strong, firstly working itís magic on us and then ensnaring us in a homely jail.
Fame for fifteen minutes became the childhood dream of a million children as they watched beautiful teenage singers mime to songs they couldnít sing.
Footballers earned £50,000 per week, owned four Ferraris and three blondes.
Work became a dirty word as easy money from the lottery, share double dealing & dot.comming became a Ďjustí enterprise.
And the media grew stronger.
Now the media holds together an illusion of life in a criss-cross patchwork of conflicting ideals.
We fight the wars of the righteous & the brave in one week only to be told a few weeks later that we lost.
Our politicians are held up as the saviours of our society only to be destroyed piece by piece in a quagmire of disrepute.
People who achieve the peaks of their profession are ridiculed and destroyed. Stars are hounded to the point of insanity and despair.
Fame is instantaneous for an unknown after a moment on ďthe telly.
Creative ideas have become too complicated in a world where familiarity and repetition rule.

It is not so much that all these things are going on, itís just that there is a total dishonesty about the whole concept of media presentation.
While pretending to be reporting the facts they are actually manipulating, exploiting and enhancing.
In war they use the most shocking pictures of our enemyís death and destruction to show how well balanced and even handed they are.
They moralise on ethics by giving column inches to sympathetic left-wing dissenters.
In their misguided attempt to portray balance they give our enemies the enhanced stature of romantic guerillas.
Any in-depth analysis is curtailed because it doesnít fit into the brief synapse of media concentration.
No time for world politics when the sport results are due.
We are being fed slices of history that only last two minutes.
The whole media focus on an event only lasts as long as its commercial viability.
As soon as it is no longer shocking enough to sell papers then it is a dead story.
This means that stories that have negative shock impact rule the airwaves,
our TV screens and the front pages and that real life and history is being consigned to the dustbin.

Brainwashing a Nation


Hundreds of news bulletins a day are brainwashing the western nations into false assumptions & beliefs.
History is no longer being reported by the media, the media is affecting & directing events.
It is creating disasters by it's own negligent approach to world events.
Be frightened by this because we are travelling down a road that has no end.
Our rights and our lives are being subverted without our knowledge.
The news of the day is distracting our government from it's work as it faces a daily barrage of negative stories.
In the past small pressure groups succeeded in changing government policy by using the media to promote their ideas.
Focus groups like the women's movement, amnesty international, liberty, gay rights or animal rights.
These movements have all used the media to force their opinions on us all and force the government to change laws.
Progressively the power of the media has increased and it's strength continues unrecognised, unchecked and uncontrolled.
The power to manipulate government policy has now progressed from the individual democrat,
passed the pressure groups stage and on to big business and the media news networks.
The current mismanagement of this situation is the manipulation of media news by the Islamic Facsists.
They are using media news to spread fear & terror into our homes.
By making their brutalities well publicised their strength & power is magnified a thousand times.
And our capitulation to their wishes more likely.
We are all compliant in this evolution. We are all participants in our own delusion.
We have abdicated control of our lives to a faceless monster that has no direction or reason.
All hail the God of Media.





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