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October 2009

Racial Abuse

Racial abuse is just bullying by ignorant people.
Its the same as gay bashing, class prejudice, football violence or gang fighting.
Ignorant people who pick on anybody who are slightly different.
Some people are so ignorant that they attack people from the next town when they come into their pubs.
This was turned into a racial or a gay issue by the PC zealots who obviously spend too much time in their
offices thinking about problems they don’t understand.
If you interact multiculturally you do not have this problem.
The PC brigade obviously do not mix multicuturally and have to make up stupid rules for their peanut brains.
Unfortunately these people are running the country.

September 2009

BT to give the British/EU Government State Control of The Web.

A few months ago there was a news story about BT putting Chinese hardware into its 21CN
broadband superhighway.
The story was that this was a threat to national security as the Chinese could bug the equipment
and either make it fail on request or to provide a back door entry for access to secure sites or to plant viruses.
The fact that this hardware was developed by the Huawei Corporation, which is linked to the
Chinese People's Liberation Army failed to alert the media to another side of the story.
The one thing that the Chinese government, the Huawei Corporation and the Army are renowned for,
is their ability and experience with hardware to control and limit free access to the World Wide Web.
Is the British government installing routing filters into the new BT 21CN system?

This could be yet another mis-configuration of the laws against terrorism which are actually being used
against the general population on a daily basis.
Just as the government sought to intercept and log all emails and mobile phone calls, it now intends to filter
the World Wide Web in Britain to restrict & control the freedom of the net.

Theoretically the current unregulated nature of the internet allows anyone unfettered access to illegal services,
to gain free access to porn videos or to support and assist in terrorist attacks against the state.
The main political reason for this step into the Orwellian nightmare is not terrorism but the imminent demise of terrestrial television and the ongoing move to on-demand ADSL internet streaming.

The advances in access to unregulated international news produced by the people for the people has brought the political classes and their power brokers out in a surge of paranoid control freakery.
The fact that the politicians will no longer be able to lie to the population on the BBC news every day and brainwash us poor mortals into the correctness of their obtuse manipulations has led them to conclude that the World Wide Web must be subjected to State Control.
The fact that they are creating a society not dissimilar to George Orwells 1984 seems to be of little consequence to them.

The Future is “On – Demand” TV

The digital debate is moving on now that James Murdoch has attacked the BBC licence fee.
In a way this debate is irrelevant because the speed of change in HD digital broadcasting
has already made fixed programme schedules look ancient.

If you have ever looked down your selection of 20 – 200 TV channels and wondered why there is
still nothing on you want to watch then your prayers are about to be answered.
Over the next five years there will be a scramble for the dominating technology of the future
to bring high definition television to your screens “On Demand”.
The new technologies will start a battle between the providers capable of bringing viewers
any programme they want at any time they want.

Already available on Youtube are playlists which allow you to make your own evenings entertainment.
You can already get films on demand from Sky via satellite.
And the BBC, ITV & Channel 4 have downloads and on demand catalogues.
A mixture of comedy, musical events and video clips are now available in High Definition
video for download or streaming.

You may say that you do not want to watch your television on a computer but then some
laptops have a dual monitor facility which means that you can plug it in to a full screen 32”
and the sound into your stereo audio system.
You can control your laptop/32” TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
So the technology already exists for on demand television .
It is now just a decision of sorting out the best way to stream the video content.

BT have crippled this country by failing to invest & upgrade the UK with fibre optical cables.
The government has considered taxing the population to provide this service (£6).
The problem with government is that they look at everything as another opportunity to fleece the population of yet more tax.
They are not looking for the best deal or the best technology, just the most tax.

It should be remembered that in the past our governments have sold off the television transmitters, the FM frequency bands and mobile phones channels.
All of these used to be owned by the BBC and were paid for by us as licencepayers.

As BT has refused to rewire the country maybe it should be done as part of the BBC licence fee.
But then this only leads to more confusion as to who owns what.
So the provider are lining up.....

It is worth pointing out that those of us who have recently switched to Digital Freeview will not be able to get “On Demand” via this system.
Digital terrestrial transmitters do not have the band width for HD or individual streaming.
The new technology will have to be through ADSL Broadband.

Fighting for dominance of the on demand service will be;
All the Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
On Line, BT, Virgin, BBC, ITV,Channels 4 & 5
Online: Youtube, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft.

Noticeably absent from this list is Sky. And this is probably the reason for Mr Murdoch's attack on the BBC.
The new on demand technology is going to give viewers complete choice.
This is the area where Sky has been leading the world.
But in the future it is possible Sky will be left behind by the BBC’s massive online presence.

If the future of HD streaming video is ADSL Broadband then Sky TV satellite is just another also ran,
competing for customers all over again.

The future of television is likely to be a mixture of providers.
Unless the government is stupid enough to make Broadband a tied service where your ISP decides what TV you watch.
And if the Internet maintains its original ethos of freedom, and integration is allowed to continue unfettered.
Then we will all be able to access TV from every provider and even from every country in the world.
The national and international implications of this are immense.
The main question is going to be whether our political state controllers will allow us this freedom.

August 2009

Harriet Harman’s Fairyland

Harriet Harman’s position as a government minister is highly respected in some quarters.
She has even been touted as the next Prime Minister.
Her enthusiasm in handling TV interviews with confidence has shown that she has obvious talents
and the ability to learn and research all of the government’s areas of responsibility.
However, there is a something of the dreamer in Harriet.

She believes that she can create a perfect world by using the Human Rights Act
to promote equality in all things.
As the Minister for Women and Equality she has embarked upon a crusade to make
opportunities for everyone equal.

Now this is both a strange thing and an admirable target.
It would be a good thing if everyone was treated equally.
But your mind has to be in a very small box for you not to see any of the downfalls.
The most glaringly obvious failing of the Human Rights Act is that it promotes individual rights above Democratic principles.
As a philosophical document the Human Rights Act destroys the Democratic foundations of hundreds of years of the British Constitution..

It over rides the wishes of the electorate and the fundamental basis of British law and justice.
What is the point of voting in a Democratic election, in which the individual gives up their ‘individual rights’ to be represented by a collective champion (MP).
If that MP ignores the wishes (and individual rights) of a million people to uphold the rights of one person.
That is Democracy Destroyed.

I am afraid that only a very small mind, of which there are many in government, could fail to see this as a very destructive and badly thought out law.
The basis for equality is an ass that only works if you have everyone tied to the same tether.
You may promote equal rights for; women, transsexuals, homosexuals, the old, the disabled, multi racial, multi-faith but then noticeable absent are men.
And, of course, every time you promote someone up the ladder you are pushing somebody else down.
And eventually, when you have succeeded in making everyone equal, they have actually lost their individuality

In promoting equal wages for women in the public service the law has failed to acknowledge the most basic facts.
Firstly that this system worked and secondly that it was a contract of employment which all these women agreed to when they took the job.

In creating a public service full of women on equal pay, outside London, men have stopped becoming the main wage earner.
We have now become a society where the female public servant has negotiated the best job security, the best pensions and the best working conditions.
These women are now the new alpha class being in our society.
Wanted for their rock solid financial security.
Something that most males nowadays are excluded from.

This is the completion of years of gender bending in our education system where the alpha male has been ridiculed and derided in place of the more acceptable metrosexual office worker.
And while there are obvious cases where women’s rights are worth championing there are also millions of women who took the easy option to work in schools.
For instance, because it fitted in with their childcare responsibilities.
Or worked for local authorities because they could work part time or job share.

In truth this has not done women any favours.
They now find that they are expected to run a high stress career as well as running a family.
They have also lost their alpha males
The male that women really want to mate with.

July 2009

No Confidence in Financial Integrity

Now that the banks have recovered from their fraudulent disasters
And the stock exchange has started to recover.
The ordinary public find that they have totally lost confidence in every form of finance.
We have long succumbed to the fraudsters in the pension, mortgage and investment companies.
And we have sullenly watched as the New Labour project enforced a thousand new stealth taxes
on us and then sneakily increased our Council Tax.
We now find that all the mistakes that the politicians have made over the last few decades
are coming home to roost.
And we are having to pay yet another raft of bills for their mistakes.
I refer to the cost of utility bills.

The whole point of selling the water, gas, electric, rail, companies and creating private companies
was just to shift the business from government control and make them more efficient.
I don’t remember there ever being an idea that the great British public
would be held to ransom in their own homes.
People in England now have no one who they can trust to be honest.
Every way they turn there are organisations trying to surcharge them.
The police with their speed cameras, the local authority with their car park taxes.
The public services with their pensions.
The banks and the utilities are just another few names in a long list of leeches living off the proceeds of fraud from the long suffering British population.
And still we have no laws to protect us..
Still these companies can send out fraudulent bills for inflated services.
Still these companies can hide behind the facade of legitimate business.

Just as the FSA failed to regulate the banks, now Ofgem, Ofcom, Ofwat etc fail to protect consumers.
It’s all a joke isn’t it, because when it comes down to it the fraudulent companies can take you to court for being unable to pay a bill.
But the companies themselves are not covered by the laws of fraud and theft.
In fact they are protected from the law by the very regulators who have supposedly been set up to protect our rights.
This is another example of the manipulation of the status quo by the government of the day.
Protecting the financial health of companies at the cost to the individual.
This is an obvious invasion of a person’s Human Rights.
Shareholders before consumers, company directors and employees before customers.
Pension funds inflated and assets legitimately stripped and the proceeds hidden in offshore accounts.
All within the law.

We are now faced by fraudsters in every walk of life, yet we are supposed to be honest.
A law for the rich and a law for the poor. Serfs and barons.
And who is supposed to be changing the laws to free us from this corruption?
Our unesteemed members of Parliament who are too busy fighting their own battles to worry about us.

The Illusion of Government

As our MP’s leave London for a three month holiday they are leaving the country in turmoil.
With the Brown government racked with dissent and unable to focus
With Parliament’s reputation in ruins
There is only one level that this forlorn government is performing well on.
And that is the illusion of government put out every day by our television news broadcasters.
The illusion that everything is okay.
Every day Gordon Brown puts out another headline grabbing initiative.
Yesterday was a big plan for the future of Britain’s green energy.
A £150 billion pound investment in green energy resources.
Its a fantasy. Its not even a credible idea. There is no money for it,
It’s just an idea thrown out to make the government look as if it is doing something good.
But it is not. It is stagnant. It is immobilised. It is unable to move in any direction.
Next year’s election has turned New Labour into a party of rabbits caught in the headlights.
Frozen in fear and ineptitude.

This is an election it knows it cannot win.
But the country needs direct action to sort out Labour’s mess.
Not A daily party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party.
But yet again the TV news broadcasters play the game that every initiative is a real plan
when actually they are all complete fantasy.
How can Gordon Brown’s government make plans for next year, let alone in twenty years time?
Gordon Brown can’t even admit that we need to cut back to save the economy.
And yet he is planning to spend £150 billion of our taxes under a future Conservative government.
As the army lacks body armour & helicopters, as pensioners and the unemployed are denied benefits.
When the banks are paying bonuses as they reclaim houses from mortgagees.
A good time for a holiday?

A Scorched Earth Policy

As GB retires to Scotland he can retire in glory with his golden pension
As the most successful Scotsman ever.
The most successful at destroying England.
William Wallace would be proud of him.
This country is bankrupt.
That’s why GB won’t allow any financial review.
That’s why the Conservatives have not been allowed the customary access to public service accounts.
There are rumours that the DWP does not have the funds to pay any new benefit claims.
And that the pension credit system has blocked all new claims.
We are hanging by a thread and yet the media news chooses not to tell us what is going on & to offer us this daily fantasy.

Obama to Negotiate with Putin

Obama is in for another "lesson in reality" here.
As with Iran he will learn that these pragmatic leaders have no interest
in world peace and are only interested in dominating their local spheres.
Amhadinerjad is on course for domination of the Middle East just as Putin
has set his sights on dominating Europe.
He has already calculated that Europe will be craven to the God of Gas
and has no doubt noticed that the EU rapid deployment force is a joke
run by a committee that will never agree on its deployment.
Peace and love is the ideal but when it comes to reality its tanks & the nuclear deterrent that holds the sway.
No doubt GB will negotiate our deterrent away in a ground breaking negotiation/photo opportunity.....
just like he lost our £8billion EU rebate on Sarkozy’s broken promises.
This isn't a game to be played by idiots.

Forever England




And who will lead England
Who will serve her and support her
And fight for her freedom
Who will be brave enough to challenge
The corrupt and the weak
The leaders with no vision
The lords with no laughter
The barons who spend our lives

Will our Queen save us from this sea of contempt
The men with no humility, no sense and no passion
Who destroy this land with their frail thought
And selfish egos.
Who torment the people with their stupidity
Starving the brave soldiers who fight for us
While celebrating a daily occasion, of gluttony

As democracy lies in tatters, Magna Carta deceased,
Destroyed by feeble men with feeble minds.
Who will now start the revolution
Of thought to make this political elite
Flounder and drown in the sauce of their own shame.

Away the men who pray to the false idols of economy
Who have surrendered England to it's foes, for a price.
Wearing the greed of personal success, a badge of recognition
And treachery, as England, abandoned,
Shrivels from within.

Awake the men of steel who lay hidden in shadows
Vanquish from this land the stain of mediocrity
Be gone the bureaucratic serpent who steals our wealth.
No more squalid satisfaction, we fight
In memory of the soldiers who died in defence of this realm
We salute the past and work from within, for a land that is,
Forever England.

copyright 2007

Gun Crime

The loss of police control on city streets and the subsequent rise in gun crime is a direct result of the failure of political parties to control the illicit drug culture.
While the deregulation of cannabis was seen as a step in right direction it was not followed up by any serious legal provision for controlling or legalising the supply chain.
Even the tax hungry Gordon Brown has balked at allowing our cigarette manufacturers the licensed production of reefers.
The whole subculture of drugs, theft and the black economy is now such a part of our economy that stamping it out would cause a major rise in unemployment.
Ignoring the problem, though, is likely to allow a further fragmentation of society and more child deaths on the street.

Politics- The Betrayal of Democracy

5. August 2007

As the threat of an autumn election creeps upon us we, the electorate, look to the parties for a dynamic solution to all of Britain's problems.
With the Blair legacy relegated to the past we are now faced with the 'new' New Labour Prime Minister Brown and the fresh faced Conservatism of Cameron.
The issues that will decide the next election with be discussed at length by both these camps leaving the agenda of the electorate well hidden.
From the point of view of the electorate there is no difference between a Labour or a Conservative government. As far as we are concerned they both look after themselves first as we are 'sold down the river.'
We have watched Chancellor Brown create a hundred new stealth taxes, too many to name, that have ripped our wages from our pockets in one way or another.
It has already become quite obvious that Prime Minister Brown is a power freak content to Control & Tax until we bleed.
As Blair fought his daily battles with the Iraq obsessed media, Brown was quietly milking every pound he could possibly steal in every conceivable fashion.

The brazen corruption of MP's both moral and financial was not to be seen in the 'money for honours' debacle but in the complete betrayal of the public finances.
While Maxwell was universally attacked for his abuse of the Mirror pension fund, no one has mentioned the £15 billion gaping hole in the state pension because it was obviously both political parties who silently used it to conceal their gross mismanagement.
The greatest recent insult to the electorate must surely have been when the MP's propped up the civil service pension fund (at our expense).
They then gave themselves a fat new wage rise with higher expenses (at our expense) only to be followed by topping up their own pension fund from the public purse. A breathtaking achievement and all while failing to find a solution to the black hole in our state pension fund.

As a Prime Minister, Brown appears to be hell bent on the State Control of the population.
The fact that democratic principles require our government to represent our collective wishes seems to be an illusion that arrives and departs, like a train, at election time. The fact that MP's are supposed to work for us has changed forever as they wield their power using the civil service, the councils and the European parliament against us.

The New Labour party was elected to represent the working class, the impoverished and middle class England
When in power the whole electorate was abandoned as the government was subverted by the rich and the powerful.
With two barristers in 10 Downing Street for ten years this country has seen a depressing distortion of British Law with the introduction of The Human Rights Act, a failure to act against the supporters of terrorism and a complete failure to implement law reform.
The economic and financial institutions have the legal freedom to ensnare the public in their fraudulent schemes and escape unscathed.
The legal professionals waste their time manipulating the vagaries of the law while charging us a years wages.
Judges enforce the law against 'the public' while freeing terrorists. The police have been castrated as a force for the control of the city streets.
Our companies are sold to hostile foreign owners who cant believe our naivety as they plunder our assets and send us an inflated bill for it.

The Blair years left us disillusioned with the power of the media to distort events and ultimately history. Forgotten is the historical fact that taxes were created to pay for a war as a temporary measure. Now we are burdened by an out of control expanding bureaucracy which is eventually likely to bankrupt the country.
Democratically we have lost the power of the Magna Carta, a decree given to us by legacy and squandered in the name of 'The Economy.'
We were given the freedom of England and spared the tyrannical rule of the King of England only to be governed by a corrupt and fatuous bureaucracy.
A minor part of which, our MP's, are elected.

BT are Killing Broadband in the Country

12. June 2007
BT have now had over ten years to REWIRE BRITAIN in optical cable but they have chosen to stagnate and leave all their rural customers isolated from the latest high speed technology.
How long are they going to continue charging us for a service which they don't provide.
Creaming off massive profits without reinvesting and upgrading local connections.

Why haven't they installed local relay units in rural communities to provide high speed broad band.
Instead they just say that if your further than 6 miles from a telephone exchange you can't have it.
So while the cities thrive on the new technology, rural England is turning into a deprived area.
No high quality phone lines, no high speed broad band, no Broadband TV.
Ofcom show no interest in pushing BT to improve rural broadband connections and suggest using 'other' suppliers like cable or satelite which are also not available.
The new BT revolution marches on with the grand announcement of its stellar plan to rewire Britain.(Maybe next year)
But is this just a plot to outwit Ofcom and stop them from selling off BT's local loop network.
Blazing the technological trail with its new brand name 21CN. BT promises the holy grail for Broadband users, but when will this start? Next year? And where will they start? London.
Instead of upgrading all the country dwellers who failed to benefit from the last decades technological advances they start again with the cities who already have fast Broadband and leave us to wait another ten years.

Up to 8Mb is not really a promise of anything, especially when it only means 0.5Mb
As other nations revel in the Internet revolution the country that created the first computers still fails to deliver.

PENSIONS - as a percentage of average earnings

Netherlands 100 per cent
Italy 83 per cent
Luxembourg 83 per cent
Greece 80 per cent
Portugal 80 percent
Germany 65 per cent
Belgium 60 per cent
France 50 per cent
Spain 50 per cent
Denmark 40 per cent
Britain 16.75 per cent

The Times 28/09/04


Monday, 16 May 2005

Rosie Boycott, who as editor of the Independent on Sunday campaigned for the legalisation of cannabis, concedes that modern cannabis is very different from that smoked in the 60s and 70s. 'It's got more dangerous with the increase in THC.'
SKUNK is 30 times stronger than 60's cannabis.
THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the major active chemical compound in much of today's cannabis.
THC causes psychosis. It distorts perception, flattens emotions and can lead to hallucinations, voices in the head and depression.
This is on top of the damage cannabis causes to the lungs, cannabis contains many more cancer causing ingredients than even tobacco.

The BBC radio programme You and Yours featured a stream of people who thought cannabis-induced psychosis had destroyed their children's lives.
Professor Robin Murray from the Institute of Psychiatry said that the problem was exacerbated today because users were starting younger and smoking more - both of which increases the risk. 'Until the last couple of years, we didn't have definitive studies. Now we do,' he said. 'It's a time-bomb that's already gone off in London. We now have twice as many people who are psychotic than in the 1960s.'
Rosie Boycott said the rise of THC was a good reason for the government to start looking at the drug seriously. 'We don't want the drug to be adulterated in this way,' she said.

Even the Rastafarian's from Jamaica who originally introduced cannabis to this country refuse to smoke SKUNK because it is adulterated.
Experts in the field of drugs & addiction. have noticed that in the last five years there has been a marked increase in the number of people suffering from cannabis psychosis.
Cannabis psychosis mimics classic schizophrenia or manic illness. People develop paranoia, strange delusional beliefs, violence, hallucinations and loose touch with reality.
The THC acts on the brain receptors and causes the brain to release huge floods of dopamine, a chemical which can unbalance the mind.

People are having a change of heart over the cannabis laws after finding several personal acquaintances with teenage children who are suffering with psychosis as a result of smoking the enhanced cannabis, SKUNK.
This psychosis has made some teenagers incapable of looking after themselves. They have become paranoid, delusional and unable to maintain work or education. Eventually they can end up as in-patients in a psychiatric clinic.
This type of cannabis is nothing like the hippie cannabis that turned on the 60's & 70's generation. SKUNK is a super strength variety of cannabis farmed intensively in Britain using chemical fertilisers and artificial light.
A respected child psychotherapist has named SKUNK as being more dangerous than heroin.
Her explanation being that while heroin addiction can be cured, the damage caused by Skunk cannot.
The symptoms of Skunk induced psychosis are permanent.


Chirac Caused Iraqi Chaos


Instead of blaming the US for not having a post war plan the press should have blamed Chirac for the absence of the United Nations stabilisation force.
If our news outlets were more pro-US & less subversively liberal-left they could have analysed the chaos in Iraq as a result of political dithering in the UN.
Before the Iraq war, France, Germany, Russia & China refused to sign the amendments to legitamise the war.
This was done because of Chirac's self indulgent pomposity, German weakness, & Russia & China's financial opportunism.
As the pre-war UN mandate was not agreed, neither was the post war peace legitimised.
We have now watched long and hard as these countries held back support for the Iraqi people.
As they gloated over the demise of the US/UK war effort & as the terrorists swept in to take advantage of the power vacuum.
This would have been a much cleaner war had it not been for Chirac's meddling.
While the UK liberal-left media criticised Bush for months for not having a post war plan they ignored the fact that it was Chirac who destroyed the cohesion at the UN & with it the peace & reconstruction plan.
Our politically motivated journalists formed an unholy alliance of anti US and anti Blair intellectuals who have completely distorted the facts and events in Iraq. Meanwhile, many lives have been lost & a decade added on to the time for creating a safe new Iraqi state.
British journalists who dabbled in this esoteric conspiracy have allowed Chirac to foolishly continue destroying the consensus in the United Nations for a year.




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