The EU State



Magna Carta

Gave the people of England their freedom from a tyrannical thief.

The Lisbon Treaty

Enslaved the people of Europe to ten thousand tyrannical thieves.

* EU Charades

* Merkel

March 2012


Politicians are still failing to tell the electorate that a successful EU/Euro would require complete financial & governmental integration.
All countries would have to integrate; tax, budgets, expenditure control, government policies, political unity, foreign policy, technocratic administration, law, the abolition of local administrations, central control of armed forces/defence, the end of national sovereignty and the financial support of local industry.

But the major game of EU Charades is the pretence that it is a United State with every country having a say in policy development.
Policy has become driven by unelected bureaucrats who are dishonestly manipulated behind the closed doors of Brussels.
Quite apart from the fraud, bribery and policy stupidity involved,
The end game appears to be for the strongest (Germany) to dominate and obliterate decisions at will.
As France tags along ignoring any EU directives it doesnt like.

This combined axis which has been driving EU policy has forced through laws and directives which have not been properly planned.
And are basically against the integrated European Union of States which every other country signed up for.

Germany has bribed & bullied its way into integrating & expanding the EU.
This has been a diversion from the fact that the original format of the EU was flawed. (not just the Euro)
It hoped to deflect from the reality of the situation by deluding the partner countries into the hope that when all the bureaucratic quirks got ironed out it would actually be a big democratic institution.

But the reality is that the EU is turning into an extended German state
As their financial model and dedication to work proves more & more effective.
Any illusion that the EU Technocrats have any democratic scruples must surely have died when Germany,
Who has benefited more than any other country from the EU expenditure and debts of other countries,
Refused to support these countries when they got into trouble.

So basically the EU bureaucrats gave; Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal & Italy ridiculous amounts of money to expand their economies,
And then stole their sovereignty when they couldnt pay the debts back.

The EU has admitted no responsibility for any of its failings and until it does so it will be unable to find the cure for its ills.
Meantime it carries on with its German model of expand and corrupt leaving a few of us wondering.
If this is Germanys third attempt to rule Europe.

February 2012

Merkel Should be Prosecuted

Angela Merkel has decided to force the people of Europe to pay up for her Stalinesque ideals.
After the corrupt EU State fails for the 17th year to balance its books.
Its bureaucracy riven with corruption from top to bottom.
With the crooks in charge paying themselves more and more money in wages, expenses and pensions, not to mention bribes.
The gravy train gets longer and longer as the people of Europe get poorer and poorer.
And as every economist in the world calls for caution on expenditure,
The EU continues to demand more and more for its bloated and
incoherent plan for continued expansion in every direction.
And then to top it all makes another demand for 2 Trillion Euro from taxpayers.

Who will stop this insanity?
Merkel will plunge Europe into a fifty year recession with this debt mountain if nobody stops her.
Every time there is a bail out it increases in size.
102 Billion Euro for Greece??
70% written off from sovereign funds,
Banks to be compensated for their losses by the back door from EU funds??
The IMF directly putting up funds to support and unsupportable currency?
And all because they cannot concede that they may have to CUT BACK,
Reduce EU expenditure and waste and lay off half the Bureaucrats.
Bureaucrats who have done nothing but fail in their jobs for the last twenty years.

CHRISTINE LAGARDE: Has destroyed the credibility of the IMF and cross contaminated it with the spreading Euro disaster.
Her support for the Euro has made her the worst possible person to lead the IMF.
She has no perspective and no objectivity for the task in hand.
The Euro has DIVERGING economies.
A temporary solution is never going to solve that
So the whole plan is not only wrong,
The people in charge are not even on the right track.
Possibly, not even the right people for the job..
Continually taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich will cause a violent revolution in Europe.

The people in charge of the EU seem to have no concept of basic economics
because they have been living free off the backs of the taxpayers for so long.
When "The Markets" say they want a credible solution they don't mean a faked up political/financial fraud.
They mean they want to see "An Engine of Recovery."
These politicians and so called Technocrats have just destroyed Democracy in Europe
Yet they don't give a damn as long as the RICH don't lose their money.

And that is what this is all about, its about protecting "the system" at any cost to others.
Merkel is leading the EU towards catastrophe,
She's taking the jobs from the working classes, their prosperity, their status & their money.
Merkel must move now to diversify the Euro countries into mini currencies
Or she will bring down the whole of the EU project.

Europes future prosperity lies in the growth of industry and manufacturing
Not gambling with taxpayers money on the stock exchange.

January 2012

The Euro Crisis

To add flexibility to the Eurozone economic system, countries, should be allowed to use their own Euro bank notes which would be clearly different from the main EURO note.
Their own Euro notes would have a different value to the EURO and be quoted with daily exchange rates on the stock exchange.
The “local” Euro notes would also be available alongside main Euro notes from cash machines and in transactions.

The assumption has to be made that the coordination of economic balance between the various countries of the Eurozone is not an achievable objective.
It may then be necessary for Germany for instance to create its own Euro local currency because its value would be higher than the base Euro note.
Similarly other weaker economies could have their own local Euro currency to control their own budgets within the Euro system.

The economic stability of failed economies (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland) could be balanced by tethering them to a stronger country economy like Britain or Germany.
This would involve the linking of public services to update modes of practice and coordination of ideology on government economic strategy.
Trade offs could be made in exchanging public servants in key departments, cultural exchange and subsidised holidays & travel.
Discussions on providing care for the UK elderly in Greece. Etc.

The only way out of the Euro crisis is for the European banking system to be nationalised, banking assets forfeited and debts annulled.
The EU politicians/burocrats do not have the credibility or the integrity to manage or create a financial model without corruption.
So we are now looking for a new way to re-balance & impose the rule of (company) law and to bring the legislature under legal control without starting a violent revolution.

Open Europe Bulletin April 2011

- Open Europes report on the EUs 12bn a year aid budget sparks debate around Europe
- The rise of True Finns could be a sign that EU leaders euro gamble is unravelling
- Events
- Open Europe in the news
- Please support Open Europe

1. Open Europes report on the EUs 12bn a year aid budget sparks debate around Europe

Open Europes report looks at how much the EU spends in external aid and where, identifying five key problem areas. These include a lack of poverty focus, with only 46% of EU aid reaching lower income countries compared with 74% of UK aid. EU aid is also subject to unnecessary administration and transaction costs, with money being recycled between national governments, the EU and other international bodies, such as the United Nations or World Bank, up to three times before it reaches those in need.
Open Europe also identified problems with poor project selection, such as 460,000 awarded to a Belgian cultural organisation to run a project in Burkina Faso and Mali called I dance therefore I am, which gave local teenagers artistic dance training.

The study sparked debate around Europe with UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell saying, This report underlines the very reason why we are pressing for reforms of the way the EU spends aid. Citing Open Europes report, Ben Knapen, the Dutch Europe Minister, called on the European Commission to clarify the use of EU aid.

2. The rise of True Finns could be a sign that EU leaders euro gamble is unravelling

The Finnish general elections saw the populist, anti-euro True Finns party win a record 19% of the votes. The party which mixes leftist economic policies with social conservatism and strong nationalism - will likely be given a place in the next government alongside the National Coalition Party and the Social Democrats. In an interview, True Finns leader Timo Soini said The politics of the EU is the fundamental reason [for the partys success].

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Open Europe argued that the rise of the True Finns could be a warning shot to EU leaders of things to come, and a sign that EU leaders eurozone gamble is starting to unravel. Open Europe argues that:

When European Union leaders forged their monetary union without a full political and economic merger, they gambled on two vital factors: That economic forces could be kept in check, and that national democracies could be managed. Over the past 16 months, we have been reminded time and again exactly how big and how irresponsible those gambles were.

As much as taxpayers in rich countries don't like to pay for other governments' mistakes, voters in poor countries also don't like being told what to do by people they never elected and can't vote out of office. Will EU politicians' second gamble turn out as ill-judged as their first? Time will tell. But one thing is clear. The political price that European leaders are paying to keep their flawed project afloat continues to rise.

To read the article please click here

3. Events

On April 29, between 3pm and 4.30pm, Open Europe will participate in a panel discussion in WashingtonDC, hosted by the Heritage Foundation. The topic will be Debts and Deficits: Warnings and Lessons from Europe for the Next U.S. President.

The discussion can be viewed online via this link:

4. EU News in brief

EU proposed budget increase to cost the UK an extra 680m in 2012.

The European Commission has presented its proposal for the EUs budget in 2012, calling for a 4.9% increase to the budget, equal to 6.2bn, bringing the total EU budget up to 132.7bn. If approved, the UKs contribution would increase by 680m. (BBC, 20 April)

MEPs vote to keep business class travel.

MEPs voted against three measures which could have seen salaries frozen and travel allowances cut. Among the rejected measures was a proposal to end MEPs business class travel for journeys less than four hours. (Telegraph, 10 April)

EU budget increase could cost the UK an extra 680m in 2012

Open Europe Director Mats Persson was quoted by the BBC, the Express and on arguing that "The commission is either completely misreading or wilfully ignoring the public mood around EuropeJust like national governments, the EU has to adapt and find ways to re-shuffle and prioritise the funds available in the current economic climate. Almost everywhere you look there is fat that can be cut from the EU budget - from the 50 or so EU quangos to the wasteful farm subsidies to cohesion subsidies to Europe's richest regions".

Mats also appeared on the BBCs Newsnight programme saying that the UK Government needed to take a far more proactive approach in pushing for changes to how the EU budget is spent, not only its overall size. Stephen Booth was quoted in the Express. A comment piece in the WSJ cited examples from Open Europes report Another 50 Examples of EU Waste.

EU freedom of movement under pressure

Mats Persson appeared on Al-Jazeera discussing the row between France and Italy over migrants coming from North Africa and the implications for the EUs Schengen Agreement.

The Price of the Euro in Finland: The single currency is exacting ever-higher political and economic costs

Following the gains made by the populist True Finns party in Finland, Mats Persson penned an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal and appeared on BBC Newsnight, arguing that Europe is entering unchartered territory both in terms of the willingness of taxpayers in stronger eurozone economies to underwrite governments in weaker ones, and the extent to which citizens in weaker member states will put up with EU-backed austerity measures. Mats was also cited by Michael Schuman on his Time Magazine blog.

Open Europe briefing: Less than half of the EUs external aid goes to the worlds poorest countries

Open Europes report on the EUs aid spending featured widely in the UK and European press, and was cited in the Telegraph, Sunday Times, News of the World, Mail, Sun, Express, on Conservative Home, in German newspapers Welt and Main Post, Belgian newspapers Express and Het Nieuwsblad, in Dutch newspapers De Telegraaf, Elsevier and AD, by news agency Nieuwsbank, news sites and, politics blog, PownedTV, Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Polish news site Wirtualna Polska, and twice in Turkish daily Milliyet.

Stephen Booth was quoted in the Telegraph arguing, "The EU's aid budget suffers from poor accountability and unnecessary bureaucracy, and, most critically, less than half the money spent goes to the world's poorest people". He added, "National contributions to the EU aid budget should be made voluntary. At a time when funds are tight, it is vital that governments get value for money".

Portugal needs debt restructuring, not a bail-out

Mats Persson argued in an opinion piece on the Spectators Coffee House blog that a bail-out will do little to solve Portugals underlying problems It is finally starting to dawn on people that a large amount of the debt circulating the system will never realistically be repaidAll this means that the government is putting British taxpayers money on the line, but the UK remains exposed to meltdowns in the eurozone in future.

Mats also authored a piece on Conservative Home arguing that the main political lesson to be learnt from the UKs involvement in the Portuguese bail-out was not to give up vetoes over sensitive areas of EU policy without first thinking through every possible consequence, such as the Labour government in 2001 giving up the veto over the part of the EU treaties which is now being used to justify the euro bail-outs.

Meanwhile, Raoul Ruparel appeared on LBC radio discussing the Portuguese bail-out and the future of the eurozone, and on BBC Radio Scotland, discussing the similarities and differences between the Irish and Icelandic economic crises.

How the EU elite got it wrong on the euro

Conservative MEP Dan Hannan referenced Open Europes report,How the EU elite got it wrong on the Euro on his Telegraph blog, highlighting how politicians, journalists and others failed to predict how the eurozone would evolve.

July 2009

The Lisbon Treaty Could Trigger War

The Lisbon Treaty, when ratified, could trigger a class war in Europe.
When the people of Europe realise what their politicians have done to them there is likely
to be a revolt.
The possibility is that this revolt when coupled with the poverty and deprivation of a continued
recession could turn into a class war comparative to the French Revolution.
The corrupt political elite in the UK and the EU have not taken enough care with new legislation and considered the multiple repercussions of implementing it.
The result is likely to be that a whole raft of restrictions on the EU working classes which will lead to a buildup of resentment, strikes and when they realise that there is no legal escape route, an uprising, leading to the overthrow of the corrupt EU bureaucracy

June 2009

EU Takes Advantage of UK Governments Distraction

Richard Lambert, the director general of the CBI has indicated that the EU is intending to unleash a raft of regulation while the Labour government is distracted by internal feuding.
“The level of distraction in government could result in long-term and drastic damage to the economy,” he warned. "Britain finds itself at what you might call a burning platform moment," said Mr Lambert.
"We can either take the bold steps that will be necessary to take us forward to a prosperous but different kind of future. Or we can pretend to ignore the need for change, and risk going down with the ship."
He added: “Instead of focusing on this big picture, politicians appear wholly preoccupied with what's going on within the Westminster village, and in doing what they can to strengthen their own positions over the short term."
(Daily Telegraph 11/06/09)

City Battle with EU

As Europe's leaders prepare to strip Britain of ultimate control over finance, insurance, and securities, defenders of the City have begun to talk darkly of the nuclear option – known in EU lore as the "Luxembourg Compromise”, withdrawing officials from Brussels.
Britain cannot veto the massive shift in regulatory power to Brussels now under way. Internal market laws are decided by qualified majority voting (QMV).
What Gordon Brown can do at next week's EU summit is to play the Luxembourg card by invoking "vital national interest", if he is willing to risk a showdown with fellow leaders.
"This is an extremely serious crisis," said David Heathcote-Amory, "Once we lose of control over the City of London we will never get it back, and the consequences could be catastrophic.
(Daily Telegraph 11 Jun 2009)

April 2009

EU Pension Fund Collapses

A leaked decision note from European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pottering has revealed that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for an estimated E105 million (£120 million) shortfall in the European Parliament's controversial Pension Scheme.
The scheme is facing a gap in funding due to the collapse of the stock market and investments reportedly related to the Bernie Madoff scandal in the United States.
After the European Parliament elections in June, UK MEPs are set to receive a pay rise of over E15,000. Under new rules to be introduced under the next session of Parliament, MEPs will no longer have to receive a salary equivalent to national politicians, but can opt for a salary of 38.5% of an ECJ judge's salary.
This works out as E91,980 annually, which is worth over £80,000 at current exchange rates because of the collapse in the value of the pound. This is up from the £64,000 current salary, and represents a pay-rise of 22%.

Open Europe News in Brief

Percentage of legislation originating in Brussels is 85 percent
EU to spend 2.3 million Euros on MTV campaign.
Disgraced MEP could get to keep E500,000 in "unjustified expenses". 
Royal College of Surgeons warns of fatalities from EU Working Time Directive.
Unauthorised Lisbon diplomatic corps begins training.
Slovakian criminal allowed into UK under EU Free Movement rules.
Data Retention Directive implemented without Parliamentary debate.
European Commission to investigate Italian dentist who used EU funds for Ferrari.
Commission advises employees how to evade information requests.
'Green' taxes cost every adult £741 a year
Farmers will have to spend £65 million tagging sheep under new EU rules
Dutch penal lawyer criticises EU anti-terrorism policies
Commission takes legal action against the UK over internet privacy

British Taxpayers Fund Terror Schools

£100 million of British taxpayers’ money supports organisations that fund hate education in the Middle East
Britain gave nearly £100 million in aid to the Palestinian territories in 2007.
This money supports attempts to indoctrinate the Palestinian population to support the continuation of violent conflict.
There is new evidence that Hate Education continues to be spread in the Palestinian media and children’s text books.
(Tax Payers Alliance)

European Parliament report recommends EU take control of Britain's naval bases

Government backs EU plan to track drivers

The Guardian reports that the Government is backing EU plans to install a "communication box" in new cars to track the whereabouts of drivers anywhere in Europe.
Under the proposals, vehicles will emit a constant "heartbeat" revealing their location, speed and direction of travel.

March 2009

Europe Minister Caroline Flint admits that she has not read the Lisbon Treaty

During questions in Parliament, Europe Minister Caroline Flint admitted that she had not read the Lisbon Treaty.
Following a series of vague answers on the implications of the Treaty for European defence, Shadow Europe Minister Mark Francois asked, "Has the Minister read the elements of the Lisbon Treaty that relate to defence?".
Ms. Flint replied, "I have read some of it but not all of it."  She went on to say: "I have been briefed on some of it."
As well as leading calls for the Treaty to be ratified, back in December, Caroline Flint claimed that the Irish voted 'no' due to "misunderstanding" of the Treaty.
Mark Francois responded saying, "It's wonderfully honest of the Minister for Europe to admit that she hasn't actually read the renamed EU Constitution.
It's not every day that someone will admit they haven't read the most important document for their job. Her astonishing admission does leave some questions.
How does she know if the Treaty's good for Britain if she hasn't read it?
How could she lecture the Irish that they'd only rejected the Lisbon Treaty because they didn't understand it?"

February 2009

Libertas Sworn In

Libertas has been recognised as a pan-European party entitling it to receive EU funds.
Libertas currently has two members from France, and one each from Cyprus, Britain, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria and Estonia.
Over the weekend, Declan Ganley held a mini-congress in Warsaw prior to the launch of the Polish branch of Libertas.

January 2009

New Hurdle for the Lisbon Treaty

The German Constitutional Court has handed in a new complaint on the EU treaty, possibly delaying Lisbon's entry into force
EUobserver reports that Germany's Constitutional Court has been handed a second complaint over the Lisbon Treaty, with the potential to delay the country's final ratification of the document for several months.
The authors of the complaint say that "a prognosis on European integration given by the country's constitutional court in a 1993 judgement on the Maastricht Treaty - which paved the way to the euro - has turned out to be false,.
As instead, EU integration has been characterised by continuous breaches of the stability pact, a presumptuous over-stepping of power by the European Commission, unaccountable leadership and dissolution of the separation of powers".

EU to Steal British & Dutch Oil & Gas Reserves.

MEP's are calling for the creation of a European gas reserve, made up of British and Dutch supplies, which member states can tap into in the event of any future shortage. 
The transfer of ownership would be enacted under the clause of the Lisbon Treaty which gives the EU the power to "ensure security of energy supply". 
According to the paper, in a closed-door meeting with high-ranking EU politicians, Commission President Jose Barroso called for a "mutualisation of energy stocks" and said it was vital that member states show "solidarity" with their partners in eastern Europe. 
He added that he would soon have the legal authority to take over control of energy reserves under the Lisbon Treaty. 


EU spends £2.3bn a year on Pro-Brussels propaganda

December 2008


Sarkozy Wants Access to GCHQ

EU plans for a European CIA would force Britain to share security secrets.
This would threaten Britain's national security by forcing GCHQ to pool its intelligence.
France and Germany are pushing for the sharing of security secrets and far greater integration between national police forces to tackle terrorism.
It led to fears that the U.S. would stop sharing important security secrets with the UK because the European Union has such a problem with leaks.
A Home Office spindoctor said: 'Under European law there is no question of the UK being forced to participate in measures it opposes.'


Political leaders in the European Parliament have awarded their parties millions of euros in extra funding only weeks before the deadline for the money to be spent because of a large budget surplus.

Libertas to launch as European political movement

Declan Ganley will launch Libertas as a pan-Europe political party to compete in next June's European Parliament elections
Mr Ganley is expected to outline ambitious plans to campaign against the Lisbon Treaty and build a new European political movement dedicated to campaigning for greater democracy, accountability and transparency within the EU.


Czech President on MEPs' visit to Prague

"I have not experienced anything like this for the past 19 years
I did not think anything like this is possible.
I thought it was a matter of the past that we live in democracy, but it is post-democracy, really, which rules the EU. You mentioned the European values.
The most important value is freedom and democracy. The citizens of the EU member states are concerned about freedom and democracy, above all.
But democracy and freedom are losing ground in the EU today."


November 2008


France to break Gordon's Red Lines CAP reform promise

Senior French officials have admitted that they plan to block attempts to cut EU farm subsidies, worth more than £7 billion a year to French farmers
The deal threatens to break a promise made three years ago, when Britain gave up £7 billion of its EU budget rebate, in return for future cuts in farm spending.
Britain, backed by Latvia and Sweden, on Friday blocked the French proposal. (Telegraph)


Sarkozy Bullies Czech PM & sparks diplomatic row

Sarkozy reportedly tried to convince his successor to the EU Presidency to let France co-preside the Mediterranean Union beyond its current Presidency.(Le Monde)

EU's fraud watchdog investigated for fraud.

The EU's own anti-fraud watchdog OLAF is now under investigation over its staff nomination procedures


Sarkozy Attempts Football Takeover

The British Government and the Premier League will both attempt to block French plans to pass control of English professional sport,
including football and rugby, to a pan-European sports "super regulator". 


Czech President:

Freedom and democracy will not be enhanced by The Lisbon Treaty;


German MEP:

Czech Republic could be a bigger problem than Ireland.


Unhinged MEPs Bully Czech Parliament

British & German MEP's have threatened and bullied Czech parliamentarians including insults to their president, verbal abuse and the threat to cancel their presidency of the EU.
They also threatened to hand their presidency over to France if they didn't ratify the Lisbon Treaty.
A speech from Danish MEP Hanne Dahl triggered a rage from the German conservative MEP , Elmar Brok.
"Not only could he not constrain himself from outbursts during my speech – he also followed me around shouting terms of abuse at me, "
The delegation was to meet with the Czech Parliament, Senate and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
During the meeting with representatives from the Czech Parliament a Liberal British MEP
said that he did not think that the Czech Republic could take over the presidency, if they had not ratified the Treaty.


The Lisbon Treaty can be amended without a referendum

Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty enables changes to be made to it after ratification without the constitutional requirement for another referendum


The Irish Referendum 2

When Ireland votes (again) it will be voting for the electorate of every other European country.
We have been abandoned by our own politicians, our votes have been stolen by the tyranny of the EU State.
Please help us to regain democratic control of the EU State.


Caroline Flint: The EU & Pizza

Obviously it's a difficult choice when ordering a pizza to decide which toppings to have.
But with pizza you usually get what you pay for.
Unlike the EU which hasn't got any of the product labels defining weight, cost or content that it requires of every other business.
The EU specialises in spicy toppings, tangy chilli sauce, sometimes known as fraud.
The politicians of Europe have conspired to push through far reaching political changes without any democratic controls and without any democratic vote.
The politicians of Europe have conspired to steal our taxes, pay themselves inflated wages, extortionate expenses and secure life long pensions.
And what for? So that they can promote their own business interests.
They refuse to debate any of the issues with the electorate.
They have even managed to silence the BBC from debating the EU issue.
They have instigated a control and tax regime on the electorate that will not restrict themselves one bit.
They enforce laws on the electorate while allowing themselves legal immunity.
They don't have to pay all the bills and taxes that they have piled on to us.
They stand strong together defining the future when the future of the EU is a figment of their own misguided lives.
If any of the MEP's had read the Lisbon Treaty they would know that they had killed off Democracy and created an Autocratic State.
A state with no dictator and therefore no direction.
A bureaucracy that breeds its own expansion and propagates its own existence.

I am an EU supporter.
I support the ideal of a united Europe combining into a single state.
I do NOT support an unelected EU State without democratic controls.
The Labour Party ran away from making the case for the EU.
It failed to give us or parliament a full debate on the subject.
It failed to give us a referendum on the subject.
It destroyed the democratic rights of every individual in this country
When it broke its electoral promise on the EU.
The politicians think they are so much cleverer than the electorate,
That they can over-ride our wishes because "they know best"

They have failed to protect our sovereignty, our armed forces, our banking system, our energy resources and our foreign policy.
All this power has been given to Brussels plus £12Billion a year of our tax
To a corrupt political system that hasn't been able to sort out its agricultural policy for the last 20 years.
A corrupt system that has failed a financial audit for 14 years.
What kind of political system decides to cancel the referendums to stop it losing the vote?
A dictatorship.
The Labour Party voted us into an Autocratic EU State
Gordon Brown likes to say that he is learning from each experience. Well so are we.
We have learned that the politicians who broke the banking system cannot be trusted.
And that the EU is a club that the electorate have been excluded from.
It is a club for politicians who live in a freebee world.


European Republic Expanding

There are currently 16,980 EU laws and regulations in force in the UK and they are increasing at a rate of 2,000 a year.(TPA)


Financial Meltdown - October 2008


EU- The European Union

A club designed by politicians for politicians and bureaucrats for their own benefit.
Formed with the intention of creating a unified labour market large enough to compete in the future world economy and strong enough to stand alongside the other major economies.
But diverged into a dictatorship increasing taxation and controlling the European electorate by installing an undemocratic bureaucratic state.
Has become obsessed with controlling the population with petty regulations made up by Brussels bureaucrats who are not part of the democratic process.
Shows complete disregard for democratic principles and continues to thrive within a corrupt and fraudulent system.


UK Government votes against transparency for EU legislation;

The EU transparency bill which would have required Ministers to declare, on the front of every Bill and regulation,
whether it is the result of an EU decision. was voted down, with the Government whipping its MPs to oppose it.
" It is extraordinary that the Government are opposed to openness and transparency. It makes you wonder what they have got to hide."


MEPs Claim Money for Nothing

60 MEPs sign in to be present for the monthly European Parliament session in Strasbourg on Fridays, although the EP does not convene on Fridays - allowing MEPs to make 200 euros each time.
The so-called "Friday reimbursement" has cost taxpayers 820,000 euros since 2004.


September 2008


European Courts Jurisdiction Contested

The German Federal Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe is considering whether EU law is superior to German law.
The cause of the problem is a complaint relating to the Mangold Judgement, in which the European Court (allegedly) broke several principles of EU law.
"The European Court consciously and systematically ignores the central principles of western judicial legal interpretation: decisions are carelessly justified;
the will of the legislator is turned into its opposite and legal maxims are invented, which it can then later use as the basis for its decisions."


The Irish Problem

The French government fears that the longer a second Irish referendum is delayed, the greater the likelihood of the Treaty being scuppered by Britain under David Cameron.
The Conservatives, have promised a referendum on the Treaty if they arrive in power before it has been ratified by all member states. (Irish Times, 18 September)


EU Pushed US to Drop Banking Standards

EU pressure persuaded the US Securities & Exchange Commission to relax borrowing rules.
Previously banks borrowed about six times their assets. That soared to 40 – 1 after the EU intervention.


EU fails to have its accounts signed off for the 14th consecutive year

Siim Kallas, the EU Commissioner for audit, has announced that the European Court of Auditors will not sign off the EU's 2007 accounts.
This is the 14th consecutive year the EU has failed to have its accounts cleared.


EU Unveils Solution to the Irish Problem

Bribes and blackmail.

The 2007 EU Charter

Friday August 31st2007

It appears that the unelected Mr Brown thinks that he can break his parties election pledge to give the country a referendum on the 2007 EU Charter.

Many of the recent negative changes in our society can be traced back to EU directives.
Our prisons are overloaded with foreign nationals who cannot be deported.
Our borders are porous to immigration from the Asia & Africa.
We are being swamped by the new EU nationals from Slovakia, Poland & Romania etc.
Our housing market has been thrown into chaos by the introduction of Home Information Packs (HIP's) by the EU.
Our judges cannot jail terrorists without infringing their human rights.
The disposal of our rubbish has been reduced to one collection a week and the introduction of recycling bins is likely to end up in us being surcharged.
Our army has been starved of equipment and resources to fight in Iraq & Afganistan because of our commitments to the Eurofighter & EU rapid response unit.
EU directives should have been a balanced process which showed some British influence and our international power kept in tact.
And then of course there are the EU taxes about which we are told nothing and the decision to stay out of the Euro zone. Is the Euro likely to be sneaked in as well?

These are all discussions that should be analysed at length yet all discussion so far has been stifled.
So who is likely to benefit from the introduction of this EU charter? It certainly won't be us.
As we have already seen. it's all to do with providing a more powerful trading block so that our companies can compete with the USA, Chinese and the Asian economies.
Improving our economy has not improved the finances of the poorest in our society. It has gone to the tax dodging company directors, the banks and the share holders. Our economy only benefits the rich and the powerful.

The unelected Mr Brown talked big about forming a government of consensus but that is all it is, just talk .
He will stand fast against the unions and the electorate and push this undemocratic EU Charter through at any cost.
A discussion of the issues, an understanding of the situation has not been allowed.
This has been sneaked through parliament during the summer recess.
We deserve to be treated like democrats, we are fighting wars to support democracy in other countries while we are loosing our own democratic rights.
This country was the mother of democracy. If this charter goes through without a referendum we will loose the freedom given to us in 1215 by The Magna Carta.
We will be governed by a faceless unelected corrupt and fatuous bureaucracy.

Support democracy in Britain. Support the call for a referendum on the 2007 EU charter.

EU Treaty - Noon Bites Back

9th February 2008

Geoff Noon, Labour chief whip is threatening labour MP's with withdrawal of the whip.
It is difficult to tell with the amount of corruption in parliament at the moment if the failure of the Labour government to allow the electorate a referendum on the Lisbon EU Treaty is just another example of financial corruption.
It is true that the financial benefits for business and therefore our double dealing MP's are likely to be massive.
Whether it is worth abandoning the electorate and any morals that they might have left in the hope that we will forget by election time is a pretty futile hope.
The fact is that this government will never win another election after selling out Britain to the EU on the cheap.
Every MP is now being targeted on line.
The smother of corruption unfortunately means that there isn't a party with a clean slate for the next election.

Lib-Dems Vote Against Democracy

21st January, 2008

Discussion in the House of Commons on the EU Lisbon Treaty was sabotaged today by the Speaker when he refused an amendment from 22 MP's calling for a referendum.
The Liberal Democrats have decided to support the government making it unlikely that the government will loose the vote.
Can anyone explain the Lib Dems position on Europe which is;
1. We would support a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.
2. We will not support a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty.


5th March 2008

After the appauling charade acted out in the House of Commons yesterday during the EU Lisbon Treaty debate
I think the Liberal Democrats should remove the word DEMOCRAT from their name.
They are a complete disgrace to the democracy movement.
I support the EU and the right to reform it through a democratic referendum.
To watch our members of parliament have a jolly joke, repeating lies, hiding partisan kinships, digressive arguments, time wasting diversions.........
It all looked so BAD. How you all carry on like this? Do you think we are all idiots and cannot see through your failings.
You abandoned the electorate when we needed you most.
You have destroyed the mother of parliaments with your stupidity.
You have failed Europe with your sneaky attempt to bypass the electorate.
Why do you think you know better than us what is good for the country?
Do you really think this is a good treaty?
We deserve better than this.
We want you to give us a treaty that we can be proud of..
Not this bodge up
Is the EU to be a European Union of States
or a European Union State.


June 2004

The biggest asset that the UK Independence party have is the French president, Chirac.
Every time he opens his mouth he puts another nail into European Union coffin.
His opposition to the US/UK United Nations resolution before the war has caused untold damage to the situation in Iraq.
His humiliation of Tony Blair at the UN will always be resented in Britain.
The resulting fractricide of the European Unions foreign policy & integrated army is now a sad part of history.
As Chirac's egotistical pontificating leads the French nation into an idealistic ghetto, the C.A.P. & Brussels corruption continue to haemorrhage our taxes.
The British people are fed up with the decades of political failure in this country.
The inability to create an efficient; NHS, Education system, Civil Service, Local government, police force and asylum system while taking more & more tax is a failure for all our political parties.
The first step to control our politicians would be to refuse to pay the European taxes.
The next step would be to cut back the Council tax. and then to cut the cost of government itself.
Bureaucracy is a Methuselah which needs controlling.
We vote for democracy. We get bureaucracy.

EU Democracy

28th January 2008

Apart from the small matter of GB breaking an election promise and ignoring the basic tenements of democracy, the frightening thing about The Lisbon Treaty is that it allows the creeping creation of a "superstate".
GB could well find himself with no control over; foreign policy, the army, tax, the Bank of England, Law.
And all controlled by who? An unelected  bureaucracy in Brussels.

Europe Surrenders.

15 February 2003

As tens of thousands of people march the streets of Britain Europe & America, Osama Bin Laden must be laughing all over his cave. Why wait for a Muslim uprising when the bloody Christians are going to self destruct and hand over their countries to us without a fight.

Naive & Stupid
All the peace protesters on the street would probably also let all the Afghani combatants out of the Cuban Camp Delta prison and let them roam the streets of Europe bombing at will.

Defence of the Realm
Blair may have lost the support of the people, but hopefully he has the moral conviction to carry this through. If we were now being led by the majority wishes of the Labour party we would not be facing up to Iraq at all. Without the US there would be no confrontation. Without the US there would be no UN inspectors in Iraq. Without the US there would be no problem . We would just be innocently watching TV as the fanatics infiltrated and neutralised our cities.
As France & Germany rabidly destroy the United Nations, Nato and the European Defence Force just for the sake of a bit of domestic political pouting, the future of the European Union itself is changing. With Chirac & Schroder trying to keep the power to themselves by carving up insider deals the other new nations of the EEC have spoken and given "old Europe" a bit of a shock. I don't think the French ever envisaged Europe as a real Democracy. Chirac continues to hold Blair by the neck at the UN for daring to out manoeuvre him. Obviously the French have learned nothing from the last world war.
History will remember their treachery and show Blair as a man of consummate courage.

Oil for Europe
Nobody will come clean about the fight for oil because it is an immoral cause. The facts probably are that the Arab fanatics have a masterplan involving grabbing the oilfields and holding Europe to ransom.
Saudi Arabia is particularly vulnerable. Maybe our leaders are being totally immoral in protecting our oil interests but do we really want to see Europe's industrial might brought to its knees and our economies destroyed. No one in authority would want to spell it out to the minions in the street for fear of frightening them and the money markets.
It's a balancing act, how to convince the populace without terrifying them.
Think back to the days after 9/11 and remember how close the western economies came to total free-fall.
In the Middle East there are millions of dissatisfied Arabs blaming the US and the west (including Europe) for their plight.
Maybe someone should have explained to us that if Al Qaeda can raise and train 10,000 Muslim fanatics to fight a war then the future of Europe looks less than healthy.
While the dictators in the Middle East continue to deprive their people of basic human rights, a healthy economy and a strong ideology, the world will always be unstable and affluent western nations will continue to be the targets.
Every dictatorship has a fledgling population of dissatisfied youth who are likely to become potential fanatical terrorists.
How many would we be willing to fight in ten years time if the situation didn't change?

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