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September 2010

BBC Strike

The BBC Strike action planned by the unions will infringe the broadcaster’s charter of political
independence and allow licence fee payers exemption from court action.
This action will effectively decriminalise the licence fee which every receiver in Britain has to pay by law.

December 2009

Television News – Political Distortions.

The cynical manipulation of television news broadcasting by politicians has debased the integrity of television broadcasting and led to the promotion of dishonest values in our society.
It has also damaged the perceptions & understanding of important issues in our society which the public should be clear on.
As an example to the nation, broadcasters should not indulge in the propagation of disinformation, party politics, or government information without it being clearly labelled.
The basic dishonesty of current politics should not be accepted or sustained.
It is a bad example for our children and not a good foundation for a healthy society.

Examples of News Media Manipulation.

False news reports
Political spin on existing stories
Stories created to divert the public from other stories
Manipulating stories with false comments
Falsifying data.
Hiding bad news under another big story
Making up large scale government projects just for the publicity
Giving daily airtime to the PM for Party Political propaganda
Giving weekly airtime to the Deputy Prime Minister for political propaganda.
Allowing MP’s to project a completely false perspective as “News”
Allowing MP’s to project certain ideas as factual.

Political Abuse

The political abuse of the privilege to appear on television has been condoned by the media journalists who have allowed deception and manipulation to continue.
There is now a case for removing politics and politicians from the daily news broadcasts as it has a debasing effect on the truth & credibility of other reports.
If broadcasting is to make any attempt to regain its integrity it must clearly define its role in politics and its service to the nation as a public broadcaster.

October 2009

Newsnight in New York- 23rd October 2009.

Newsnight started off with the concept of comparing the similarities and brutalities of the 1930s Depression with the current 2008 Recession.
They used many unfamiliar US intellectuals to bring light on the discussion.
As there were no politicians present there was a complete absence of lies and deceit and the discussion enlightened the confusing unfolding economic patterns.
They nearly pulled it off with their highly intellectual ability to repeat previously unknown facts but then there was still this lingering doubt that this could be just another intellectual level of deceit and that they actually had nothing new to say.

Unintentionally, the most frightening thing that came out of the programme was that in the US now and in the 1930’s the US had a fully functioning government, and that the economy was in quite good shape before it collapsed.
In Britain today there is no fully functioning government, the government finances have already been used up, government debt is already unsustainable and the democratic parliament is held in so much contempt there is a real possibility of political revolution.(ref to GB’s Marxist rulebook)
So there are literally three main reasons why the British recession is going to be deeper and longer than the 1930’s.

But moving along, as the program did, it now blanched into its Review format.
This continued with the New York theme and considered the affect the 1930’s had on the arts.
There were some dark meaningful revelations on how the 1930’s film makers were not allowed to make true life drama’s where the immoral and illegal were allowed to beat the system.
No glamorising of criminality.
And so film makers made superficial dance movies and dramas with hidden dialogue.
No comparison was made with Strictly Come Dancing or the sub plots of The Thick of It.
Then the programme disintegrated into its usual pseudo intellectual bollocks where they all talk about aesthetics and bounce around the group building up each other’s egos.

It is then that you realise that Newsnight, and the BBC, are just voyeurs on other people’s lives.
Although they can analyse and submit facts they do not understand their meaning because they are still on the gravy train that the rest of the population so despises.
They are just looking out the train window as “the norms” wallow in poverty.
The comparison between the 1930’s and now was just another meaningless intellectual exercise which allowed them access to a few days on the New York party scene.
Quite entertaining though.

June 2009


Shouldn't the BBC be a forum for ideological innovation.
Rather than a propaganda machine for; the status quo, the government & middle England.
An all day "Open Debate" could be broadcast on TV chennels 3 & 4 every Saturday (9am-7pm)giving the public and intellectual professionals a chance to discuss to destruction all the events currently affecting our society.
The financial meltdown, the political situation, MP's expenses, Parliamentary reform, the EU, family life, the benefit system, life/work balance, religious belief, prison reform, education, government finance.
On the hour every hour, a new discussion, a new audience, a new way of engaging with the public.

The BBC Political Party

The most powerful political party in the UK is the BBC.
Unelected and unopposed it spouts its political agenda indoctrinating and subverting the electorate into its cosy West London middle class ethos.
Heavily subsidised it is paid for by an electorate it never has to answer to,.
Supported by the police and the courts in its lust for more money..
Uncontrolled and unhindered it spreads its power base worldwide
Answerable to no-one, it increases its strength to dominate world events and misrepresent world opinions and situations.
The UK political parties are frightened of confrontation.
All three have succumbed to the BBC middle of the road liberalism.
As it censors news bulletins and information from the general public which pays its tax.
It cosies up to the rich, the powerful and the famous, projecting a status quo of normality.
Blocking political change, it continues to support the old guard of discredited political crooks.
Unable to change or to understand the current revolution.
It stands in command of it's liberal- left agenda not noticing that all its allies are dead men walking.

The EU Elephant

It is becoming quite painful to watch the BBC put up Labour MP's in discussion after
discussion and programme after programme when they just SPIN the same old stuff.
SPIN is accepted by the media as a part of the daily political debate but to everybody else it is LIES.
And not just silly little LIES either, whopping big ones.
Don't you think it’s about time someone told the truth for a change.
GB destroyed this country’s economy, possibly twice, and yet the BBC lets his ministers brainwash the audience with the "accepted knowledge" that GB is a world acclaimed economist.
Is this some kind of BBC joke?
BBC discussions about the EU elections fail time and again to give the electorate any respect for understanding the facts of the Lisbon Treaty and the refusal of every main stream political party to give us a referendum.
This is the elephant in the room which leaves all the BBC political machinations puerile.
They leave the electorate out of any discussions on the EU elections and just carry on talking pseudo intellectual b*ll*cks about ‘the political situation.’

April 2009

Censorship & Lies.

So how many items are actually on the list of non discussions at the BBC.
Obviously; Islam, homosexuality, political correctness, race,
Gordon Browns handling of the economy, immigration, the EU (who pass 80% of our laws), British jobs for British workers, the corruption in our political elite,
the financial problems of pensioners, political change, working class ideology,
why Britain pays more for cars(and everything else) than other EU countries,
Damien Green, Daniel Hannan, Michael Martin,
the surveillance society, why BT uses Chinese hardware rather than British Marconi,
how the law protects the upper class but clamps down hard on the working classes,
why the BBC used £700K of licence payers money to pervert the course of justice,
why the BBC spends £40m annually to advertise its own programmes.

You can go on and on but at what point does censorship become downright lies.
And when is the Beeb going to realise that taking BBC tax from the poor and giving back a corrupt middle class ideology is fraud.

March 2009

BBC News

BBC News has become increasingly irrelevant because of political censorship, editoral manipulations and outdated aspirations.

February 2009

Business as Usual as England Dies

If you were waiting for an explosion of criticism to hit the media screens
now that GB has destroyed the financial base of the country and that of our children.
You could be waiting a long time.
The BBC has adopted the posture of “The State Broadcaster” in a time of crisis,
Calming the nation and doing little to upset the GB government.

You have to admire the sheer deviousness of the PM.
Not only has he tied up the BBC in slavish financial 'subsidies' which they have to kow tow to him for.
But he has obliterated dissent from every other television broadcaster as well.
Channels 3, 4 & 5, all suffering financially in these cash – strapped times can't afford to bite the hand that feeds its subsidies.

Where is “Splitting Image” you may ask or any other form of mild contempt.
Even the news is doctored so as not to alarm or depress people.
Comedians are frightened to crack a joke on any subject in this pc world. So politics is definitely out.
While the media may plead ignorance to the onset of the financial crisis, historically they will never be able to explain their silence as England dies.

BBC in a PC Maelstrom

Political correctness at the gay BBC has descended into farce with Carol Thatcher being accused of being racist after making a joke about a Gollywog in a private conversation.
Adrian Chilles, often referred to as a boring Brumie bastard, is alleged to have made a complaint about the comment made during drinks after the show.
Sexy Irish paddy bint Christine Blakeley was not involved in the rumpus although Jo Brand the non lesbian fat bird famous for suck your cock jokes was.

Maggie Thatcher hatred, which is prevalent at the Beeb, is rumoured to be the reason for the extreme reaction which has led to the sacking of Carol.
The failure of political correctness in the very gay BBC is a symptom of pseudo intellectual twats incapable of understanding simple common sense and trying to superimpose an intricate set of rules which even the originators don't understand.
If it comes down to integrity it is obvious that Carol Thatcher has it and the BBC doesn't.

Perverting the Course of Justice

It is also said that the BBC needed a diversion from news reports of its support for a female 20 year old Blue Peter presenter who has been accused of perverting the course of justice by unjustly accusing an ex boyfriend of forty rapes. The BBC used thousands of pounds of BBC tax payers money to protect her from prosecution and destroy this man's life. (not on the news obviously)

The BBC also managed to continue its Brownite allegiance by filling the main news with weather reports for 20 minutes every day that the "British Jobs for British Workers" strike was on.
Wot revolution?
BBC taxpayers please note whose side they're on.

January 2009

BBC News Declares War on Israel.

In what can only be described as a media blitz, BBC news unleashed a tirade of abuse against Israel as it reported on events in Gaza.
Giving open air time to Palestinian sympathisers who ranted at length against the Israeli offensive.
Coupled with video of war damage and uncorroborated reports of child deaths the BBC continued with its emotional manipulation & its own personal agenda.
The BBC failed to mention that the Iranian backed terrorist group Hamas had provoked the conflict by launching 60 rockets into Israeli towns & cities.
Or that Hamas used the Gaza population as a shield in what could turn into the ultimate sacrifice for the Palestinian people.
Do the people of Gaza realise that they are being used as a suicide weapon by the Iranians who have no respect for their lives? Not if they watch the BBC.
The BBC continues to give maximum airtime to the terrorist group Hamas who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and ultimately Europe and the US.
Lets just hope the maniacal Ahmadinajab hasn't smuggled the ultimate suicide bomb into Gaza.

Gordon Buys Election Airtime

Prudence has given the BBC a new contract which will last until 2012.
Not for any of the conventional reasons but because he has realised that the BBC are a tool to be nurtured and cosseted.
The cost to the licence fee payer is undetermined.

The Womens Channel

Now that we have a TV channel for every minority under the sun isn't it strange that there is no Women's Channel.

November 2008

Historic Betrayal

While the BBC governors contemplate the petty indiscretions of Ross & Brand there is still one international scandal where the BBC coverup department has succeeded.
The continuing SILENCE on any aspect of the European Union project is a betrayal of every person in Britain.
As our 'human rights' are being re-written and destroyed on a daily basis, the BBC has not had one discussion on the most momentous upheaval in British history since Magna Carta.
As the BBC criticises every aspect of UK/US government on all of its twenty? media channels, it has "no comment" on the European State.
A complete blanket of SILENCE on the "education" of the nation on the social-political changes that are being undertaken.
A complete blanket of SILENCE on any discussion of the subject.
And a complete blanket of SILENCE on the legal implications.
Keeping the British people in the dark is a new sinister diversion for the BBC and not a good sign of things to come from the European State.

BBC News Broadcasts anti US propaganda from Al Qaeda hideout.

The ten o'clock news broadcast (29/10/08) included a transmission from a Syrian Al Qaeda base in which the BBC repeated local propaganda that the US had killed civilians.


BBC boozers spent almost £250,000 of licence money on Christmas parties last year.
Crew and stars guzzled up to £50 each at 13 bashes in bars and restaurants.
Radio 1 blew £18,000 on 600 guests and EastEnders £10,575 on 500. HQ staff got through £120,000.
Matthew Elliott of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "This is an obscene amount to spend when the BBC is pleading poverty."

October 2008 - Financial Meltdown

Hammas & Hezbollah

The BBC has a history of supporting the proscribed terrorist organisations Hezbollah, Hammas and previously the PLO.
The growth of terrorism in the middle east is a direct result of media publicity for their aims.
While Hammas and Hezbollah would say that terrorism is a legitimate form of warfare against a vastly superior technologically sophisticated US/UK/Israeli army.
The fact that they assassinate and impoverish their own people to achieve their aims has been overlooked.
Terrorism and suicide bombing may be a legitimate form of warfare if you are; Muslim & an impoverished terrorist.
It is not a legitimate form of warfare if you are part of the West London elite upper middle classes.
Supporting Hammas & Hezbollah is a crass pseudo intellectual exercise in pacifism.
Misguided, twisted & possibly even delusional self denial.

The Interview: News - Opinion or Fact

(So when was it that you think the BBC stopped being an objective news broadcaster,)
" Well Jeremy, I think it was when I saw Kate Aidie giving a report on the US bombing of Libya.
She was actually in Tripoli, I felt uneasy at the time, though I couldn't put my finger on why.
(So the bombing of Tripoli was in 1986.)
Yes. I think it was a judgement point.
Firstly, there is the obvious question, what was she doing there.
Secondly, there was the question, was it just for the story or were the BBC making a political point.
And then, there was the slightly disturbing breach of protocol in that, as the US was a UK allies the BBC should have been more supportive in what could have been a time of war.
(So is that it?)
Yes Jeremy, there we have it.
That was the time that the BBC switched from being a news broadcaster and started broadcasting its opinions.
It was an anti US statement and from then on the BBC has continued down the same road.
Now it doesn't even support our own soldiers in a time of war.
And has actually brought down our Prime Minister during the Iraq war.
How bad is that?

R4 Media Show

Nick Robinson still babbling on about Iraq and Wmd.
Its like a load of nodding donkeys repeating the BBC mantra.
Hutton, get over it.

September 2008

BBC World Ethos

Definition: The philosophy of the liberal centre left developed by upper middle class city dwellers who are
anti - Realpolitik and support an illogical pseudo intellectual politically correct philosophy..


Definition: A stereotypical male who supports the BBC World Ethos.
A descriptive title for someone who is; upper middle class, politically correct, liberal centre left, Sainsbuy's shopper, human rights supporter,
academic, bureaucratic office worker, city dweller, pseudo intellectual, university graduate.

Guantánamo Bay

World Service 23/09/08 The Word

The interview of an author, an interpreter, who wrote a book on the detention of non combatants in Guantánamo Bay gave an interesting insight into some of the mistakes that the US military made.
But it lacked the balance and integrity necessary when dealing with a subject of national security.
Briefly the author stated that the prisoners she met were there by mistake and then the BBC presenter, weakly, put across some of the opposing validations.
So, as usual, the criticisms of the US military stood and the BBC liberal left agenda to educate the world continued unabated.

But the real story of Guantánamo Bay is that it was an imperfect but decisive solution to an insoluble problem.
What do you do with Islamofascists that are ideologically intent on destroying western civilisation.
The liberal left would ascertain that all people have a right to legal representation and their human rights must be protected at all times.
The problem though is that these people have not necessarily been caught committing a crime and therefore legally they should be set free.

Pre-emptive Justice

The liberal left dogma which has tied the British legal system in knots (human rights), has allowed terrorists to be released and even provided them with accommodation and access to benefits.
Terrorists cannot be deported or locked up because of the bizarre legal interpretations of the human rights act by our judges.
The failure of the recent trial against the 'plane bombers' also showed the inability of our legal system to cope with pre-emptive justice, where the crime has not yet been committed.

The BBC World Ethos

The BBC s continuous mission to spread its liberal left propaganda is; incomplete, badly thought out and ultimately destructive to our western culture.

It is not difficult to understand why the BBC has resolved to spread its liberal-left philosophy world wide.
It boosts its own empire, its credibility and those of its employees.
The unrealistic nature of its ethos means that it is promoting a negative anti western philosophy to the world.
Once Britain was well respected for its tolerance and fairness as the founder of democracy.
This was obviously too parochial for our liberal lefties & had to be substituted with a more superior World Ethos.
The BBC World Ethos had to show equality and balance to every nation and culture which it broadcast in.
Firstly so not as to bring offence to the local population and secondly to promote its own power.
The problem with this is that the core belief of the liberal left is unreal. It is a fantasy based on their own cocooned existence.
It does not survive outside of their own clique.
It also seems to involve denigrating everything British & American including all our achievements.
It has proved difficult for the BBC to sustain a philosophy which is so narrowly based.
While the old British perspective on life & world affairs was built up over hundreds of years through the evolution of the nation.
The BBC World Ethos has come from the dinner parties of Hampstead and the BBC bar.
Whose backing Britain? Nobody.


The continuous drip drip of anti Realpolitik is an intellectual exercise that only works in isolation from reality.
The middle class city dwellers in London have lost their basic common sense and substituted it with an illogical pseudo intellectual political correctness.
This isolationist culture has grown up not just because they spend their lives in the unreality of an office environment or because their food in sanitized.
This culture has grown up through the destruction of British working class values by the middle class academic educationalists.


These people have indoctrinated generation after generation into a life of academic excellence while ridiculing the working class as third rate failures.
The continuous propagation of elitist rules to control the working class population is another example of how the superior bureacrat has convinced himself that he knows the answer to every work situation.
The complete arrogance of these people only shows their ignorance and ultimately that the “human rights” that they espouse is a complete fraud.
Human Rights is promoted at the same time as giving no respect whatsoever for anybody else's intellect or opinion.
Human Rights is basically undemocratic as it gives individuals legal rights over democratic principles.(the electorate)
The university academia has bred a culture of ideological minnows who have no individual experience outside of their own claustrophobic environment.
They have learnt nothing from life except to mirror other liberal left beliefs.

The BBC liberal left agenda destroyed Tony Blair, fox-hunting, and the working classes. While promoting multiculturalism, human rights and homosexuality.
Why are there gangs on the streets in this country fighting for power and respect.?
Because there  was no place for them in the middle class education system
And because they don't want to play this stupid middle class game.

Manufactured News

Panorama (15/09/08) managed to make a whole programme about the fact that GCHQ were tracking the Omagh bombers as they drove to plant the bombs.
Totally missing out the fact that this happened ten years ago when the information would have been “classified.”
The effect of releasing this at the time could have compromised MI5 operations in every country in the world. Not to mention affecting the Irish peace agreement.
It is also apparent that the BBC had only 5% of the story anyway and was stirring the pot and the painful memories just for the story.
Surprise surprise, it turned up as headline news at 6pm the next day.
Undercover Soldier then revealed that the British Army is not being very nice to recruits when it trains them to kill and protect themselves.
And it turned up as headline news.

Rewriting History

The BBC continues with its subliminal battle with history
Still blistered by the fallout from the Hutton enquiry it continually inserts references to Hutton & Kelly into news, programs and even drama productions.
News asides still casually mention “the illegality of the Iraq war'” “the failed search for weapons of mass destruction” and “Oil, the main reason for the Iraq war.”
Failing to mention Saddams ten year defiance of UN sanctions, the gassing of the Shites, the bombing of the Kurds, the invasion of Kuwait, the torture and repression of his own people.
Its all a bit myopic for a supposedly great broadcaster.


The nice thing about the BBC was the fact that it didn't have any adverts.
Now it barrages us with its own 'in house' adverts for other programmes in between programmes.
As some of these “adverts” have the quality of film epics they must be costing a half a million pound each.

Licence Fee to Shrink

The government is to reduce the licence fee after the BBC has completed the digital switch over.

Licencepayers 2008

Shouldn't the people who have been paying for the BBC for the last 50 years get company shares.
Apparently, "They know where we live."


Who destroyed the art of intellectual political conversation?

Brainwashing a Nation

10 November 2006

Thousands of news bulletins a day are brainwashing the western nations into false assumptions & beliefs.
News is no longer being reported by the media, the media is affecting & directing events.
It is creating disasters by it's own negligent approach to world events.
Subverting our rights and our lives without our knowledge.
The news of the day is distracting our government from its work as it faces a daily barrage of negative attacking stories.
In the past small pressure groups succeeded in changing government policy by using the media to promote their ideas.
Focus groups like the women's movement, amnesty international, liberty, gay rights or animal rights.
These movements have all used the media to force their opinions on us all and force the government to change laws.
Progressively the power of the media has increased and its strength continues unrecognised, unchecked and uncontrolled.
The power to manipulate government policy has now progressed from the individual democrat,
passed the pressure groups stage and on to big business and the media news networks.
Media news networks have inadvertently stumbled upon the collective power not only to manipulate government policy but to brainwash a nation into its own liberal ideology.
By repeating their liberal dogma over the networks for several years they have created a new perspective of events which was originally only dubious opinion.
This minority group has now achieved the power to dominate our democracy without any debate or allegiance to a political party.

Media Manipulation

(from Wikipedia)
Media Manipulation is the way in which individuals or groups use various tricks in dealing with the media in order to create an image of their side of an argument that is most favourable to the receiver.
Such tricks are based on the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques,
and are often used by suppressing information or points of view by crowding them out, by inducing other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or simply by drawing their attention elsewhere.
Many of the more modern manipulation methods are types of distraction,
on the assumption that the public has a limited capacity for attention.

BBC Fails to be Impartial on EU

March 2008
During the annual review of 2007 on Newsnight (January 2008) the BBC failed to include the signing of the EU Lisbon Treaty in its top ten UK events for the year.
How can a treaty which revokes Magna Carta and transfers British sovereignty to Brussels be of such little significance. This is a historic occasion.
The BBC has breached its covenant with licence payers by borrowing millions of pounds from the EU and yet it refuses to provide accounts of its expenditure.
Why should the British people be forced by law, or criminalised, to pay for the BBC to expand its media empire and biased national news service with no sign of a return on our 50 year investment.
Who actually owns the BBC anyway?


It will be interesting to see who the BBC is going to side with in the coming years.
Will it try to cosy up to the EU for more grants and expansionist European dominance..
Will it continue its alliance with Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel.
Will it still prefer Iran to the US
Will it abandon the Labour Party as the Conservatives head for election victory.
Will it defend the rights of the British people as they battle the evil forces of government.
Will it support the licence fee payers who have provided its welfare for the last 50 years.
Will it continue its pretence to be impartial on every subject.
Watch another episode of soap to answer all of these questions and more.

BBC - Campbells Soup

July 2003
Greg Dyke's self satisfaction at standing up to the government & announcing, via BBC news, that the BBC had beaten its adversary may be short lived.
While the interest of most of the population waned early on in the BBC- Campbell battle their latent distrust of BBC news could be significant & long lived.
While politicians are often judged by the public to be capable of exaggeration & dishonesty and the media can be taken in context with its political leanings. The BBC had built up a reputation over the decades for fairness & integrity.
The BBC should have realised early on in this dispute that airing this battle with such fortitude failed to recognise the old saying, mud sticks.. And stick it will.
Is there now a single news presenter in the BBC/ Current Affairs department who will be trusted to speak fairly about anything.

The faith & prestige between the BBC and it's licence payers has been built up over decades.
The news department has long been living on its heritage of balance & fairness while turning out mediocre programmes, some full of bias & prejudice.
The airing of this dispute has brought a focus on the integrity of the BBC News department.
It has started the population thinking & re-assessing its opinion of the BBC.
The BBC, with its inability to stay above the fray has allowed itself to become 'The News' instead of 'The News Broadcaster'. This has contaminated its presenters and its programmes.
No longer will it be able to broadcast opinions on anything controversial without the thought that it is yet again promoting its own agenda.


May 2003
The BBC news department continues with its season of anti American programs by bringing us a slightly paranoid assessment of the neo conservative think tank in the American Institute.
Underlining the fact that it still doesn't understand the basic reality of Islamic Fundamentalism but that it can criticise our American friends as they speak fluent English.

BBC2 Correspondent

18 May 2003

This BBC programme aired on 18th May 2003 was anti-American anti-British, and against the British national interest.
BBC News should be stripped of its licence fee and its use of the British name.
Why should we financially support such anti British sentiments. BBC news should be privatised as soon as possible and given the editorial freedom it deserves.

The BBC news department continues its war of words over why Tony Blair was wrong to take us into the Iraqi war.
It's failed attempt to cast light on an interesting subject "The Media at War" proved to be just another attempt by the BBC to bash the US and UK governments. It made no mention of the past failures of the media that had brought this situation into being. It wreaked of prejudice from beginning to end.
The BBC used it's guise of 'media balance and objectivity' to cloak it's opposition to the war.
It was almost as if the BBC was miffed that it wasn't included in government decisions.
The most frightening thing about BBC news is that it does not see it's own failings.
Putting up a daily guest list of second rate pundits on Radio four who just happen to agree to it's perverse opinions might look alright in the BBC bar but it looks a bit daft in the spotlight of media glare.
Between the lines the BBC says that it wishes the US & the UK had lost this war then the BBC would have been able to adopt an attitude of 'I told you so'. As it is, we just have to go on listening to their ignorance & blind prejudice while paying for the privilege.

BBC Fails to Support Blair

Counterblast broadcast by the BBC accused Nato of murder and Tony Blair of being 'missile-mad'.
"It is perfectly legitimate for personal opinion to be heard on the BBC," so says the director of BBC TV, Alan Yentob as he justifies putting out an outrageous anti-government programme, in a time of war.

What is not being said is that The BBC has developed it's own ethos of morality which is above government thinking, beyond the man in the street and a dangerous evolvement of intellectual superiority.
The BBC has taken upon itself the mantel of 'saviour of our morals'.
As it expands it's culture to take on every world wide media organisation from local radio, the Internet, Digital TV and 24 Hour Sky News it has erroneously fragmented it's core belief, 'The British Perspective'.
It stood against the bombing of Baghdad, surreptitiously forgetting the gassing of the Shiites, the murder of Kurds and opposition groups. Now it fails to put across the morality of defeating the serial ethnic cleanser Milosovic. Why ?

The BBC has become anti-American and anti-British because it feels itself to be in a bigger ball game than mere politics.
It is time the government let the people of Britain opt out of it's legal obligation to pay the BBC Tax and fund this corrupt moralising.

Radio News

22 October 2001

Listening to the BBC Radio World at One news programme you could be forgiven for thinking you are tuned in to the Al Jazeera of the UK.
It is common for the Beeb, in times of crisis, to get on it's high horse and invoke a curios attitude of superior morality.
It is obvious that it not only thinks of itself to be above the ordinary man in the street but also above the politicians who govern and the graduate intellectuals who espouse on international issues.
Broadcasting the news has become too commonplace for this great institution, it now has to show the world that it has "The Knowledge".
Unfortunately, it doesn't.
A brief look at the 24 hour televised news stations Sky & CNN will usually show you a consistently high standard of balanced and well thought out information.
The BBC however has turned from The Establishment into the antithesis of news, an antagonistic critic.
Not only does the BBC provid a daily mouthpiece for the Taliban, it's stories and interviews appear to be a continuous negative dissemination of any issue without an attempt to balance or justify it's position.
The BBC appears to be against the bombing and therefore anti-war.
It highlights civilian deaths repeatedly even though they are uncorroborated and criticises the west for the Afghani food shortages.
No world issue is too large for the corporation to disseminate. It attacks government ministers on a daily basis, criticises the use of land forces and the timing of operations. Even the overall strategic war plan is described as a muddle.
It is brazenly anti British and anti American. But of course this doesn't matter to the Beeb as they have their own world ethos of what's right and what's wrong.
Sadly, the World at One seemed to think that the most compelling story of the day was in attacking the government whips for scolding errant MP's. How petty can you get. Of all the world issues that are currently craving attention "lefty peacenicks" is not one of them. Or is this where the core of BBC's heart lies? Protecting "lefty peacenicks."

At no time has the BBC "interrogated" Mullah Omah or the philosophy of the terrorist groups Hammas, Islamic Jihad or Al Quaeda. Does it criticise the religious clerics of Islam ? No.
These broadcasters are missing the point and loosing the balance.
Firstly, being against everything and for nothing is not news.
Secondly, going for easy homespun targets instead of tricky international issues is a copout.
Thirdly, being balanced means giving the opposition in this war a hard time and not just our Government.
Fourthly, If the BBC is as good as it thinks it is why can't it pro actively come up with all the solutions the politicians are striving for.
Somebody at the BBC needs to get out of their office and visit Afghanistan.
In times of war we expect the BBC to be on our side, not doing a job for our enemies.

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