November 2009

Surveillance – No Expense Spared

The government has embarked upon the installation of a national vehicle tracking system.
The latest digital number plate and speed recognition cameras are being installed at key
road junctions to track every car on every journey.
Installed without planning consent covertly at night these cameras are capable of logging
drivers complete journey, validate documentation, estimate speed, average speed,
and possibly taking photographs of the driver.
Confirmation from the County Council roads department and the police drew a blank.
The government will no longer have to rely on the police to maintain & enforce these
speed tax gatherers as they will be monitored from a central control centre.(not confirmed)
A control centre that could hold data for decades for analysis.
This is a good time for the government to approve unpopular measures.
The whole system could be up & running in six months, before the next election.

June 2009

The Lisbon Treaty Could Trigger a War

The Lisbon Treaty, when ratified, could trigger a class war in Europe.
When the working classes realise what their politicians have done to them there is likely to be a revolt.
The possibility is that this revolt when coupled with the poverty and deprivation of a continued recession could
turn into a class war comparative to the French Revolution.
The corrupt political elite in the UK and the EU have not taken enough care with new legislation and considered
the multiple repercussions of implementing it.
The result is likely to be that a whole raft of restrictions on the EU working classes which will lead to a
buildup of resentment, strikes and when they realise that there is no legal escape route, an uprising,
leading to the overthrow of the corrupt EU bureaucracy

Means Test MP’s

MP’s have brought in Means Testing for a million Pensioners and a few million benefit claimants.
Maybe they should be Means Tested themselves for their wages and allowance claims.
Then they might understand how degrading and humiliating the whole process is.

Racial Prejudice

The politically correct media are always going on about the BNP and racial intolerance thereby closing down the whole discussion about immigration, asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and Islamic Fundamentalists.
The very white politically correct media can impose PC laws in an unreal media world but in the real world the truth
is that people who live among the ethnic minorities and share their lives and their homes with them
don’t have to worry about being racially prejudiced.
This is because they’re just not.
This is the whole thing about political correctness its a white West London madness where token middle class
blacks are tolerated.
In the real world, people cannot tell the difference between the colour of someone’s skin their just people
and friends.

December 2008

Parking Charges

Car parks that are charging £2million annually are forcing drivers to park on the streets again.
Whereas the initial idea of car parks was to get vehicles off the road to free up space, now they are
used to earn tax for local government.
Instead of us paying twenty pence to cover the cost of the car park in what was a service provided for
us by the local council.
We now have to pay ten pounds a day additional tax.

September 2008


The Liberal middle class Public Servants have now surrounded themselves in a safety net of barriers to
protect themselves from contagion by the working classes.
Health and Safety rules, child protection regs, security cameras, data banks, pseudo office speak,
political correctness all to
Keep the norms at bay.

Telecoms- The Labyrinth


Did you notice that in this high tech world sporned by 21st century technology it is no longer possible to speak to anyone in a telephone company?
All you get is press two for this and press six for the next computer voiced section.
It's paradoxical that phone networks do not actually want to talk to their customers. They're just too busy.
With the latest state of the art technology they can waste hours of their customer's time by just avoiding talking to us, let alone consider listening to us. Which makes you wonder what the telephone was designed for?
Telecoms companies now specialise in manufacturing & selling advanced digital computerised switchboards which have no operators. They also have no need for any telephones as nobody actually answers them any more.
As these high tech systems spread through Britain we find that not only can we NOT talk to BT & Orange but we can now NOT talk to the Electricity Board, the Water Company & the Gas Company.
Not to be outdone we now find our service industries have caught on. Want to make a claim on your car insurance; press 4 then 7 then 2….etc. That is after you have waited in the queue in the first place.
Try to call a washing machine manufacturer & claim on their five year guarantee; Just ring 0800 then press 4, then press 8 then...
And into The Labyrinth you go. There is no communication just a digital highway of never ending codes and automated messages.
Computer users will be familiar with the highly advanced techniques used by software companies to NOT provide technical support. Firstly they don't answer you emails or if they do it's a computer generated message linking you to their technical support website.
These websites have everything to keep you occupied for hours. F.A.Q's (frequently asked questions), tutorials on how to do everything except what you want and surprise surprise, linked pages that take you in a circle to nowhere. Sometimes for a bit of fun they ask you to fill a form which asks for every detail on your PC from the disk size to the memory speed and then they tease you with a little form asking you your problem.
This while knowing that all the time they had no intention of wasting valuable man-hours by answering it.
Our time is valuable, yours is for wasting.
We have salesmen ringing up from India to sell us double glazing, automated "You've won a million pounds" from Texas, USA. & yet I can't seem to get through to anybody anymore.
Customer services are a thing of the past. Accounts departments don't exist and operators are now deceased.
Maybe the next time someone is in court for non payment of a bill they can plead; "I tried, but I got lost in The Labyrinth."

Software Pirates


In the past software pirating started with small computer shops or school kids copying software and passing it around.
Music & computer programs were also swapped on the Internet.
After a few years international criminal gangs pirated films for DVD's and computer programs were copied at will.
All through this the computer software industry prospered and expanded at a phenomenal rate, making millions of pounds.

Computers were upgraded every year, new software & operating systems were required annually.
But the software companies had been scarred by the bootlegging and wanted to stamp it out.
They devised various protections for their cd's but many hackers were able to crack them and pass on the crack codes.
With the advent of broadband the software developers have hit on another more secure protection system.
The only problem is that this doesn't hit the bootleggers, it affects the companies legitimate customers.
Microsoft & other large software developers now have a registration process integrated into their software & operating systems.
It is virtually impossible to run any new ms software without registering it at their website and having them 'unlock' your software.
If you don't register it, it will cease to work after 30 days.
As you probably just paid out over a hundred pounds for this software you might be a bit hacked off to find that not only do you not own the software but you can't use it as you would wish to either.
This is the new face of Software Piracy which is spreading across from the USA.
All the top software from legitimate multinational companies is now being sold fraudulently.
They are not selling you software at all, they are selling you a licence to use their software.
When you pay a company hundreds of pounds for a software cd you will later find that you have to 'register' it.
This registration process which involves inserting a registration number is not purely for your convenience or to help you with installation issues, it is to check the validity of your purchase and make sure it is not a copy. Fair enough.
But the companies do not stop there.
Apart from gleaning from you all of you personal information they also scan your system configuration and keep it as part of your records.
Then, when you change your computer specification, upgrade your operating system or change a hard drive you have to re-apply for a new software key. Will this cost you money?
The chances are that if the software is over a year old they will have a new version and you will have to pay. So the software you originally purchased is of no use when you change your computer. Not only can you not put current software on to your next computer, you cannot put it on your own laptop.
The company will say that you have only bought one licence for one computer not for one user.
So while we were all sitting quietly in the twentieth century thinking that when we bought something we actually owned it, now we find that we have drifted into a surreal world where we thought we bought some software but it isn't ours because we only bought a licence and we can't put it on any other machine ever. Now you might mention the sale of goods act here but I wouldn't expect any help from the office of fair trading.
This all is pretty scary but the next stage of the process is even scarier.
At the moment all these software companies are giving you so called 'free' upgrades to your software.
In the future when you buy software you will be required to make annual payments for software upgrades.
There is also the problem that if your software company is take over or goes bust then your left with software that won't re-install.
If these companies are charging you for software but only giving you a single user licence they should only charge you half the price.
A licence for one PC isn't worth the same as a complete user program.
There is one positive hope for the future and that lay in the open source software like Linux operating system and Sun's Open Office suite.
This software is put together by the individuals in the web community who have a more idealistic approach to computing.
All hail freeware.

November 2002


Whose Fighting For Britain and Whose Against

Thank God the Government is standing firm against the Fire Brigade Tossers. That's all we need isn't it, a load of lily livered County Councillors giving the firemen a whacking great pay rise and then sticking it on our Council Tax. Like they give a damn about how they spend our money.
Ooooh toot your horn for a big tax rise you mugs.

Are the unions going to support the fireman with secondary picketing? No! their just going to try to close the country down with the Health & Safety regulations. Twats or what. Lets all just self-destruct the Labour Government shall we lads, like we did last time, and put the Conservatives in again. dohhh!

Join the fire brigade. Work 2 days a week get a full government pension at 55, full sick pay, secure job.... How much is that worth. f...king loadsamoney. A days work for a days pay. Or as the firemen work. Two days work for a weeks pay.

So the Army is tied up fighting fires and can't prepare for war. The easiest solution would be to send the firemen out to Iraq for some on the job training. Get them to fight Saddam, maybe then they'd find out what real work is like.
Compulsory conscription for firemen.
That would sort out the real men from the big girls.
Working class, don't make me laugh.

Kev the Builder

Fire Brigades Union-Tossers

Monday, 21 October 2002

If the firemen think that they have the support of the working classes over their pay battle then they can think again. Tossers or what? Where did they get their inflated egos. It must be all the spare time they have dossing around their luxury firestation canteens & snooker halls. They've obviously got too much time on their hands. Unlike the working classes who spend years slaving away for their holidays, firemen spend most of the time getting superfit in the station gym, kindly provided for them by us tax payers. No wonder they have got so well organised. I suppose it's all the spare time they have waiting for the next call out. They obviously got fed up with organising station "parties" and shagging everybody else's wives. They now think they can take on the government! Ha ha f..g ha. Going on strike's gonna be a real hardship for them innit? They'll have to stand outside in the rain. Poor little love's will catch a death a cold. Working class, don't make me laugh.

Kev the Builder

August 2002

Microsoft Bites Back

After years of turning a blind eye to the bootlegging of its software Microsoft (MS) has decided to cash in on its investment and pull billions of customers into line.
While the copying of MS operating systems and software has lost the company money in the past it seems that a 'new order' has gripped the computer giant. .
This blind eye has turned the company into the only operator in the home PC market and allowed its software and operating systems to spread world-wide. It has now become the standard product for all PC's & MS is about to reap the rewards that will make the creation of Bill Gates's wealth look like a practice run. .
From now on not only will all MS operating systems have to be registered online to operate properly they will require annual updates, at a cost. They will also be interdependent and able to run full checks on the licensing of all the MS products on your hard drive. .
Watch for the innocent little Direct X download update.
This software includes an agreement which you have to commit to, to run the latest music and video software. .
The agreement gives MS the authority to install undeclared software on your hard drive, which is uninstallable.
This Trojan software could be used to read your drive check the licenses of your MS software and report on line to
It could also create permanent faults in your operating system without redress as using this upgrade seriously affects your current warranty. .

Pulp Idol - the day the music died.

It was sad that everyone involved in pop idol was quite open about the ultimate aim of the program;
to fraudulently pass off the winner as an artist.
While Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman have obvious financial interests in 'The Business' formerly known as Music.
Their use of the "best songwriters in the world" and a free TV ride to the top of the charts only served to underline the transparency of the fraud.
One day even the twelve year old record buying kids are going to realise what a con this is.
The music business is being run by accountants who see the biggest returns coming from ripping off teenagers pocket money with processed music, glossy videos and gratuitous publicity.

Stephen Byers-Resignation

May 2001

I hope that all the news editors will also do the honourable thing and admit to their part in the destruction of Stephen Byers.
Not only have they systematically attacked a democratically elected member of the British government to the point where he was unable to continue with his Cabinet portfolio. They have also destroyed the career of one of the most intelligent and pleasant members of Parliament.
No doubt, in the cynical world of news journalism, this counts as good entertainment. It is not the first member of the cabinet to be hounded out of office by the press.
Maybe these editors should explain to their readers the point of democracy when the press can cut down the British government at will on a whim.
Sadly, Byers was one of the few capable men willing to participate in the badger baiting that the press call political dialogue. As far as I can see there are only a handful of intelligent people left willing to serve the British public and that number is shrinking by the day.

The Digital Music Revolution.

June 2001

With reference to napster/
Far from being a disappointing result, the events of the past few years are just clearing the Web for the real action.
There are millions of songwriters and artists who do not have recording contracts and therefore do not get airplay/advertising etc. The record companies will only invest in high return teeny pop acts leaving shed loads of artists with no finance.
I personally think the whole Napster copyright battle was a distraction from what is really happening.
Now that original artists have direct control of their output the most frightening thing for the record companies is the advent of PC digital recording.
While up to now the original recordings of low cost artists has been of inferior quality., every year the increase in sound quality of digital PC recordings is getting closer to the professional studios.
This will lead to artists taking control as big recording budgets will no longer be necessary.
The only way the big five record companies can survive is to make free downloads illegal.
This may seem absurd but they have already managed to compel governments to put a royalty tax on blank audio tapes. This will soon also be applied to blank CDr disks. All they have to do next is to get the governments to force ISP's to agree to a standard of universal music copyright.
Non copyright music will be taxed in the guise of fighting bootleggers when actually they are fighting original artists.
They are now buying up the web distribution outlets so that they can control the future and restrict the flow of original music.

Sixsmith - The Reference

May 2002

Thank you very much for your letter requesting a reference for Mr M. Sixsmith.
Martin was an intelligent & well-respected member of our staff.
He has been working for a comparatively short time in the Department of Transport.
During this time he has performed his duties diligently, though we are not quite sure what his duties were.
He has developed a strong feeling of mutual distrust with all his work colleagues, creating several crises that resulted in inertia and paranoia within his department.
He has a flair for creating slanderous emails without ever actually being a signatory to any & has caused great embarrassment to his employers whenever possible.
After several leaks to his old friends in the press he caused the dismissal of one of the most well liked and efficient workers in his department.
Even though as a Civil Servant he signed the Official Secrets Act he has repeatedly passed confidential information to the press and even volunteered "on the record" interviews. When asked to resign he refused and again went to the press to complain.
He has become a continual embarrassment to his employers & a notorious liability. He recently resorted to blackmail and is trying to extort compensation out of this department "to keep his mouth shut" while at the same time writing a book on the confidential events which occurred during his period of employment.
Mr Sixmith was sacked for unprofessional misconduct and, though we tried to give him the opportunity to have an unblemished Curricula Vitae, he is now trying to secure a payoff of £200,000 from the British taxpayer.
I can highly recommend Mr Sixsmith to your organisation & hope that he will be as highly valued as an employee as he was with us.
We wish him all the best in the future and hope that his career will continue toward the great heights to which he aspires.

Yours sincerely


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