Gordon's Moral Compass

July 2009

The reason that you can't pin GB down on any of his figures is that he has several dodgy audit books running.
He can virtually present any figures he likes because somewhere in his file system is a set of figures for every situation.
Therefore he can pretend that he isn't lying because they actually exist.
The fact that these figures include major omissions in every scope; from unemployment, rate of inflation, housebuilding, government debt etc. just shows how tricky and dishonest he is.

I actually heard Harriet Harman announce to the House of Commons this week that Britain had the lowest nation debt of the whole of the G7.
No doubt this is a stat which omits vast chunks of government debt and the usual "per capita" balance.
They must have excluded Bank finance debts from the government accounts by calling them "loans."

It is also pretty amazing that GB managed to keep his "prudence" tag while he was chancellor.
This illusion is allowed to stick by the sloppy media who have been obsessed by Iraq WMD for most of the last ten years.
GB has actually always been a highly proliferate and reckless spender.
He has taxed the people of England to death at every opportunity.
He has killed public support for energy conservation & recycling by turning it into a government tax grab.
And made every government initiative another tax grab.(fuel, alcohol, air flights, wheelie bins) (His tax grabs must be listed somewhere.)
His spending on the NHS & schools has again been reckless.
Though he attempted to impose financial controls it just seized up contracts with whole swaths of public sector bureaucracy stuck for years with unrealistic & unworkable targets
The Financial Meltown actually helped him conceal his financial mismanagement.

June 2009

Vote For Gordon

The current spin that the Labour party would be better off now and at next years election with Gordon is a complete lie.
He is incapable of solving any of the problems because he fails to accept any responsibility for them.
The electorate will never accept him, in fact he is an electoral liability.
His ten years as Chancellor have left us all paying the price of his hyper taxation, his failure to control utility prices will bankrupt every state pensioner in the country.
He actively encouraged inflation as it brought him more tax.
He continues to lie continuously and seems unable to understand that saying your going to do something is not the same as actually doing it.
He had twelve years to build this country into his "vision" and he has destroyed it.
He lied to Parliament when he said he was going to do "everything he can" to help the unemployed.
Nothing has changed at the benefits office since the October meltdown.
He had already bankrupted this country before the meltdown of the banks.
His squandering of taxpayers money only covers up his bullying tactics to control everything.

May 2009

Frittered Away

If GB hadn't given £500 Billion of taxpayers money to the black hole, formally known as the Bank.
The government could have kept the economy ticking over for the next ten years.
As it is, he has bankrupted the country before the recession has even started.

January 2009

The GBC - Gordon's Broadcasting Company

GB has now secured his airtime leading up to the next election by awarding the BBC a gobsmacking financial contract which by passes the next (Conservative) government.
This is on top of all the 'hidden' government financed programmes that he has already put into production under the guise of 'government information'.


Gordon Brown has subsidised Scotland with £102Billion of English taxpayers money (TPA)

December 2008

The House of Commons

A devious and manipulative government working against the British interest, the electorate and against democracy and freedom.
How much more arrogantly despicable can this Labour government get.
The televised House of Commons debate on 'The Speaker' showed complete disregard for any moral or legal prerequisites as hundreds of years of democracy was callously kicked into the long grass.
Similar in many ways to the Lisbon Treaty debate as the government fought another unworthy battle to sustain its existence.
A Labour Party hijacked by the unelected Mandelson & Brown sleezily destroying the nation.

The Gambler

Prudence gambles his future and that of the of the country on a turn of the cards.
The "Financial Rescue Package" is his answer to 12 years of exponential spending.
Not to be confused with the last "Financial Rescue Package" (re-finance the banks ) or the previous "Financial Rescue Package" (Northern Rock)
or the current "Financial Rescue Package" (reflate the economy) or the next one (reflate the motor industry)
Give it six months and he'll be begging the IMF for help.
Gamblers never admit to their addiction.

In the Year 2010

Having destroyed his own period of government GB now seems to be desecrating the next.
Not content with creating his own budget, GB is now writing the 2010 budget when he won't even be in power.
How much more financial damage is he going to inflict on the next government before he retires.
Is there no limit to this man's craving for power.
If he carries on like this, can we expect a Mugabe type "State of Emergency" to avoid the next election.

November 2008

An Issue of Trust

When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister he said: ‘the manifesto is what we put to the public.
We’ve got to honour that manifesto. That is an issue of trust for me with the electorate’.
Labour’s 2005 election manifesto promised a referendum on the EU Constitution.
But Gordon Brown forced through the Lisbon Treaty – the renamed EU Constitution –
On a three line whip without any democratic mandate from the voters.

Gordon's Fiscal Rules

1] The golden rule: Government will borrow only to invest over the ‘economic cycle’
2] The sustainable investment rule: Net debt should remain below 40 per cent of GDP.


When GB goes back to Scotland
He will be hailed as a hero.
With England destroyed.
He can retire in glory
Leaving a 50 year national debt behind him.


Prudence sold 395 tons of gold in July 1999 for £1.9B
In 2008 that would be worth £5.7B.
A loss of £3.8B

British Energy Sold to EDF

Prudences most criminal mistake must surely have been selling British Energy to EDF.
For the price of £9billion he has handed over our energy resources to the French.
EDF are already overcharging us for their electricity while looking after their home market.
He has broken so many tenements now that it is impossible to explain them all.

October 2008 - Financial Meltdown

Gordon's Smiling

When Gordon Brown smiles.
It sends a shiver down my spine.
A smirk will tell you that he has outwitted his opponents.
But a smile means that he is planning a major tax grab, from us,
In the guise of a "necessary plan to stabilise the economy"
And all his previous dodgy bookkeeping has been covered up by the financial chaos.

Platitude of the Day

This is the end of boom & bust
I will do whatever it takes
This is no time for a novice
A stitch in time saves nine
We've learned the lessons

So the man who managed to destroy the British economy twice in the last year is still unrepentant.

Did Gordon Push the EU to Drop Banking Standards

EU pressure persuaded the US Securities & Exchange Commission to relax borrowing rules.
Previously banks borrowed about six times their assets. That soared to 40 – 1 after the EU intervention.

September 2008

Leadership Challenge

The current reasoning for keeping Prudence as the Labour Party leader is that he is the best man for the job.
And that this time of financial turmoil is not the time to mount a leadership battle.
On the other hand the reason for not keeping him as leader is that he failed to see the problem and made it worse.
He also has not made a clearly defined decission since being in control.
And should Britain have to spend the next two years with an indecisive prime minister.

January 2008

Things that Gordon should have done over the last ten years;

Give the electorate a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty.
Set up a paramilitary police force to regain control of the streets.
Levy a profits tax on the financial sector to pay for Northern Rock and improvements to the FSA
Levy a profits tax on BT to pay for upgrading the local loop to optical by other contractors.
Freeze Council Tax
Give over 60's 50% off council tax
Give over 70's 75% off council tax.
Give over 80's 100% off council tax
Reinstate the cost of living link to the old age pension
Set the old age pension at 30% average income.
Cut the BBC licence by 10% per year until it is privatised.
Sell the BBC property manifesto and put the proceeds into the old age pension fund
Sell the Post Office and put the proceeds into the government pension fund
Levy a profits tax on the Banks and put the proceeds into the government pension fund.
Hand over control of the government pension fund to the Bank of England.
Remove all income tax under £10,000
Remove all benefits over £5,000
Update Divorce laws
Abolish the Human Rights Act
Cut service provider profits and reduce gas electric,oil, phone, bills.
Remove tax from over 60's savings accounts under £50K
Give schools financial independence from the education authorities.
Give hospitals financial independence from central government.
Form a complaints authority to regulate MP's

Off Gordon

Will Prudence ever get round to sorting out the failure of the energy regulator, Ofgem, the water regulator, Ofwat & communications regulator Ofcom.
All who have done nothing to help control the consumer rippoffs.

EU Treaty

BY LAW, the treaty - which would create an elected EU president and an EU foreign minister,
while cutting back the number of national vetoes - can only be implemented if it is ratified by all 27 member states.
This shouldn't be a problem for GB though.(wot referendum?)

Gordon's Armageddon Awaits

Another day another tax. Prudence just doesn't seem to have got the message. We've had enough his tax bills.
Having spent the last decade trying to make local government responsible for less and more at the same time,
With local council tax bills hitting £2,000 annually how much more will the passive electorate take .
There is another poll tax riot just round the corner.
If Labour wont kick him out then we'll have to do it.

Gordon Browns 10% Fraud

GB is more slippery than a snake.
He always takes money off you in real terms but giving it back is just an illusion.
Anybody who bothered to work out the smoke and mirrors deception of Browns ”U- Turn” on the 10% tax rate for the low paid can see that he is taking £215 from each taxpayer.
This means that if there are two low earners in one household they will loose a combined £430 by paying the 20% tax rate.
And what will GB give back? A £50 increase on the winter fuel allowance (which only one person can claim)
Or some increase in tax credits which nobody understands and which you can't claim if you have any assets.
As with the original tax announcement when he claimed to be cutting taxes its a con trick, all becomes obvious the next day.
But then, yet again he got the BBC and the press to give him a day of good publicity.
Gordon's U turn ? Gordon's smirking at us..


Prudence still continues in la la land failing to admit that it was he who controlled the FSA , the Bank of England and the banks as they used our money in a culture of gambling.
Now that his 11 years of tax & spend is coming home to roost he is caught in his own combined double wammy.

April 2008

May 1st Elections

Having destroyed British democratic principles over the EU Lisbon Treaty GB now wants us to go out and vote Labour in the local elections............fat chance.

Identity Cards are Another Tax Grab Plan

GB continues with his great masterplan to Tax and Control the population.
Identitity cards can be used to track your work record through your national insurance number.
This will make sure that you have paid your tax for your NHS treatment, pension, sickness benefit etc.
What happened to the data protection act?

Feral Society

We used to have an underclass of people who never worked, now we have a feral society of people who have no jobs, no homes and no money.
As the middle classes find that they cant afford normal housing expenses what is going to happen to the impoverished pensioners, travellers and homeless children who roam our streets looking for handouts.
No doubt they will look forward to the day when they become non residents because they have no identity cards and therefore no identity.
And when in twenty years time the EU State analyses the political status of its electorate so that it can identify anarchists (or people who believed in democracy)
And the police routinely round up “offenders” who carry no cards.
The feral population will be roaming the countyside, hiding & eating raw veg.

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