December 2009

Jihadist Islam:

A murderous ideology tolerated for too long

Friday's attempt to blow up a transatlantic airliner by a British-educated Islamist was foiled by the bravery of its passengers and crew.
We cannot assume that we will be lucky next time. And the indications are that there will be a next time.
According to police sources, 25 British-born Muslims are currently in Yemen being trained in the art of bombing planes.
But most of these terrorists did not acquire their crazed beliefs in the Islamic world: they were indoctrinated in Britain.
Indeed, thousands of young British Muslims support the use of violence to further the Islamist cause – and this despite millions of pounds poured by the Government into projects designed to prevent Islamic extremism.

Is it time for a fundamental rethink of Britain's attitude towards domestic Islamism?
Consider this analogy. Suppose that, in several London universities, Right wing student societies were allowed to invite neo-Nazi speakers to address teenagers.
Meanwhile, churches in poor white neighbourhoods handed over their pulpits to Jew-hating admirers of Adolf Hitler, called for the execution of homosexuals, preached the intellectual inferiority of women, and blessed the murder of civilians.
What would the Government do? It would bring the full might of the criminal law against activists indoctrinating young Britons with an inhuman Nazi ideology – and the authorities that let them. Any public servants complicit in this evil would be hounded from their jobs.

Jihadist Islamism is also a murderous ideology, comparable to Nazism in many respects.
The British public realises this; so do the intelligence services. Yet because it arises out of a worldwide religion – most of whose followers are peaceful – politicians and the public sector shrink from treating its ideologues as criminal supporters of violence.
Instead, the Government throws vast sums of money at the Muslim community in order to ensure that what is effectively a civil war between extremists and moderates is won by the latter.
This policy – supported by all the main political parties – does not seem to be working.
The authorities, lacking specialist knowledge, sometimes turn for advice to "moderate" Muslims who have extreme sympathies; supporters of al-Qaeda are paid to disseminate their ideology to young people.

Radical Islamist leaders are not stupid: they know how to play this system.
The indoctrination of students carries on under the noses of public servants who are terrified of being labelled Islamophobic or racist.
Therefore they fail to do their duty, which is to protect Muslims and non-Muslims alike from a terrorist ideology.
If providing that protection requires fewer "consultations" with "community leaders" and more arrests, then so be it.
The Daily Telegraph. 29/12/09

November 2008

Muslim Clerics Endorse Anti-Terror Fatwa

About 6,000 Muslim clerics from around India approved a fatwa against terrorism at a conference in Hyderabad.
The president of the Jamaiat-Ulama-i-Hind, called terrorism the most serious problem facing Islam.
He blamed Islamic radicals for their actions and the news media for failing to distinguish between the radicals and the majority of Muslims.

February 2008

Sharia Law

The increasingly batty Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury, prompted controversy today when he suggested that introducing Sharia Law in Britain for British Muslims was "unavoidable".
Not content with letting down Christian's in this country by failing to provide a substantive modern dialogue for their religious beliefs he now causes more confusion by interfering in Islamic religious affairs.
British women, in particular, must be amazed at this attempt to set the women's rights movement back a hundred years.
The Archbishop's misguided media pronouncements and political interference on subjects such as the Iraq war shows a lack of the 'humility' normally expected of a religious leader.
His pronouncements also show an inability to come to terms with the contemporary problems in our society.
The battle to eradicate poverty and provide accommodation for the homeless seems to have passed him by.
His failure to use billions of pounds of Church of England investments to help house the poor leaves a question mark over his commitment to Christian values.

We can only wait with trepidation for the time when the Canterbury Cathedral open day includes; ritual beheading, adulterous women stoned to death while buried up to their necks in sand, the cutting off of thieves hands, forced marriages, murdered female babies, female circumcision and religious guidance from the Ayatolla Ahmadinijad.

Culture Clash


Maybe instead of trying to indoctrinate the Islamic world into our way of thinking we should try to understand their ways a bit more and treat them with a bit more respect.
Their religious & political system may seem barbaric to us but who is to say that we are right and they are wrong.
Trying to foister our democratic ideals on a whole raft of middle eastern countries that have their own individual problems and systems is rather naive.
When we criticise the brutality of some regimes we should respect the fact that at least they work and have done so for hundreds of years.
We have no understanding of the middle east.

To expect them to abandon their culture for our democratic values is an arrogant mistake.
To expect them to abandon their rule of law for our democratic law book is insulting to the extreme.
Even more so when our own western society is in such a degree of disarray.

As British people we no longer have any understanding of ourselves, of our culture, of our rule of law.
Our society is in turmoil in most areas of analysis with no intelligencia capable of controlling it’s forces.
Our political process is failing, our courts are manipulated, our large financial institutions are corrupt.
The principles of democracy that we espouse to others are no longer existent in our own country.
We should learn from other societies how to improve mankind’s cultural integration.
We should be willing to integrate their knowledge and experience.
Our British culture has become self destructive. In many facets of government complacency rules, important decisions avoided.
How can we tell other nations to treat criminals democratically when we let out rapists & murderers onto our own streets to reoffend.
Our confrontation with Islamic terrorists again shows a complete lack of understanding.
Faced with suicidal maniacs whose desire is to kill us we pathetically try and "arrest them," read them their human rights, take them to court and then release them because of lack of evidence.
Isn’t it time we abandoned our outdated aversion to torture.
Isn't it time we realised that we are fighting for our existence.
We will not win a war against terrorism unless we strike them with fear.
There is no fear or respect for the law in Britain today.
The introduction of the human rights act has virtually destroyed any common sense or sanity in the legal system.
We criticise middle eastern countries for their legal failings but we do not have the answers ourselves.
Just mismanagement and arrogance.

August 2005

Another Mad Mullah

The Mad Mullah speaks and the media, ever looking for a good story, gives him great credence by making it the number one news of the day.
Anything for a good story eh lads! And pictures as well.!
Never mind missing out the bit where Ayman al-Zawahri's barking philosophy destroys all the western infidels and turns the planet into an Islamic club of infinite misery.
Never mind the bit about it being slightly crazy to send suicide bombers to kill us all.
Never mind the bit about Allah not really liking killing.
Never mind about picking on mentally retarded Pakistani/Brits and indoctrinating them in some perversion of Islam.
Never mind about the likelyhood of 72 virgins waiting for a suicide bomber in the afterlife.
Never mind about the twenty five years that the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia have been financing & fomenting this crazy plan.
Lets all take this really seriously shall we and pretend that this isnt some load of nutcases.
That'll give them bit of help wont it. Anything to help the cause of our Islamic friends.

Why can't the media come up with a combatative answer to this very stupid philosophy?
Why? Because there all ruled by a politically correct elite which says that they cant be racist or anti religious. Come back Alf Garnet!
No doubt well be waiting a long time for the comedy series, "Allah told me not to come" in which we all take the out of a load of suicide bombers.
Why? because the BBC won't allow us to make jokes about racist issues. So well just have to keep on with the bugger joke for another next ten years.
As the ethereal BBC continues in its ideal of world equality, we can expect a sympathetic portrayal of fundamentalist Islam and how it has grown out of the poverty which we caused.
Why don't the Arabs take any responsibility for there own mess ups. Its not our fault if they've had brutal governments. Its their way of life not ours.
It is sickening to hear all the guilt ridden angst being churned out by the supposedly intellectual elite.
Still, lets all be reasonable about this, just as long as the journos can say once again, "Iraq was Blairs fault" without smirking.

And if the BBC doesnt want to be BRITISH anymore why doesnt it stop taking our money.
Wouldnt it be hilariously funny if the home grown bombers had been indoctrinated by the BBCs totally slanted idea of world politics?
What ever happened to their common sense?
If we did so much damage to the Arabs without even trying and have upset them so much why dont we just tell them they're stupid and thick to believe in this.
Can it make things any worse if we sent a few cruise missiles over and blew up a couple of fundamentalist Mosques/schools in Saudi.

Is there going to be any response or reprisal for the tube bombings? No.
Our media spends all its energy on appeasement and has left our politicians no public support for protecting our society.

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia must surely be the most powerful country in the world.
Soaked in the riches of it's oilfields it has invested heavily in western cities.
All of our western governments are on friendly terms with its ailing King Fahd & the Saudi Princes. Its diplomatic tentacles are far reaching and entwine many western politicians. Such is its abundant wealth that it can dictate its own terms with regard to trade as countries fear the loss of its oil supplies.
The monarchy has (allegedly) been in a precarious position for many years. The fundamentalist Islamic Wahabis have long been a strong force in the country and one that the ruling elite have trifled with at their peril. It appears that over the last twenty years this appeasement has allowed the Wahabis to grow more powerful and spread their insane philosophy of Islamic fascism.
The Saudi riches have been financing this sect as they set up training "schools" to brain wash Muslims to its ferocious indoctrine. This it has done both in its own country also Pakistan and by taking over mosques in many areas of the world.
When 9/11 was shown to be the work of the Wahibis, Bush failed to act against them and in fact had to remove US bases from Saudi territory.
The bank accounts that financed the Wahibi's 9/11 attack were all Saudi. The hijackers were all Saudi, yet such is the power of this oil rich kingdom that Bush was not only unable to attack the root cause but he couldn't even stop the flow of funds to the Saudi terrorists.
Even now as Bin Ladin reaps terror & destruction over the world his family remains rich powerful & protected by the Saudi royal family.
So Bush failed to deal with the originators of the 9/11 attacks because of the fear that the Saudi royal family would loose power. Instead he turned his attention to Afghanistan & subsequently Iraq.
As the Wahabi continued to spread their hate filled fascism into European mosques they bombed the Madrid rail network and more recently London.
A combination of media distortions and liberal/left appeasement to the terrorists in refusing to acknowledge the true dangers which we face, has left our Prime Minister Tony Blair in a weak position.
In response to the London bombings the media has thoughtlessly created a divided nation.
Just when we needed strong leadership and the support of the people, the quisling media has started yet another witch hunt.
As Britain fragments into a PC world of inertia, attacking our own Prime Minister and riven by mis guided guilt, the Wahabis grow stronger. Saudi Arabia grows wealthier and the Fascist Islamics continue to spread their insane philosophy.
Wahabi still remains the official ideology of the Saudi Arabian kingdom.


Wahhabi or Wahabi , reform movement in Islam, originating in Arabia.
It was founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab (c.1703-1791), who taught that all accretions to Islam after the 3d cent. of the Muslim era-i.e.after c.950-were spurious and must be expunged.
This view, involving essentially a purification of the Sunni sect, regarded the veneration of saints, ostentation in worship, and luxurious living as the chief evils.
Accordingly, Wahhabi mosques are simple and without minarets, and the adherents dress plainly and do not smoke tobacco or hashish.
Driven from Medina for his preaching, the founder of the Wahhabi sect went into the NE Nejd and converted the Saud tribe.
The Saudi sheik, convinced that it was his religious mission to wage holy war (jihad) against all other forms of Islam,
began the conquest of his neighbors in c.1763. By 1811 the Wahhabis ruled all Arabia, except Yemen, from their capital at Riyadh.
The Ottoman sultan, nominally suzerain over Arabia, had vainly sent out expeditions to crush them. Only when the sultan called on Muhammad Ali of Egypt for aid did he meet success; by 1818 the Wahhabis were driven into the desert. In the Nejd the Wahhabis collected their power again and from 1821 to 1833 gained control over the Persian Gulf coast of Arabia.
The domain thereafter steadily weakened; Riyadh was lost in 1884, and in 1889 the Saud family fled for refuge into the neighboring state of Kuwait.
The Wahhabi movement was to enjoy its third triumph when Ibn Saud advanced from his capture of Riyadh in 1902 to the reconstitution in 1932 of nearly all his ancestral domain under the name Saudi Arabia, where it remains dominant. Wahhabism served as an inspiration to other Islamic reform movements from India and Sumatra to North Africa and the Sudan, and during the 20th cent. has influenced the Taliban of Aghanistan.

Fascism - In The Name of Allah


Muslim Fundamentalists, Fanatics, Religious Zeolots, Islamic Purists, Islamic Terrorists.
Is the political correct world that we live in stopping us from recognising & defining what we are being faced with: Fascists.
The philosophy of the Palestinian terrorists, Hammas, Hezbollah, or al Qaeda is no different to the violent indoctrination seen during the creation of the Third Reich.
They have no compassion for their own people. They only terrify them & their children into submission. They kill their own people in their senseless fight. They destroy their own countries, their own land, and their own cities. All supposedly in the name of Allah. And they are obsessed with destroying our western culture.
They do not value life, theirs or anybody else's. They're insane indoctrination is so complete that they think they will be rewarded by Allah for dying in a suicide bomb.
They try to destroy Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan the Western democracies and all for what? To create a world ruled by Islamic Fascists.
A world of what? Desert?
They have no conscience, no respect for life. They could destroy a city in the Middle East, Europe or America. They could destroy the planet, as life on this world seems to mean nothing to them.
If they don't want to live in this world why should we allow them democratic principles? Why should we allow them the freedoms that our law allows?
This is a battle against Fascism. We should not surrender or wait for our own destruction we should be strong and determined in our morale strength.
We have become soft in our ability to fight an enemy. Our media is saturated with a quisling philosophy. They spend their lives criticising our own politicians when the world faces great challenges, chaos & needs clear thought.
Our liberal left media has lured us into seeing the Palestinian cause as a worthwhile endeavour & Iraq as Bush's folly. They criticised Israel for its determination to self defence. But what is happening today in Tel Aviv is waiting for us over the next twenty years.
How will we proceed? With our heads in the sand?
And as these Fascists subvert the sanctity of Islam. As they cut off peoples heads, bomb & maim fellow Muslims, drag bodies through the streets, attempt to depose Muslim leaders.
How can anyone think that Allah would be pleased with this, yet alone sanction it.
These Fascists have used the Islamic religion as a whip to beat the young, the ignorant & the dispossessed. Allah would never sanctify suicide bombing, provide seventy virgins as a death prize, or receive killers with gratitude.
These Fascists have defiled Islam in the most grotesque way.
They should be punished in the way of Islam.
There should be a Fatwa issued against them.
They should be punished by death and their creed disavowed.

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