2008 - The Rise of The Machines

2008 Review

Looking back over the year it would be difficult to avoid the obvious, the meltdown of the world financial system.
The winners and losers in this debacle have not yet been determined though it is pretty obvious that ordinary working people will, as usual ,suffer the most.
The pensioners, the unemployed, those on benefit or low pay and the unemployed frozen out of the benefit system.

Our political elite reign supreme, protected from financial disasters by the generous financial packages that they have awarded themselves.
Just as the bankers may bleat of redundancies and loss of earnings, surely the pain of loosing their job is offset by the redundancy package, the bonuses, their pension fund and their savings.
Other people thrown out of work by this crisis find themselves with nothing, and facing Gordon Brown's means testing fiasco to try to claim benefits.

Meanwhile 2008, sadly was the year that democracy died.
Killed firstly by the unelected Gordon Brown, then the EU State and finally by the Metropolitan Police.
Any illusions that anybody had that we were being governed by democratically elected politicians who would serve their country and the electorate was finally dispelled.

The liberal left media finally achieved their goal to get rid of both Blair & Bush.
Putting a liberal US President in place just as Putin starts his ten year accension.
They have destroyed the British Army's effort to stabilise Basra in Iraq and are in the process of loosing the confidence of the population for the Afghani war.
The BBC has ridden out several crises and come out the stronger.
Not for any of the conventional reasons but because the politicians have realised that the BBC are a tool to be nurtured and cosseted.
The cost to the electorate, as usual, not worth pondering.

We've now had ten years of the new golden computer age where we were told that bureaucracy would be cut in half, cutting costs and taxes.
But what actually happened was that the computer systems didn't work, at a cost of billions and those that did were then turned on the population.
We suddenly found our personal details in hundreds of different government departments were being linked together to form a big brother database.
Identity cards were to be introduced against everybody's wishes and then charged to us.
The data protection act seemed to have died as our personal information was then sold to criminal gangs who had been licensed to run car parks and security companies.
The tax crazed politicians then used digital camera technology to analyse our habits, tax our travel and our speed, while continuing to run the ecologically sound rail network into the ground.

The empire that has risen to the fore in 2008 must surely be the EU State which has continued to tax control and spend without any hindrance from any media or government group.
The bureaucratic expansion within the EU has created a massive network of departments designed to steal our money and then to waste it.
And again a system of law and order to watch and control the population.

The Labour Party has turned the Public Service into the most protected species in history.
The whole of the Public Service has been politicised.
Not only have their wages been increased, they now receive bonuses, golden redundancy packages and index linked pensions.
The fact that the figures for this added proliferation don't add up, again, is not worth pondering.

So there you have it, 2008 has exposed to the light the dangers of the future.
We have witnessed the rise of the power blocks of our new society;
The Bureaucrats, the Media and the Politicians.
This is the Rise of the Machines.
All we need now is the megalomaniacal tyrant bent on domination.

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