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April 2009

Torture, Andrew Sullivan, Times 26/04/09

Under the heading, 'One tortured lie: that's all it took for a war,' Andrew Sullivan continues with the politically correct media's attempt to rewrite history.
In revisiting the Guantanomo Bay controversy he attempts to lay the blame for Bush's Iraq war on information gained from torture. Even though the timing of these events does not fit together.
He failed to connect the importance of 9/11. And doesn't even mention the attempt at the UN when Bush tried to get a unified response to Saddams ten years of defiance and genocide.

The PC media seem to live in their own PC world where their own personal morality reigns supreme.
The fact that our western culture needs oil to survive seems to be irrelevant and obviously not a matter of national security.
The fact that releasing terrorists to roam the streets of Europe, free to attack our cities from within, is apparently ok as long as their Human Rights have not been infringed.
In fact that it was the media who failed support their own government in a time of war & crossed a red line by dissecting top secret government information and then demanding open government on a matter of national security.
They failed to recognise the importance of Chiracs meddling at the UN in their haste to attack Bush on all fronts.

False News

It is a favourite trick of the media nowadays to find some hidden nugget of truth that doesn't fit in well with the prejudices of middle England and then 'expose it'.
So the western governments are bullied by daily media pseudo crises which stop any form of normal debate on any of the real issues which should be currently dealt with.
And no progress on creating a healthy society for our children's future.

May 19th 2004

In Simon Jenkins's article in The Times he celebrates how Bin Laden is exceeding his wildest dreams.
Laying out a complete and comprehensive account of the current situation in the war on terror.
This enlightening article gives an in depth viewpoint of the mind of the pseudo intellectual liberal left journalist.
And not just of Simon Jenkins but of the consensus of opinion incestuously propagated in the hierarchy of London's journalistic elite.
Why bother to report news any more when you can manipulate information on such a manifest scale?
As the rest of Britain languishes in apathetic disinterest the London journalists continue to weave their surreal scenario while cross checking with their friends to back up their ideology.

Media War

The story that all the media have missed and actually refuse to print is that this is not a war of soldiers & terrorists but the media war of information.
Terror Oraganisations choose their battles to create maximum press coverage.
The Palestinian terrorists creat suicide bombing for maximum publicity & sympathy.
The US army is being castrated on a daily basis by the anti US press gloating over its inadequacies and failures.
How can any western army fight a war with an intrusive media analysing every move? Obviously, it can't.
So now we have a Gucci class of journalists destroying our armed forces, demoralising the population and putting our society's survival in jeopardy.
The western population is being softened up by terrorists via the western media.
If this continues, in five years time there won't be anyone left with the will to fight.
And that is their objective.

Neo-Cons vs Liberal Left

London news journalists are fighting an intellectual war against the US neo-conservative think tank.
The fact that the US neo-cons actually have the power to put plans into practice (& suffer the consequences) fails to cower the London cartel of lib-lefties.
London's best journalists theorise on paper but have nothing positive or constructive to offer, just a continuously negative criticism of our leaders and their actions.
This must be some kind of intellectual pique but they should realise that this buffoonery is not a game.
It not only puts them against the US neo-cons but also on the side of the terrorists.

Forty Percent

Tuesday, 03 May 2005

The media pundits are trying to understand why, after all their attempts to blast the electorate with anti-Blair propaganda, his support remains solid at 40%.
The blatant bias of the BBC News & Newsnight coupled with a tirade of headline-grabbing abuse from the Daily Mail and its cohorts has done nothing to dent Blair's popularity in the country.

While the pseudo-intellectuals in the media continue to re-fight Hutton again & again they still refuse to believe that they were wrong, and that their opinions are out of step with the rest of the electorate.

The press & the media have dug themselves into a hole which they are determined to stay in until they depose PM Blair, by fair means or foul.
The manipulators of the press continue to exaggerate the importance of negative news items. BBC news appears to relish every opportunity to run a lengthy negative story about Blair, never questioning the conspiracy of 'leaks' emanating from its own mouthpiece. It continuously breaks its electoral charter obligations to stay impartial.

The most galling of all the hypocrisies is the continued cry of Blair the liar. (BLIAR)
This coming from a profession who spend their lives lying for a living. The next time an honest & unbiased political article arrives in the media or press, please let me know.
As the pseudo intellectuals in the media continue with their myopic perspective of world events, everybody else has moved on. And while the general public may not have the superior intellectual abilities of the hacks, what they do have, is a more grounded perspective of life & events.
This can help them determine the moral difference between a hack who lies for money and a politician who lies for his country.
Another obvious point that the media hacks intentionally miss is that, in a democracy, attaining political consensus on divisive issues is practically impossible. As was explaining the finer points of the Middle East to everyone through a PLO biased media.

The only thing the media/press has achieved in the last few years is to stop the country from moving on to becoming a better society. Stagnation rules the media as it becomes more irrelevant by the day. It speaks but nobody listens.

The Serpent


And then the serpent spread.
But as it's head rose it was not just one head but ten.
And from that head sprung ten more.
The serpent rose from the ashes of the BBC and spread it's wings over the whole of the western media.
Like a virus.
All the articulate and well respected newspapers in London suddenly abandoned all reason and sanity and started writing liberal pseudo intellectual drivel.
All the reputable television news stations started babbling like indoctrinated geese.
All the news media abandoned ”balance & reason” and started broadcasting news in a totally biased, opinionated and unbalanced way.
They kept on & on. News paper after paper. Headline after headline.
Anti Blair, anti Bush, anti government.
It was like a fox hunt smelling the blood of a kill.
THEY were going to bring down Blair. THEY were going to kill this government.
Surely it was their duty. How could he go to war without their permission.

This collective insanity spread from the BBC to the other media like flu. But why?
What connected all these normally sane, intelligent people and caused them to suddenly flip.
Were they programmed at university to be pseudo intellectual geeks.
Undercover liberals primed to go off at a controlled signal?
No. The answer lay in the study of collective trends.
In the same way that the fashion industry is inspired by an evolution of ideas & the music business switches and grows within genres.
In the same way that writers in different countries have similar ideas & art develops into new trends.
In the same way that technology advances our society and makes new things possible.
Suddenly all these forces combined to create a wonderful liberal ideal world where all would be peace and light if only Bush & Blair would go.
Unfortunately, in the process The Serpent had reaked havoc.
It had destroyed; the western alliance, the United Nations, NATO and Iraq.
But, of course, according to the media, this never happened.

The Blame Culture


Blair was savagely criticised by Anatole Kaletsky in The Times for not intervening in Sudan & stopping the genocide & starvation.
A.K. should not be so narrow-minded in his criticism of Blair & latterly Bush. Maybe he should consider that the UK & US armed forces are busy in many regions of the world doing good work in peacekeeping. (research & list)
Why is it always the UK/US who are expected to intervene in these problems. Why not the French and the Germans. Why not the EU rapid response force or the United Nations.
How can a journalist self-righteously demand action after spending the last year destructively criticising the action we took in Iraq.
While our London journalists chased the dragon of WMD for a year ignoring the other multitude of reasons that Iraq was invaded, events have moved on.
But the journos have smelt blood and still believe they can topple a democratically elected prime minister and maybe even a president.
The latest skulduggery perpetuated by our London pseudo intellectual liberal lefty journalists is the blame game.
Having got bored with the original concept of 9/11 they now "forget" that it was al Qaeda terrorists who flew planes into the twin towers. It now becomes Bush's fault because of intelligence failures.
It therefore also follows that it was Bush who destroyed Afghanistan and not the Taliban.
The Middle East is also neatly tied up with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict becoming Bush's fault.
Obviously, now we have the drift of this, Iraq is Bush's fault and nothing whatsoever to do with the Saddam Hussein who defied the UN for ten years.
It was also Bush's fault that militant Islamists trained 10,000 terrorists to bomb & kill.
The Madrid bombing was clearly Bush's fault and not the responsibility of the terrorists.
Bali bombing…… California elections…….Iran…… Syria…
Every problem can be easily solved by blaming Bush.

If you get the drift of where I am going with this I have to say that there is a big lie going on here.
Because this is the only way that the media have managed to get through the Iraq war.
By showing death & destruction on a daily schedule and yet not getting involved.
They have been onlookers in a diabolical plot orchestrated by Blair & Bush to steal Iraq's oil. They have no conscience as it is not their war. No responsibility because they were against it.
Has it never occurred to these reporters that this country is in danger and will be over the next twenty years. That this war was for REAL and not for superficial motives.
No. It has not occurred to them because the truth is too scary.
That our society is under threat, that our country is infiltrated with terrorists that we can't find. That our laws & our democracy are not equipped for this battle. That our daily lives may be blighted by bombs just as Tel Aviv is today.
Obviously denial is best.
Another job joining up the dots. Another weekend. Another pub meal is Hampstead.
Nothing to shatter the peace of suburbia..... Yet......
and if there is. ....It'll be Bush's fault.

A Phyric Victory


The Butler Report.

So the liberal left media has succeeded in taking the moral high ground.(in print)
It has dissected the Butler report, which nobody else wanted, and picked out all the bits they wanted to hear.
As they collectively pat themselves on the back, secure in the knowledge that "they were right all along."
They fail to notice the historic damage that they have caused to our society & our institutions of government.

We can thank the media for:
Wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers money on the Hutton & Butler reports.
Continuously diverting the government of the day from its work.
Destroying our faith in democracy.
Ignoring the facts pre/post 9/11 that there is a real direct terrorist threat to Europe.
Weakening our armed forces.
Fracturing the ability of our leaders to make decisions.
Allowing the BBC to legally rob everyone during ten years of failure.

As we now wait for the sequel to The Blair Witch Report with the enthusiasm of train spotters during a rail strike.
It is only a matter of time before our beloved journos dig up a rogues gallery of sad losers to back up this tiresome debate.
Will we have to listen to; Blix, Cooke, Short, Dyke, Davis & Chirac yet again?
Who knows and who cares?
All I can say is, thank you very much guys. All you've got to do now is get rid of Blair & Bush & we'll all be at your mercy.
A country run by journalists.

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