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('Less we forget)

* Gordon buys Labour votes and increases union membership by boosting public sector employment.
* Did Tony Blair pay Sarkozy £7billion from our EU rebate for the EU presidency and then get shafted.
* Is the EU State ready for the onslaught from the British press?
* Labour promotes equality while throwing another million men on the dole with no access to benefits.
* Gordon has rigged electricity & gas prices to hit the middle classes
* A million middle class home owning women pensioners are living on £80 per week after failing means testing.

December 2009

DWP in the Dock

It has been alleged that the DWP is concealing new claims for benefit and not logging them on their computer database.
If this is true it means that the DWP has become complicit in manipulating
the claimant/unemployment figures which are submitted to the Office of National Statistics.
That it is manipulating government information on behalf of the Labour Party during the run up to an election.
And that it is withholding benefits on valid claims for political purposes.

Climate Change – Copenhagen 2009

The whole debate about climate change has been lost in politics.
Thats why all the sensible people are outside the hall demonstrating and all the idiots are inside trying to fudge yet another compromise.
It was these same politicians who got us in this mess.
It was Gordon Brown who destroyed the peoples faith in recycling and energy conservation by turning it into more government TAXES.
Which were never used to help the ecology.

The most glaringly obvious ecological polluter is the motor car engine.
This is even now supported by governments worldwide as a necessary boost to employment and the economy.
The failure for any government to follow up on the plans for an INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SYSTEM in the UK has increased the building of roads and vehicles.
In fact it was this GOVERNMENTS POLICY to get freight off the trains and on to the roads to increase employment and road building.(& CO2)

So why should the population have to suffer the petty ignominy of daily recycling when the government is the worst polluter.
In their offices, their life styles and their policies.
You cannot expand economically and save the planet.
You have to change the whole system.

Politicians are just ignorant fudgers, their time is up.
Economic Expansion is the lie that keeps them in power.
Carbon Trading is the current deceit of these Industrial Politicos.

The Fantasy Pre Budget

I find it quite strange that the media appears to have "no memory" in discussing the next election.
It has assumed that it will be fought on the comparison of Conservative and Labour cuts to public services and the repayment of debt.

Shall we just forget that it was the Labour Party that spent the last 12 years destroying the bedrock institutions of this country.
If you name any facet of government control they've wrecked it.
Giving these people air time to spout out their false economical estimates and plans for the future when they’re not in power,
is an insult to the intelligence of the viewers and the people of Britain.
This is Fantasy Politics and fatuous broadcasting based on political and media egos.
If politicians were governed by the Advertising Standards Authority they would never be allowed on TV.
What a way to run the economy; spin, deceit and false data.

Boom & Bust & Bust & Bust

Robert Peston of the BBC has highlighted the fact that a lot of the taxpayers money used to refinance the banks is being used by them to speculate in what could turn out to be a repeat of the last banking crisis.
Banks have decided that this high risk gambling is the fast track to recovering their lost funds.
And again this has led to the creation of an illusionary bubble with a surge in share prices, house prices and reckless lending.
All while our business economy is failing due to lack of investment.

November 2009

Joke of the Day

The Labour Party can't get a bank loan for their election fund.


Definition: A jaded negativity and a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of other people.
Modern cynicism, as a product of mass society, is distrust toward professed ethical and social values, (Wikipedia)

Cynicism is not just the negative appraisal of a situation. It is also combined with a resigned failure to attempt to change it.(acceptance)
If you are resolved to changing a situation you are not being cynical in your appraisal.
A negative appraisal can stimulate change.
Whereas a positive appraisal of a negative situation is dishonest and stops progress towards change.

Free Debate

Modern electronics and media have in the past allowed governments to control sections of the population
This has now backfired as interaction on the internet has stimulated and unleashed a tidal wave of free debate.
The intellect and actions of our political authorities have been analysed in depth.
We no longer regard politicians as the leaders of our society.
The battle for the minds of the populace is fluctuating between media controlled superficiality and media controlled dogmatism.
But there is a wound of unprecedented toxicity waiting to be lanced.
All the indications are that the next election will show just how much contempt the public has for the political classes.
The three main political parties have their hands dripping with the blood of corruption, manipulation, dishonesty and ultimately the destruction of democratic principles.

A Corrupted Legal System

The use of the law to protect the bankers and our politicians as they reaped carnage on British society has suddenly become opaque.
The financial crisis has focused people’s attention on the political machinations of Westminster and they don’t like what they see.
Suddenly everyone is aware of the complete unbalance of the laws protecting the rich and ‘the protected’
While the population is ground down on a daily basis by corrupt but legally backed utility bills, taxation & bureaucratic idiosyncrasies.


Is it true that GB put £1 trillion into the banks and not directly into the business sector as loans to protect the rich and their substantial investments?
At the expense of the poor who will have to suffer a decade of tax rises and unemployment.

The Mad Labour Project

The New Labour project and all its badly thought out decisions are now coming back to haunt us.
Every decision that they have made has not been properly assessed for its effect and we are now finding out what it really means to have our laws and government decisions made by idealistic minnows.
We find that the government that preached "cutting red tape" has literally strangled the public service, the private business economy, the construction industry and is close to bringing local councils to their knees by a combination of health & safety, political correctness and the barking mad "equality." legislation.
(see Harriet Harman's Fairyland)

The only people who appear to be safe from this complete insanity are the horses who, as yet, have not been tagged.
Even the promise of a brave new world of computer enhanced leisure has been corrupted by our unworthy masters.
They have turned the brilliant technological advances of the last decade into a bureaucratic tool to control & tax the population.
During the next decade expect to have your own biometric footprint on your bank card which will include your credit rating, your security clearance, your tax rating, NHS number, your DNA and possibly a hidden tracker.

This government has laid a perfect landscape for a war of attrition on its own population.
A sectional and analysed population of people excluded from certain areas by government control.

This is a paranoid sickness born from a city of unbalanced office bound bureaucratic dynasties.
Who make decisions based on a mixture of media hysteria and 1970's intelligentsia.
People who think that they know everything about life when actually they know nothing.
God save England.

October 2009

Brown Steals £50billion from taxpayers to keep Labour election plans afloat

Prudence continues with his failed policy to reflate the economy by throwing £50 billion more into the black hole that the banks have created.
He must have realised by now that this policy is not working because the banks did not pass on enough money to stimulate the business sector.
But he continues with this failed policy because he cannot let another bank crisis disrupt his election planning.
He has staked his reputation and the next election on his handling of the economy.
If the British economy falters in the next six months then Labour is doomed.
The Prime Minister is gambling with billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on the same debts that brought down the banks.
There are two ways that this is wrong.
Firstly he doesn’t have enough money to cover all the bank debts.
And secondly if the economy doesn’t inflate with the injection of billions of pounds,
How is it going continue when the subsidies run out?

A New Political Dawn

Seeing as our politicians are so crap
And Tesco are taking over from the idiots in the banks.
Maybe we should consider a new set of political parties.
1 Tesco
2 Sainsbury's
3 Asda

Could they do any worse?

No Crisis

I cannot understand how MP’s can spend a moment of any day of their time not helping the ten million people whose lives they have destroyed.
Any conversation on any other subject seems an obscenity until they have faced up to and attempted to rectify the financial chaos they have created.
Cobra is enacted for a terrorist attack affecting two hundred people but a financial disaster affecting millions is ignored.
The only forward planning for this disaster appears to have been to install surveillance cameras in all our cities and to arm the police with stun guns.

Afghanistan: Violence is justified in the defence of democratic principles.
The Lisbon Treaty: Is violence justified in the defence of democratic principles?

BNP & The Dead Men Walking

The political establishment have still not realised that they have destroyed Democracy in this country and financially ruined millions of people’s lives.
They have become the guardians of a dying political system.
Its nothing to do with race


BNP 50% wrong
Main political parties 75% wrong


One year on after the financial meltdown and the government has still not issued any advice to the population on how to survive this economic tsunami.
In fact the government is still pretending that it isn’t as bad as all that and that it will be over soon.
The public services have been forced to support MP’s in The Big Lie as have the media.
All supposedly in fear of making it worse and causing the pound and the FTSE to crash.

Obviously this isn’t a disaster yet for the MP’s, bankers & public servants with a direct line to Gordon’s lifeboat funds. (our taxes)
The only help being the grass roots is by the voluntary sector. (Citizens Advice Bureau)
The true extent of help required at local level is being ignored.
All the government departments who should be dealing with emergency help and advice are paralysed by the MP’s denial that there is any crisis.

The Brown Legacy

The national net debt now stands at £825bn, 60% of the UK's entire economic output.
The Public Services are in meltdown as they struggle to cope with high unemployment,
rising benefit claims and low tax receipts.

The Scroungers Charter

The Department of Works & Pensions is still operating on pre- crash guidelines introduced by Gordon Brown which are excluding a million unemployed from receiving benefit.

Workers who were affluent and in work only a year ago are now finding that they have been abandoned by the Department of Works & Pensions and are having to live on their life savings.

The Scroungers Charter introduced by Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer was designed to cut benefits in a time of high employment and high job vacancies.
It is now being used in earnest to assess the workers made unemployed by the government’s incompetence and the banker’s fraudulent greed.

The unemployed are being treated like criminals.
Means testing has excluded a whole raft of claimants from benefits and left them financially and emotionally wrecked.
Manipulations used by the DWP to refuse benefits range from; closing local Jobcentres, refusing appointments to make a claim, directing claimants to pension credit or sickness benefit and then refusing it.
Also a secret assessment of a claimants insurance stamps or the fortnightly interview at the jobcentre to show that you are looking for work.

The Labour Market analysis statistics show that the difference between the unemployment figures and the claimant count is nearly a million.
This is a million unemployed left to fend for themselves.
And for those looking for excuses to fault these figures, there are some that claim the real unemployment total is 5 million.
The statistics office claims the unemployed rate is 8%.
But this is by leaving out a whole raft of other designations.
Spain currently assesses it unemployment rate at 25% using a non political system.
Meanwhile, there is no parachute for those excluded from benefits.

And those waiting for Gordon Brown’s promise “to do everything he can for the unemployed” to materialise,
didn’t expect to be waiting in a shop doorway with a begging bowl.

A State of Emergency

As the media continues with it’s “business as usual” attitude and the MP’s continue in gross denial of any wrong doing in the banking crisis.
The banks themselves wallow resplendent in their new found wealth with a licence to carry on as usual.
Sitting on the countries wealth and stifling the economy as they avidly wait for the government to print more money for them to hoard.

But still nobody has learned from the folly of their actions.
Still noone heeds their own words about “saving for a rainy day.”
As the country lies near bankrupt under a government of treasonable incompetence, no one in the media will rock the boat.
The consequence of which means that there is no advance emergency planning.
And no one thinks outside the box about what will happen if this is a prelonged recession.
Or if there is a secondary failure in the banking system.

For not only do we not have enough money to support the next refinancing.
But GB has spent the money that could keep the economy of the country going over the next decade.
And the banks that caused the worldwide financial crash are imminently heading for another one with rampant disregard.

The media it is failing yet again, to asses the seriousness of the situation.
Exactly how many people have been thrown out of work.
How many have had their lives thrown into turmoil.
How many holidays cancelled, many homes have been lost, how many families broken.

The only guide available appears to be the unemployment statsitics.
But these figures are tainted by years of manipulation by GB when he was the Chancellor.
They do not give any idea of the number of people actually out of work.
The public servants are still operating on pre crash rules, regulations & laws, so people affected by the recession are not only suffering unemployment, they are being refused benefits under GB’s Scoungers Charter.
This where the department of works and pensions uses every trick in the book to stop people from claiming benefits.
Where the local councils are still taking assetts from the over 60’s to pay their fraudulent council tax bills.

So while the politicians and the media debate at length cutting benefits for the sick & the long term unemployed ,the actual cost to people in terms of real poverty and deprivation is not even being considered.
The conspiracy of silence by the unscathed employed is to debate “Broken Britain” while idly missing the fact that a new underclass is being created below and outside of the benefits system.
The only statistics likely to show up on this will be a rise in the suicide rate on Christmas day.

Could it possibly be, that within our so called civilised society; poverty, homelessness and deprivation are being caused by our own public servants on a daily basis.
Could it possibly be, that in 21st century Britain, the poor are worse off than in Victorian England?

September 2009

Ryanair Kills off Democracy in Europe.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has been bought off by the corrupt EU to swing the referendum vote in Ireland.
O’Leary, previously a vociferous opponent of the EU, has cynically switched sides and appears on Irish TV regularly to swing the vote to the yes camp.
Last year O’Leary was fighting several battles with the EU bureaucracy.
The EU has poured £500 million of taxpayers money into Ireland to buy the yes vote.

Support Democracy. Don’t Fly Ryanair

Statesman Of the Year

Prudence was awarded the World Statesman of the Year by a US foundation.
The award, from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, recognised the Prime Minister's role in leading the international community towards a solution to the global economic crisis.
How deluded are these people?
Gordon Brown was awarded the "Fuckwit of the Century" award in March 2008 by
This was for destroying the legacy of Magna Carta, refusing the people of England an EU referendum
and transferring sovereignty to the EU unelected bureacrats.
The ultimate surrender monkey.

MP’s - A Media Parade of Vanity & Deceit

Back from holiday and refreshed our MP’s carry on as if nothing had happened.
A major diversion in the media has allowed them to continue in their arrogant ways.
The status quo remains. Business as usual.
Financial disasters have obliterated the facts of their incompetence.
No mention of Parliamentary reform or protecting democracy anymore.

Should we Send our MP’s Back to School?

In our new world where; teachers, doctors, or plumbers are trained into their respective trades.
And then retrained regularly to update their skills.
Isn’t it a bit strange that our MP’s have absolutely no qualifications whatsover, are randomly picked and are then let loose to run the country?
If there is one thing that New Labour how shown the electorate in spades it is that our MP’s are incompetent to the extreme.
Should we not therefore get them to train for their job.
Shouldn’t they be educated into the responsibilities of office?
Or should we just carry on randomly putting anyone in charge of the country and let them totally wreck it.
Because that is what has happened.
And as the news agenda moves on to new stories.
Should they let our Parliamentarians continue with this media parade of vanity & deceit?

Law & Disorder.

So now that we know that the criminals in control of our country have no laws to restrain them.
That it is not only the bankers and the politicians that have abused and defrauded the system.
But also the energy companies, the water companies and the utility companies that have defrauded us on a regular basis.
And that there are no laws to protect us from their greed.
South West Water is overcharging every customer in the South West £250 per year.
With the knowledge & support of Ofwat.
Our Local Councils levy inflationary taxes on us at will with no restrictions on their “take.”
Everyone who runs a business can find ways round “the law” to rip off the long suffering population.
Assets are hidden and stripped. Profits are concealed in offshore accounts. Surcharges are imposed without restriction.
And then these companies use the law and the courts against us to reclaim their fraudulent charges.
Isn’t it about time we had some legal protection from these robber barrons who use the courts to steal our wages, our assets and our savings.

The Paranoid Empire

The Government appears to have lost the ability to rationalise between real danger and media induced hysteria.
The ring fencing of child school contacts is likely to stop our children from developing their own sense of danger.

Democracy’s Last Stand

The Irish will vote on The Lisbon Treaty on October 2nd.
This is the last chance for the survival of democracy in Europe.
All the hopes of the people of Europe depend on this.
The Lisbon Treaty gives the unelected EU bureaucracy total control over the governments of Europe and their populations.
Any further decisions on any issues will not have to be put before the electorate.
The EU Superstate will be born and we will suffer the consequences and the cost.

Media Control

The advances in access to unregulated international news produced by the people for the people has brought the political classes and their power brokers out in a surge of paranoid control freakery.
The fact that the politicians will no longer be able to lie to the population on the BBC news every day and brainwash us poor mortals into the correctness of their obtuse manipulations has led them to conclude that the World Wide Web must be subjected to state control.
The fact that they are creating a society not dissimilar to George Orwells 1984 seems to be of little consequence to them.

The Future is “On – Demand” TV

The digital debate is moving on now that James Murdoch has attacked the BBC licence fee.
In a way this debate is irrelevant because the speed of change in HD digital broadcasting has already made fixed programme schedules look ancient.

If you have ever looked down your selection of 20 – 200 TV channels and wondered why there is still nothing on you want to watch then your prayers are about to be answered.
Over the next five years there will be a scramble for the dominating technology of the future to bring high definition television to your screens “On Demand”.
The new technologies will start a battle between the providers capable of bringing viewers any programme they want at any time they want.

August 2009

Harriet Harman’s Fairyland

Harriet Harman’s position as a government minister is highly respected in some quarters.
She has even been touted as the next Prime Minister.
Her enthusiasm in handling TV interviews with confidence has shown that she has obvious talents and the ability to learn and research all of the government’s areas of responsibility.
However, there is a something of the dreamer in Harriet.
She believes that she can create a perfect world by using the Human Rights Act to promote equality in all things.

8 Months and Counting

Bye bye Labour

Public Office

So why are the working class peasants supporting a bloated & corrupt aristocracy of public servants?
And can they afford it any more.
Not only are our MP’s riding the gravy train and claiming inflated expenses.
Thousands of public servants from the local town halls to the bureaucrats in Brussels have been awarding themselves excessive rewards from the public purse.
And yet again, not only are there no laws to protect us from this thievery,
they are now using the law to enforce us to pay for their corrupt habits.
Taking pensioners to court for non payment of Council Tax and stealing their assets & homes.
Local Councils have supported the criminal Labour Government by surcharging local tax payers with hidden charges.
They have claimed extortionate expenses which were authorised by themselves.
And have paid themselves inflated wages, pensions and bonuses for doing little work.
The power and control given to our servants in public office has been used for their own personal benefit & gain.
It would be a simple matter to change the law and kill off all this corruption
Criminalise the use of public office for personal benefit & gain.

State Pension to End

Desperate to find some more money after the Royal Mail failed to sell, Gordon Brown is considering passing the State Pension over to the crooks in the Insurance Industry.
Thereby at a flash disconnecting himself from its imminent bankruptcy and handing the fraudulent insurance industry the job of telling us who will and who won’t get any state pension.
The skimmers at the “Pru” are going to love this.
"And how much am I bid for the biggest annuity fraud in the history of the universe, 500 billion? Do I hear 6?".

July 2009

No Financial Integrity

Now that the banks have recovered from their fraudulent disasters.
And the stock exchange has started to recover. .
The ordinary public find that they have totally lost confidence in every form of finance. .
We have long succumbed to the fraudsters in the pension, mortgage and investment companies. .
And have sullenly watched as the New Labour project enforced a thousand new stealth taxes on us and then sneakily increased our Council Tax. .
We now find that all the mistakes that the politicians made over the last few decades are coming home to roost. .
And we will have to pay yet another raft of bills for their mistakes. .
I refer to the cost of utility bills. .

The Illusion of Government

As MP’s leave London for a three month holiday they are leaving the country in turmoil.
With the Brown government racked with dissent and unable to focus.
With Parliament’s reputation in ruins
There is only one level that this forlorn government is performing well on.
And that is the illusion of government put out every day by our television news broadcasters.
The illusion that everything is okay.

June 2009

We're in the Brown

GB announces his 350th relaunch for Britain.
Failing to notice that after twelve years of his financial control he should have already completed "his vision."
And not just be starting it.
Isn't it just so polite of the English media not to call him a LIAR.

Pension Update

Britains unfunded public sector pension liabilty now amounts to £1.4 trillion.
This is 85% of gross domestic product(GDP) (DT)

Mir Hossein Mousavi

The Iranian opposition leader is now totally cut off from the outside world.
With his supporters bludgeoned to death on the streets of Tehran.
Not only has Amhadinerjad turned the army, the police and his feared Basij militia on his own people.
There are confirmed sightings of Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists within the army ranks.
If the power struggle within the ranks of the Iranian Islamic leaders fails.
Amhadinerjad will continue on track for World War Three.

Danger - Major Diversion Ahead

Media falls into another Brown trap as he announces an inquiry into the Iraq war.
Thereby starting another press mealy and wasting millions of taxpayers money just to get
Labour Party corruption out of the headlines.

11 Months and Counting

The Labour Party has decided to put the Democratic needs of the country on hold until the next election.
Ignoring the wishes of the electorate for a Lisbon referendum,
Ignoring the wishes of the electorate for drastic changes in Parliamentary accountability,
And ignoring the wishes of the electorate for a new Prime Minister.
The country now has to wait till the Autumn for a change in Prime Minister and May 2010 for a general election.
With a distracted Gordon Brown failing to protect British interests at a crucial time in world events.

The EU Elephant

It is becoming quite painful to watch the BBC put up Labour MP's in discussion after
discussion and programme after programme when they just SPIN the same old stuff.
SPIN is accepted by the media as a part of the daily political debate but to everybody else it is LIES.
And not just silly little LIES either, whopping big ones.
Don't you think it’s about time someone told the truth for a change.
GB destroyed this country’s economy, possibly twice, and yet the BBC lets his ministers brainwash the audience with the "accepted knowledge" that GB is a world acclaimed economist.
Is this some kind of BBC joke?
BBC discussions about the EU elections fail time and again to give the electorate any respect for understanding the facts of the Lisbon Treaty and the refusal of every main stream political party to give us a referendum.
This is the elephant in the room which leaves all the BBC political machinations puerile.
They leave the electorate out of any discussions on the EU elections and just carry on talking pseudo intellectual b*ll*cks about ‘the political situation.’

Coalition Government

The best result for the electorate in the next general election would be a coalition government.
With the Conservatives as the major party and UKIP as a strong second partner.
This would solve a multiple of the electorates problems at one sweep.
The Tories would not be able to go back on their Lisbon Referendum promise.
They would not be allowed by UKIP to back track on Parliamentary reform.
And the Tories would be able to trim government spending while building the economy along sensible guidelines.

UK Parliament in Political Meltdown

With all the hot air and wise words of the last few days it is sad to report that there is no cohesive political plan to reform Parliament.
No cohesive plan to solve the financial meltdown.
And no cohesive plan to help recession hit Britain.
Our political masters have decided that they can avoid the expenses situation by a few minor adjustments and some long winded review of the situation sometime in the future.
Much more important is their own survival and the need to impress the electorate with their ability for contrition.
They will therefore reform Parliament, and their expenses themselves.
They don’t want anybody else interfering in their lives.
In fact there is so much for this Parliament to do at this moment that they should not take any time for the summer recess.
They should be passing all the new laws to give us back Democratic control 24 hours a day, 7/7.
But they will do nothing as usual because this corrupt elite will never give up their own power.
They will not do what is right for Britain.
They will not do what is right for Democracy.
They will not do what is right for Europe.
Instead they will do what they do best; blame everybody else for their problems, infighting, causing political turmoil and spinning. (lying)
Meanwhile as the country’s economic problems drift further into the downturn.
our MP’s will hold on till the next election waiting to retire in affluence on the inflated pensions and bonuses which they have awarded themselves.

Vote For Gordon

The current spin that the Labour party would be better off now and at next years election with Gordon is a complete lie.
He is incapable of solving any of the problems because he fails to accept any responsibility for them.
The electorate will never accept him, in fact he is an electoral liability.
His ten years as Chancellor have left us all paying the price of his hyper taxation, his failure to control utility prices will bankrupt every state pensioner in the country.
He actively encouraged inflation as it brought him more tax.
He continues to lie continuously and seems unable to understand that saying your going to do something is not the same as actually doing it.
He had twelve years to build this country into his "vision" and he has destroyed it.
He lied to Parliament when he said he was going to do "everything he can" to help the unemployed.
Nothing has changed at the benefits office since the October meltdown.
He had already bankrupted this country before the meltdown of the banks.
His squandering of taxpayers money only covers up his bullying tactics to control everything.
He should be held to account for TREASON and like William Wallace; hung drawn and quartered.

MP’s Allowances

They don’t pay; Council Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Car Tax, pensions.
They don’t pay for; electricity, water, gas, telephone, broadband.
They don’t pay for; mortgages, rent, house furnishings, house renovations and maintenance.
They don’t pay for; taxis, air travel, train journeys, cars, chauffeurs.
They don’t pay; legal fees, accountancy fees, childcare, office costs.
They don’t pay for; ‘employing’ spouses and family members.
So what exactly do MP’s pay for.

EU/Council Elections

Unelected PM Brown dithers as Labour self-destructs.
The Media hyperventilates.
No change in sight for the long suffering electorate.
Democracy and reform kicked into the long grass.
The recession and financial collapse, yesterdays news.

May 2009

Media Sheep

Baa said the little lamb, what happened today. Not very much said the black sheep.
None of the pigs have got swine fever and the humans have mild flu.
You'd think they'd have more to worry about said the little lamb, what with the government in free fall
and the financial system totally destroyed. Surely it's exciting times.
No, said the black sheep, they only believe the media

EU Elections

Media panics as BNP support strengthens
Lib Dems, who voted against a Lisbon Treaty referendum, try to grab the high moral ground.
BBC News gives Harriet Harman daily election broadcasts for free.
Tories fail to clean up on expenses
Labour Party sinks deeper into gloom.


As the public waits in vain for the forces of law and order to arrest the corrupt Speaker and his MP's, the fallout from the expenses row continues to conceal the true depths of corruption in our political elite.
As the never ending role of corrupt expense claims grabs the attention of the headline grabbing media the true story of corruption remains untold.
The casual way that the Prime Minister Gordon Brown passed on billions of pounds of our children's future taxes to the banks only goes to underline how blatant his theft from the public purse has become.
Twelve years of tax grabbing and proliferate spending has allowed him to be the big fat controller of every major industry in the UK.
His top down bureaucratic control of the public purse has caused total chaos throughout the public services.
His rule of fear and financial punishment has stretched far outside the usual restraints of government control to control of the media, the police, the manipulation of the CPS and the Department of Justice.
Public Servant's loyalty bought off with bonuses and pensions that he will never have to pay.
The BBC and independent radio stations bought off with 'public service' broadcasts and secret deals.
A ghastly aurora of excrement awaits the next government who will have to clean up the nightmare of thirteen years of financial corruption leaving the debt laden, recession hit, unemployed electorate paying the cost of GB's inflated utility bills with his unworkable means tested benefits.

The Speaker falls on his sword but corruption continues.

MP's have continued with their attempt to clean up their public image before the June 4th Euro elections but they still have a long way to go.
In a sign of desperation they have submitted immediate modifications to their corrupt expenses system, already being analysed and refurbished by the House of Commons regulator.
As they stagger around like headless chickens waiting for the next explosive expose in the Daily Telegraph they hardly have the time to consider their own terminal decline.
Having attempted on several occasions to use the law courts and the police to conceal their criminal activities they suddenly find themselves completely exposed to the full wrath of the general public as the chill of change isolates them from their allies in this corrupt elite.
The next government will not only have to deal with the banking chaos, the recession and the shortfall in the government finances but all the other work that this lamentable parliament has failed to do.
The list is long and tortuous.
To stop the Lisbon Treaty in its tracks and get the EU bureaucrats under control.
To cut down the public sector pension debt.
To stop the utility companies rampant profiteering.
To sort out the state pension and benefits system.
And of course to reform the political structures and put back in place a truly democratic parliament.
It is just as well that they are only required to do 20% of their work as the EU is now the source of 80% of our new laws.

The Pension War

The strife between the two societies of Britain will be fought during the next few years over the pension divide.
This Labour government and its Chancellor have failed for twelve years to solve the problem of expanding pension costs.
The cost of public service pensions has long outstripped its financial viability and with no sign of a solution from our do nothing parliament this is going to be a problem that noone can solve.
Public service pensions are already primed to bankrupt the next government.
And then there's the over 60's who are now expected to use their means tested (by public servants) state pension to pay this extortionate debt.
So we have a possible failure of government to provide both the state pension and the public service pension with each making the other untenable.

April 2009

Media Law

The PC media has now managed to enforce it's pseudo morality on the metropolitan police.
The police are now no longer able to hit people when enforcing law and order or controlling the streets.
Also this week the PC media notched up yet another bizarre ruling by stopping US spooks from torturing known Al Qaeda terrorists.
So having already tied up the US & UK army in PC knots in Iraq, the media has defeated all of our forces of law and order and left us open to attack and totally defenceless.

G20 Fools the Media

Gordon Brown succeeded in pulling off the greatest confidence trick ever by getting US President Obama to "sign up" to a vacuous document which has no meaning and will have no effect.
The new Brown economic doctrine "to spend our way out of a recession" by getting into more debt flies in the face of every economic rule.
The only reason these politicians continue with this plan is so they can steal more taxpayers money and keep their own criminal Gravy Train on the tracks.
The desperation of their actions can be underlined by the fact that the EU still continues to expand its own financial commitments as if nothing had happened.
No sign of contrition from our political leaders, no sense of responsibility, no cut backs on expenditure, just a delusional air of denial, bordering on insanity.

MEP Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan's speech criticising Gordon Brown in the European Parliament on Tuesday has attracted more than 650,000 views on Youtube and enjoyed international news coverage.
On his blog, Hannan said: "I tipped off the BBC and some of the newspaper correspondents but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me."

April 1st 2009 The International Workers Revolution

A combination of; climate change reformers, construction workers, the unemployed, anti globalists and anarchists
will attempt to destroy the corrupt Brown government by taking over the City of London on April 1st.
Ordinary people are expected to join the usual G20 protesters to show their disgust at the rampant corruption and
anti democratic behaviour of the Labour government.

March 2009

Comedy Clips

Gordon Brown

How come Gordon Brown drives round London in a bullet proof car while our front line
soldiers drive round Afghanistan in open top land rovers.


The BBC sends spies to comedy clubs to steal jokes.
I've got one for them:
Is the BBC politically correct or just very very Gay.

Here's a BBC joke.

If an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist is an ethnic migrant.
And bombing London is a "major incident"
What's a nuclear suicide bomber?
"A population dispersal person"..

Here's a BBC joke

If jokes about race or colour are politically incorrect.
Does that mean we've got to laugh at the bugger joke for another ten years.

Brainwashing the Nation

Don't we all wish we were;
West London pseudo intellectual, academic, left wing, politically correct,human rights supporter, city dweller, office worker, upper middle class, university educated Sainsbury's shoppers.

And Here is the BBC news.

Gordon Brown launched his 25th financial package to save the banking system.
The BBC spent half a million pounds of licence payers money perverting the course of justice
The flowers are out in the Blue Peter garden and everything is lovely.


You can't call a gollywog a gollywog
But you can still call Adrian Chilles a fat Brummie bastard.

Gordon Brown

I have a lot of respect for Gordon Brown.
He's the only Scotsman who crossed the border into England,
Totally destroyed the whole country. and lived to tell the tale. (William Wallace loves him)
Maybe he should get the same treatment. Hung drawn and quartered.
Now that's something to dwell on isn't it.

Gordon Brown

I have a lot of respect for Gordon Brown
He spent ten years as chancellor
Two years as prime minister.
He abolished boom and bust
Built up a dynamic British economy
Saved the banks in the credit crunch
And then saved the world.


There's a revolution coming.
It starts at Woolworths on Monday.


GCHQ have a great plan to monitor every email and telephone conversation.
That would take about 40 million public servants or a million Microsoft computers that never crash.

Jackie Smith. Home Secretary.

Oh, Sweet.

Join the Revolution; drink beer.

February 2009

Broken Britain

Broken Britain isn't to be found in the squalor & depravity of the underclasses.
It is to be found in our ruling elite who have abandoned centuries of honest servitude of England for short term personal power, profit & greed.
Even now they continue to vie for power and glory as the country crumbles around them.
The delusional Brown still hailing his economic integrity with exuberant pride as poverty grips the nation.

Unions & Bankers

The unions who traditionally have represented the working classes in times of industrial dispute have been compromised by their conflicting alliances.
Firstly they are still financing the dire corrupt Labour government.
Secondly they have a large membership of public service employees.
Both of these alliances make them part of the problem instead of the solution.
The recent industrial action by construction workers appeared to be a grass roots revolt.
This left the unions frantically trying to catch up on events and eventually posturing some kind of control.

It is alleged that there are a million unemployed construction workers who have been refused benefit by the Jobcentre.
They have also been abandoned by the unions who are now more interested in collecting direct debits than
solving workers problems.
This Labour? Government has stolen £500 billion in tax to keep itself in power.
It has tried and failed four times to reflate the banking economy.
It has failed to support financially the unemployed workers by restricting benefits.
It has failed to pass on any money directly to the construction projects necessary to provide construction industry jobs.
It has destroyed democratic principles by denying us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

As the politicians continue to draw vast salaries and steal their way to the next election it has become more and more apparent that the conservative opposition are just as culpable of the current corruption prevalent in our political elite.

In the year 1215 the Magna Carta was signed giving the people of England freedom from the tyrannical rule of King John.
Our politicians are supposed to be our democratic representatives, not tyranical thieves.

Bank Bonuses

The reason that the RBS & Lloyds bank bonuses are unforgivable is not because they had to use taxpayers money to survive the problems caused by their own feckless greed.
It is because they have caused real life tragedy to millions of people who are suffering untold financial hardships.
This is something that an employed person can never understand.
Unemployment brings with it; repossessed homes, broken families, canceled holidays, means tested benefits, homelessness, poverty & a loss of self esteem.
Giving bankers bonuses is like pouring salt into the wounds of the deprived.
And likely to cause enough bitterness & resentment to fire a revolution.

British Jobs for British Workers

The dispute at the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery in Lincolnshire has spread with unofficial strikes around many UK power stations and oil refineries.
Unions across the UK have been campaigning for a change in EU law, the Posted Workers Directive, which allows firms to employ foreign workers at rates that undercut domestic wages and working conditions.
Contract workers at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria, Heysham nuclear power station in Lancashire and Staythorpe power station near Newark in Nottinghamshire are among those taking unofficial action for the first time.

January 2009

The Weather Forecast

There is a big black cloud hanging over Westminster.
Our political yesterdays men continue to play a game of denial and deceit.
They do not realise that they are no longer in power.
They have already destroyed the electorates faith in democracy so why should they be surprised when they are removed from power.

Gordon Brown. You are the weakest link.


We Didn't See it Coming

The lie that 'no-one saw it coming' covers up the truth that intellectually and philosophically the current establishment has failed.
As our Prime Minister repeats his sham babble of conceit so do the media pundits, trying to rebuild their understanding of the situation and their reputations.

It is easier for the media to admit that they didn't see it coming than for them to admit that they did but then ignored it.
Everyone knew that the financial situation was out of control but no-one wanted to stop the party.

This financial meltdown is not just a failure of the banking system but a failure of every institution throughout our society.
The political establishment, the media, our academic elite, the public service, our whole controlling intelligentsia has failed to recognise the foolishness of basing our lives on economic expansion.

This failed Liberal elite now dominates all three political parties and the media.
It has a complete grip on western society but the most dangerous thing is in its unfailing belief in its own correctness.
Therefore it doesn't matter to them that they were wrong about the financial meltdown as collectively,
'no-one saw it coming.'

Government Corruption

It would be quite easy to stop the current explosion of corruption in our ruling elite.
To bring MP's into line you could make the MP's Code of Conduct legally binding.
To clean up the financial sector you could make the FSA part of the Metropolitan Police and bring it into the criminal justice system.
To stop public service corruption there should be a new criminal offence of "Using public office for fraudulent gain."
Business law should also be tightened up with a new crime of "fraudulent misrepresentation." (invoices and accounts)

The Reckoning

This financial failure will be a brutal reality for those who suffer directly the unemployment and the homelessness.
When the population realises the cost to them and the extent of the fraudulent betrayal by the establishment.
When they see with clarity the dividing line between the affluent fraudsters in power who have robbed and stolen our taxes leaving the population destitute.
And when our university students find out that not only have they no jobs but their lives have been blighted by 30 years of debt.
There will be a reckoning.

Rogue Traders

A Trillion pounds missing from the UK banking system and not a prosecution in sight.
If fraud is all too complicated for the old bill then maybe they should try Treason.
Meanwhile pensioners are still going to court for TV licence and Council Tax arrears.

Loan Guarantee Scheme

My personal opinion is that you can't save all of the banks.
Its just too costly.
Its also a waste of money if your trying to pass on investment to businesses.
because there will be a percentage loss(100% at the moment) as they refinance their own debts,
take out management costs & pay their own wages/bonuses/pensions/redundancies/shareholders.
I know we'd all like to be able to go back to the old banking system but you can't.

The Cameron National Loan guarantee scheme is a brilliant idea but who will guarantee that the banks don't skim the funds as they have with every other financial service they provide.
Drastic action is required now, not next month.
Either use the Post Office to administrate the funds with the Inland Revenue.
Or nationalise one small high street bank.

You cannot 'save the world.'
You cannot save the banks,
the stock exchange,
the public sector,
and the UK business economy.

You can save one and hope that will stimulate the others.
But it has to be the right one.
Get the loans freed up now!

Israel Stands Alone

This is like watching World War III unfold before our eyes.
Why did no-one stop Iran as it smuggled arms into Gaza for Hamas.
Why did the UN allow Hezbollah to rearm in southern Lebanon.
Why did the western media destroy international support for Israel.
Why did the western allies do nothing to head off the coming confrontation.
Why did the Russians and the Chinese refuse to condemn Iran's nuclear weapons project.
Why did Israel attack Iran.

December 2008

Election Gamble

As Gordon looks at the cards in his hands he must be regretting not going to the country in 2007.
He can't possibly wait until 2010 as then he will be a broken Prime Minister in charge of a broken country.
Now, he has a completely failed economy and the signs of a tortuous recession expanding beneath his feet.
His only card is to pull the most breathtaking confidence trick ever, mounted on a gullible and ill informed electorate.
The Illusion of a great statesman standing before us holding back the waves of disaster about to engulf our storm raged island.
The only way to conjure up this cynical illusion is to manipulate his media profile to such an extent that he will appear the only man for the job.
Mandelsons plan must be for a daily blitz of the nations news networks with positive videos of him leading the nation, our soldiers, our banks to a sweeping crescendo of electoral victory.
He has already bought airtime on the corrupted BBC by giving them a contract which by passes the next government.
But has he already started electioneering and media boosting his image for an early 2009 election.
This illusion can only be created for a limited time only, as the reality of his great financial rescue packages will be coming home to roost later in the year
Will fear drive the electorate back to the Labour Party.

Desperate Gordon

Now getting increasingly desperate and still in denial of the reality of the financial situation GB is likely to attempt to buy the election using our tax money.
Buying votes with more support packages for the car industry or pensioner increases.
Nothing is impossible for this dying government.
Bankrupting the country again is of little importance to a man with no morality or responsibility.

Bank Bonuses

I think we all realised they were crooks in 2002 after we lost money on our endowments, with profits bonds, pensions etc.....
The only people who didn't realise the financial services industry were crooks were the banks and the government.
And they were so up to their armpits in it they didn't care.
And they still don't care because they haven't lost anything have they.
We lost the money, our homes, our jobs and our savings.
The MP's and the banks got their bonuses and two years to prepare their pension funds for the crunch.

Public Service Pensions

Public Service Pensions should be linked to the State Pension.

The House of Commons

A devious and manipulative government working against the British interest, the electorate and against democracy and freedom.
How much more arrogantly despicable can this Labour government get.
The televised House of Commons debate on 'The Speaker' showed complete disregard for any moral or legal prerequisites as hundreds of years of democracy was callously kicked into the long grass.
Similar to many other debates where the government fought unworthy battles to sustain its existence.
A Labour Party hijacked by the unelected Mandelson & Brown sleezily destroying the national heritage.

The Gambler

Prudence gambles his future and that of the of the country on a turn of the cards.
The "Financial Rescue Package" is his answer to 12 years of exponential spending.
Not to be confused with the last "Financial Rescue Package" (re-finance the banks ) or the previous "Financial Rescue Package" (Northern Rock)
or the current "Financial Rescue Package" (reflate the economy) or the next one (reflate the motor industry)
Give it six months and he'll be begging the IMF for help.
Gamblers never admit to their addiction.

Bureaucratic Control

When Ed Balls jumped on Haringey Social Services and held them to blame for their appalling mismanagement,
Was he correct or was he just covering up for a government system devised by New Labour to Control & Spend that has completely and utterly failed.

In the Year 2010

Having destroyed his own period of government GB now seems to be desecrating the next.
Not content with creating his own budget, GB is now writing the 2010 budget when he won't even be in power.
How much more financial damage is he going to inflict on the next government before he retires.
Is there no limit to this man's craving for power.
If he carries on like this, can we expect a Mugabe type "State of Emergency" to avoid the next election.

Public Service Pensions

Public Service Pensions should be linked to the State Pension.

The Destruction of Democracy.

The Human Rights Act has promoted the rights of the individual over democratic principles.
In a democratic society the electorate have given up their individual rights in place of a vote for a political arbiter.
The Human Rights Act protects individual rights above that of the electorate, common sense and the existing judicial process.
We are sleepwalking into the destruction of Democracy with the Human Rights Act & The Lisbon Treaty.

November 2008

Damien Green Arrest

Now it is the turn of Jacqui Smith, Prudence and Michael Martin to sweat in the dock.
The Accused are alleged to have facilitated the arrest of a member of the opposition in a direct assault upon centuries of constitutional privilege
and in breach of the constitution of the House of Commons.
This is a moment to savour in slow motion.


When GB goes back to Scotland
He will be hailed as a hero.
With England destroyed.
He can retire in glory
Leaving a 50 year national debt behind him.

Historic Betrayal

While the BBC governors contemplate the petty indiscretions of Ross & Brand there is still one international scandal where the BBC coverup department has succeeded.
The continuing SILENCE on any aspect of the European Union project is a betrayal of every person in Britain.
As our 'human rights' are being re-written and destroyed on a daily basis, the BBC has not had one discussion on the most momentous upheaval in British history since Magna Carta.
As the BBC criticises every aspect of UK/US government on all of its twenty? media channels, it has "no comment" on the European State.
A complete blanket of SILENCE on the "education" of the nation on the social-political changes that are being undertaken.
A complete blanket of SILENCE on any discussion of the subject.
And a complete blanket of SILENCE on the legal implications.
Keeping the British people in the dark is a new sinister diversion for the BBC and not a good sign of things to come from the European State.

South West Water

Highest water rates in the country for undrinkable tap water.

The Final Solution

I think we could help the UK economy by exporting all our problems.
Set up old people homes in Gambia which is the only place that an old age pension is worth any money.
Send the bankers to the Isle of Wight and destroy the ferry.
Send our political elite to the International Space Station for a long period of meditation and contrition for their actions.

October 2008 - Financial Meltdown

No Support for Construction Industry

As the bankers lay back and relax in their new found wealth and contemplate their next bonus
Construction Industry workers are finding that their self employed status makes them unable to claim any benefits at all.
As Gordon announces to all in the House of Commons that he is helping the unemployed.
There is actually not only no help at the grass roots but a benefit system designed to deter the unemployed from claiming.

A Million Missing From Unemployment Figures.

The department of works and pensions has built up a system of deterrence for would be claimants.
A series of complicated hoops that a claimant has to jump through to actually get registered as unemployed and eventually get benefit.
A national telephone registration system has been installed which suggests to claimants that its not worth them registering.
Then an attempt is made to direct them onto other benefits.
Also a secret assessment of their national insurance stamps can invalidate a claim.
Then a personal assessment at the jobcentre to show that they are willing to work.
Then they have to sign on regularly even if it is 20 miles away.
The Department of Works and Pensions is a minefield of secret regulations which the claimant can fall foul of at any time.
It is rather like snakes and ladders.
To be registered in the unemployment statistics you have to be "a claimant" (actually receiving benefit).
So if the jobcentre refuses to pay you, then as far as the government statistics are concerned, you are technically not unemployed.
This leaves a black hole in government statistics and real life poverty for all who fall outside of the system.
To add to the confusion the government has revamped (buried) the unemployement national statistics in the Labour Market analysis.
The introduction of means tested benefits means that claimants are brought down to the poverty level before the benefit is paid.
Even over 60,s are being stripped of their life savings before being allowed benefit.
When claimants are at their lowest ebb and they need help, they are faced with a barrage of bureaucratic tricks to make them fail.
If you think there is a basic structure to help the unemployed in this country, there isn't. Gordon has already destroyed that.
People are homeless & starving in Britain today and its going to get worse.

Gangster Republic

Its not just the bankers that are ripping off the electorate.
There is endemic corruption of all forms throughout British society.
The political elite are in denial of the effect of their own fraudulent habits.
They have failed to regulate, control & legislate the necessary new laws to fit current issues within our society.
They have been concentrating on completing their own political agenda while ignoring the ongoing needs of a modern society.

Public Sector Pensions

£21 Billion unfunded annual debt paid for by the taxpayer.

Orwellian Database

Labour MPs have joined with opposition parties in expressing concern about Government's plans to monitor the telephone and internet habits of ordinary people.
Jacqui Smith's plan, would allow the creation of a vast database that would store information of online communications.
Civil liberties groups have also condemned the plans describing them as "Orwellian."

The Human Rights Act - Article 8

The Right to respect for private and family life

1 Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.
2 There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

The Times

The most repellant sight of the year must surely have been the front page of the Times 10/10/08.
The sight of a resplendent Gordon Brown smiling and happily encouraging all to "follow his lead" .
As the most hated man in Britain at the moment it should have occurred to the Times Editor that putting his smiling picture on the front page was not actually a smart move.
I personally had to pay out an extra 20p to buy The Independant to avoid the sorry spectacle.
If Brown thinks he has anything to crow about about in any of his years in power he is sadly deluded.
I was at odds on how to pick a metaphor to hightlight the precariousness of Prudences situation and was torn between :
1. Pride before a fall.
2. Politician holds water in sieve. (I was hoping to save that for the next EU conference.)

The Times has been badly caught out by current events.
Its traditional readership base in the city has left it conflicted as to how to report city fraud in a way that does not inflame its readers.
But it has failed
The Mail on the other hand is thriving as it lambastes Brown on one page, the city crooks on the next, and the utilities after that.
There is a revolution going on and The Times is not a part of it.
I never thought I would say this but I now respect the opinions of The Mail.
They have the pulse of the nation at this critical time.
The population don't just want justice, they want blood.

The Three Crooks

1. Politicians: Personal wage increases, pension rises, personal allowance fraud.
2. The Bankers & Financial Services: Profiteering from fraud
3. The Utility Companies: Fraudulent profiteering and accounting theft.

Judicial Enquiry

If ever there was a time of national interest in which there should be a judicial enquiry, it is now.
The electorate should know who is culpable for the destruction of our financial system,
learn the lessons from the mistakes and get safeguards in place to make sure it never happens again.
Is this yet another test that Gordon will run away from.
Are the politicians so wrapped in the mire that they cannot allow any light on the situation.

The Sheriff of Nottingham

Gordon is trying to steal EU development aid from the South West and use it in one of his schemes for first time buyers.

Michael Martin

The greatest symbol of corruption and self seeking gratification in our highly unesteemed institution still stands strong in the Houses of Parliament.
It appears that it was not only Gordon Browns skin that was saved by the financial meltdown but also that of the fraudster Speaker of the House of Commons.

The Good News

The good news is that the Labour Party gave us smoke free pubs
Its great to go out into a smoke free pub & go home without our clothes reaking of cigarettes

Only the Working Class Go To Jail

Don't hold your breath waiting for the fraudulent bankers to go to jail.

September 2008

It's a Liberal World

It doesn't matter who you vote for nowadays, all the parties are liberals.
Brainwashed by the media they have all fallen in line.
Its the Liberal Labour Party with the ineffective Brown.
The Liberal Conservatives sneaking into the middle ground with David Cameron.
And the Liberal Liberal non Democrats (who voted against EU democracy) being more liberal than all the other liberals.

Prescott - Just Plain Stupid

Nobody took John Prescott seriously as Deputy Prime Minister but now his “work” is causing havoc throughout the country.
Home Information Packs (HIP's) for every house sale in the country have been introduced,
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for all rental property from October 1st,
Part P regulation for electricians who can no longer work in their own homes without a certificate from the council,
Not to mention the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)which will require every house in the country to be assessed by a health & safety inspector.
Wasting everybody's money, creating needless bureaucracy. Just plain stupid.

Off Gordon

Will Prudence ever get round to sorting out the failure of the energy regulator, Ofgem, the water regulator, Ofwat & communications regulator Ofcom.
All who have done nothing to help control the consumer rippoffs.

George Michael

So why did George Michael and Kate Moss get off their drug charges.
Because their not working class.

Jaqui the Wheelie Bin Queen

Our Home Secretary certainly takes her job seriously but has she realised that she could create more wheelie bin criminals if she brought in a new law forcing councils to make all households use wheelie bins.
Can you believe it! There are actually councils in Britain where there are no wheelie bins, no child police spies, no health & safety spooks , no bin computer tags.
I tried to question Jaqui on the subject but she was in a hurry to get to Sainsburys and pick up her Gran.

Maggie Thatcher

Let face it, if Maggie was in charge, the terrorist plane bombers would be dead.
The SAS would have thrown a gun on the floor and shot them all.
Now that's what I call justice.

Jacqui Smith

Home Secretary for Great Britain.
How did that happen then?
I know that there are many women in Britain capable of doing this job with great integrity but unfortunately she is not one of them.
I'm sure Kylie would have had better ideas for running the country than this Jackie magazine reader.

War in Georgia

Did David Miliband wear long trousers when he visited the Ukraine recently.
He is highly rated intellectually by the Labour party but always fails to say anything meaningful.
He appears like a spotty teenager just out of school.

The EU States

Are having a meeting about Russia's invasion of Georgia, Putin must be quaking in his boots.
Why did the esteemed Times use the headline, 'Putin Accuses America'
Thereby not only repeating an obvious lie but also helping the Russian propaganda machine.
Even The Mail relegated the story to a minor column on page two.
Is Murdock stirring the US political pot?

EU Leaves Europe Undefended

No doubt Putin noticed that our tanks and armies are in Afghanistan & Iraq.
While the menials in Brussels debate destroying NATO with the EU rapid deployment force, Putin could have walked halfway across Europe.
It takes one person to make a decision and a committee of states to make a fatuous proposal.

NHS Clostridium Defficile

It always amazes me how hospitals think they are some kind of social centre where everyone can 'meet the patients.'
If you worked in a food factory you wouldn't expect visitors.
You would have to; change clothes, wear head covering, wash your hands every hour, clean all work surfaces before and after work, have the whole area made out of sealed washable surfaces, walk through plastic screened doors, etc
And no visitors.
Hygiene for hospitals should be higher than for food production not lower.


Gordon Brown has subsidised Scotland with £102Billion of English taxpayers money (TPA)

Jacqui Smith

She's not really in charge of MI5 and the SAS is she?
“Now guys, I don't want any of that nasty killing stuff going on.
They might be terrorists but even they've got human rights you know.”

September 2nd 2008

A Vacuous Society

Britain has turned itself into a vacuous society with warped values, twisted morals and little social cohesion.
Its self determined destruction has been brought about by the surrender of personal morality to the banal maze of the media.
The confusion of fame & fortune with right and wrong has created disorder in all facets of society.
From the legal institutions, education, parliament, through to public service there is corruption and a lack of moral structure.
The substitution of economic government over democracy has driven our society to greed instead of to financial fairness.
The rich and powerful have turned theft into a legalised practice at the cost of the poor and the unrepresented.
This political shift into corruption coincides with the illegal setting up of the EU Lisbon Treaty with the support of the British media and news organisations.

The World Economy

Is being used to justify everything from war to African poverty but it is an illusion built on corruption.
The corruption stems from the initial lie that economic expansion is paramount to the well being of the world economy.
Financiers hide their complete lack of constraint by continually exploiting 'new' markets.
As long as there are ' new' markets there will be room for continued corruption or 'profits' as they like to call them.
Free Trade is another lie as the trade blocks are restricted zones that still exclude half the world.


The only real hope the impoverished nations have is if the world economy changed to 'Static Control'.
Only then would they be allocated a fair slice of world trade.
International company law needs reforming to outlaw reckless profiteering causing other peoples poverty.
The race for economic expansion is dangerously out of control not least because of the lack of energy resources available.
Any country seeing its energy resources failing could resort to war to capture new supplies.


Who destroyed the art of intellectual political conversation?

BBC Licencepayers

Shouldn't the people who have been paying for the BBC for the last 50 years get company shares.
Apparently, "They know where we live."


If all our political elite are university trained how come there so bad at their jobs.
Are the universities training students to think for themselves or are they just implanting outdated poltico dogma which the arrogant muppets keep forever.

MP's Complaints & Regulation Procedure .

Don't hold your breath waiting for it.

Stream of Thought Conciousness

While watching the Bob Dylan dvd.'No Direction Home', I realised that the gift he gave to us was the ability to tell it like it is.
To tell the truth without fear or prejudice from your own perspective.
It is only when you see how intellectually challenged people were in those days (1965) that you realise how ground breaking his critique on society was.
Now things have moved beyond music & poetry to Blogs.
The daily newspapers and occasional TV programs are using blog type material for their columns & programmes..
The fact that this has had no effect on the status quo is due to the millions of mindless bureaucrats still weaving a road to oblivion.
When these jobsworths realise that they are the cause of humanities intellectual destruction there might be a chance for the future.
Until then, tell it like it is, Blog On.

August 2008


With the corrupted world economy in recession & heading for a depression what hope is there for Britain.
Maybe a coup by the army and the installation of a dictator would be the answer.
The nationalisation of the banks & utility companies without compensation.
BP taken back into government ownership.
These are all left wing ideas that Prudence should be contemplating, if only to reject them.
The control of the banks by the FSA has failed as have the other regulators, the law society, Ofwat and the energy regulator, Ofgem . So where to now?
Possibly the government could force the regulators to act as they should.
To lead by example would not only placate the electorate but would progress the labour party doctrine pleasing the unions.


MPs expenses & wages rise, their pensions grow as British soldiers die from lack of equipment.

Canoe fraud

A good example oh how the can jump on a minor story and make it into a big story.
This fulfills all the right criteria, easy to write, naïve, stupid fraud, picking on the working classes who should know their place.
It doesn't seem like much money though when our banks are defrauding the government & us of billions on a daily basis.
But then obviously our banks never get caught.
Don’t rock the boat or upset the bankers cause it might affect your owns companies credit rating.


Don’t mention the international banks that use your savings in foreign investments as you sleep.
Bank funds are transferred to a branch in the next time zone when they close and can actually be used for 3x 8 hour periods in one 24 hour day.
This means that banks can remove 66% of customers assets without anyone noticing.


Prudence still continues in la la land failing to admit that it was he who controlled the FSA , the Bank of England and the banks as they used our money in a culture of gambling.
Now that his 11 years of tax & spend is coming home to roost he is caught in his own combined double wammy.


Once there was a time when a few well educated individuals could benefit the country by using their wisdom to help us by becoming MPs.
Now the general population has reached a higher level of education and with day to day experience has reached a higher level of intellect than those in power.
With the added fillip of common sense it now makes our political elite redundant.
We could vote on every issue democratically, electronically, without the need of an MP to represent us .

The Civil Service.

We were promised a new efficient computerised world where the cost of admin/government would be slashed.
But we still have brain dead numpties planning Britains future with the adeptness of a frog.
And we have billions of pounds worth of computer systems that fail regularly.
The Civil Servants still have an isolated mentality that works against the electorate and against Britain.
The problems we face are never addressed because we still do not have a plan to solve the problems of twenty years ago..(rail, pensions, drugs)
Our politicians had a plan which failed and it bankrupted the economy. Now the only plan they have is to tax themselves out of trouble.
Are the Civil Servants still fighting for themselves only, or is there help at hand.

News of the World

It was highly amusing to read the tabloid indignation in bold front page headlines as they opined against the judge in the Mosley case.
Not one appeared to see that he was actually right and that the News of the World had attempted yet another fit up.
The fact that it was a breach of privacy and basically untrue was irrelevant of course.
But then those who rewrite history on a daily basis should be afeared of the truth.

Statistical manipulations of policy & the electorate are no substitute for common sense.

The electorate have been totally misread.
They don’t want pr and government manipulated news.
They want quiet government ticking away in the background
No trauma, no political news and no mistakes.

The Thought Police

That's all we need isn't it, a new police force of middle class radically prejudiced snoopers.
Inspecting our bins, listening to our phone calls, intercepting our emails and accessing all our private data
Death by health & safety experts.

June 22 2008

Why is Everyone so Bloody Miserable?

Transport minister Tom Harris criticises the electorate but what is the answer?
Could it be?
12,674 new taxes from Prudence
The end of our democratic political system
The end of the free society & the beginning of the surveillance society.
The collapse of our economy
The destruction of our pensions
MP's ignoring the electorates wishes
Immigrants stealing our jobs,houses & benefits
Public servants pensions bankrupting the economy
Utility & fuel rises
Health & safety stupidities
Human rights stupidities
No EU referendum
Banks ripping us off at every opportunity
Terrorists claiming benefit & legal aid
MP's stealing all they can grab
Not forgetting the endemic failures in the NHS, the police, the legal system, transport & education.
Not bad for 11 years of labour misrule.

MP's – Beyond The Pale

June 14th 2008

BT is Killing Broadband

Having failed to spend the last 15 years rewiring Britain for fast Broadband BT now has the cheek to demand extra payments for fast connections (100Mb).
After salting away all their vast profits, instead of reinvesting and upgrading, they now hold their long suffering customers and Ofcom to ransom over the ancient slow local loop copper connections.(50+ years old)
BT started using computer technology in 1970 with computer inventors ICT and was at the forefront of many technological breakthroughs.
Though they were quick to use computer technology to save themselves money they always held back on allowing their customers to benefit from their experience.
This has caused Britain to fall from the forefront of telecoms to a seventh rate nation.
How much longer Ofcom is going to continue with BT's obduracy nobody knows.
Surely the only way to free up investment in the local loop is to carve up lucrative areas which all have responsibilities to rewire the surrounding countryside.
Otherwise BT will continue to pick the profitable cities and abandon the countryside to its fate.


Its at times like these in Zimbabwe that we realise how little power the UN actually has.
While pontificating in style at various summits it actually has neither the power or the will to act.
Maybe there are too many problem areas in the world to naively expect the UN to sort them out.
But as we look to the future with the EU rapid response force we can only guess that it will take forever and ever for the bureaucrats in Brussels to agree on anything let alone an aggressive deployment of forces in Africa.
This is where the media liberalist dream of peace and love falls apart because the only person with the bottle to contain Mugabe has been castrated by the liberal elite.
If only George Bush would fly a few jets over Harare and frighten the living daylights out of them.

EU Treaty

BY LAW, the treaty - which would create an elected EU president and an EU foreign minister, while cutting back the number of national vetoes - can only be implemented if it is ratified by all 27 member states.
This shouldn't be a problem for GB though.(wot referendum?)

GB Expands the Black Economy

Gordon Browns tax & control policies are having the opposite effect. He is driving people into the black economy as competition from unregulated foreign workers drives down wages at the same time as a multitude of new regulations drive up the costs forcing workers to take any work available.

May 2008

Jihadist Blows up Toilet

The war on terror took a new turn when Muslim convert Nicky Reilly succeeded in blowing up the toilet in the Giraffe restaurant in the Southernay shopping precinct Exeter Devon UK.
Al Qaeda had identified the target as a good place to massacre Christians though their information seems to have been slightly incorrect. .Exeter is not a very good place to choose or even Devon.
Osama bin Laden has released a tape on the Al-Jazeera Arab news station praising the radicalised fanatic for his bravery in attacking the forces of evil. He promised him 72 virgins, three burkhas and a bowl of chips.
Devon and Cornwall Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville said 'Reilly appeared to be a vulnerable individual who had been preyed upon and radicalised'.
Damage to the toilet was minimal though Nicky Reilly had to be hospitalised.
It is thought that Nicky had problems while priming the detonator.
He said,“As I was sitting on the bog the whole thing blew up in my face dinit”

Green MP's

In response to MP's carbon card green scheme may I suggest that they look at their own
proliferation instead of imposing yet another so called green tax.
Has the amount of unnecessary bureaucracy our MP's create been analysed, as they create more and more quangos, more paperwork and more public servants.
Surely a strict analysis of the amount of carbon waste from the offices used by these wastrels would help our annual offset allowance and allow some common-sense to prevail.
Businesses work on a strict management to worker ratio. Government has no such rationalisation. They just expand exponentially and demand more tax to pay for their ignorance.

Gordon's Armageddon Awaits

Another day another tax. Prudence just doesn't seem to have got the message. We've had enough his tax bills.
Having spent the last decade trying to make local government responsible for less and more at the same time, with local council tax bills hitting £2,000 annually how much more will the passive electorate take .
There is another poll tax riot just round the corner.
If Labour wont kick him out then we'll have to do it.


It will be interesting to see who the BBC is going to side with in the coming years.
Will it try to cosy up to the EU for more grants and expansionist European dominance..
Will it continue its alliance with Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel.
Will it still prefer Iran to the US
Will it abandon the Labour Party as the Conservatives head for election victory.
Will it defend the rights of the British people as they battle the evil forces of government.
Will it support the licence fee payers who have provided its welfare for the last 50 years.
Will it continue its pretence to be impartial on every subject.
Watch another episode of soap to answer all of these questions and more.


18th May 2008
To test or not to test is totally irrelevant. Teachers are failing, schools are failing, pupils are being abandoned to their fate.
We are turning out a high percentage of uneducated louts who are only good at street slang, gang culture and bullying.
Academic education failed fifty years ago and will always fail. It does not educate the individual, it does not differentiate between the sexes, it does not identify human types or channel abilities into types of work.
Scientists know more about educating monkeys than they do about children. We spend more money on the Hubble telescope or looking for alien life forms than we do on our kids.
Is this a conspiracy of the rich & the powerful to keep the working classes ignorant or just a conflict of ignorance as government and teachers fight for power as yet another few generations of children fail.
And up & down the country a hundred universities educate and indoctrinate with no attempt to understand the psychological and physiological development of children.
What's the point of boring them to death with this mundane antique ideology of academia in the faint hope that they may identify with their teachers and learn how to memorise facts and repeat them robotically during a test.
Meanwhile killing all the youthful invigoration pouring from every child, their ability to think for themselves,
their spontaneity, their ability to create better original works of art than Van Gogh, to write better stories than Dickens & Shakespeare.To excel their teachers.
Poverty is no excuse either. If a school is in the middle of a deprived estate the school should be 'the source.' Funded to save these children from their poverty.

Public Service Pensions

Now that we are paying 26% for the extravagant public service pensions in our Council Tax,
And all our other taxes are probably paying another 26% for all the other public servants, has anybody ever bothered to ask why?
Why do people who have no pensions of their own have to pay somebody elses?
Isn't this an infringement of our human rights.
Why are we paying MP's pensions, Post Office pensions, BBC pensions etc.
Why can't they pay for their own pensions?
Take it out of their own wages not mine.


The house owning dream that Britain has sustained for so long has turned into a nightmare.
British householders are now targeted by every rip off merchant including our own government..
The failure of the financial services agency to regulate its industry is only one of the many frauds being perpetrated in the name of “The Economy.”
The failure to regulate the energy supply industry has opened the gates to foreign companies asset stripping our gas, electric and water companies followed by the imposition of extortionate bills on householders.
Everyone resident in Britain is now a sitting target as all our bedrock institutions turn into Arthur Daley's, ripping us off for all they can get.
Our impotent Prime Minister fails not only to act to protect us but has spent the last twelve years adding to the problem by imposing a stream of taxes, more than you can count.

Brown Doubles Tax For Low Paid

As Prudence (Gordon Brown) doubles the tax rate for the low paid and makes us pay 25% of our council tax for the pensions of public servants who have never done a days work in their lives
As Brown pays the Banks £100B more to pay for their fat cat bank bonuses.
As the BBC wastes 30% of the licence fee on its pension fund.
As the working population supports everybody else's pensions even though they haven't got one themselves.
We head towards a fragmented society of retired affluent state employees and 30 years of poverty for everyone else.
No wonder the councils are preparing for urban warfare.

Pensioners Leave in Droves

Pensioners hit by the latest Brown 10% tax fiasco are leaving Britain.
Unable to sustain the crippling rise in the cost of living; utility bills, income tax, council tax, motoring taxes etc they have packed their bags as they search for a haven where they can afford to live.
When resources are thin the choice between paying Prudence's taxes and survival has suddenly become critical.

And The Lord Said

As an atheist I feel I should point out that God said that we should not worship Golden Idols which I would interpret as money. And that while the world economy is important it shouldn't have superceeded the Democratic principles which our society was based on. Recent changes to the structures of government have altered the direction of our government away from Democracy and towards a corrupt economically based political system.

Merchant Bankers

What's the difference between The Banks and The Mafia.
The Mafia has a code of practice.

Politics is Not the Solution, It's the Problem

The abdication of the forces of law and order (the police) to the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has allowed a culture of corporate theft to thrive. While the common man is prosecuted for accidental shop lifting etc. a banker or director is allowed to steal millions of pounds without prosecution. Our politicians also remain outside the culture of regulation as they steal their way through life failing to implement their election promises.
Every elected government fails to reach expectations with short term solutions and wider problems concealed.
Is this the way for a intelligent civilised society to control its future.
Grab all you can before it all goes pear shaped?

Gordon Browns 10% Fraud


GB is more slippery than a snake.
He always takes money off you in real terms but giving it back is just an illusion.
Anybody who bothered to work out the smoke and mirrors deception of Browns ”U- Turn” on the 10% tax rate for the low paid can see that he is taking £215 from each taxpayer.
This means that if there are two low earners in one household they will loose a combined £430 by paying the 20% tax rate.
And what will GB give back? A £50 increase on the winter fuel allowance (which only one person can claim)
Or some increase in tax credits which nobody understands and which you can't claim if you have any assets.
As with the original tax announcement when he claimed to be cutting taxes its a con trick, all becomes obvious the next day.
But then, yet again he got the BBC and the press to give him a day of good publicity.
Gordon's U turn ? Gordon's smirking at us..

Sunday April 6th

May 1st Elections

Having destroyed British democratic principles over the EU Lisbon Treaty GB now wants us to go out and vote Labour in the local elections............fat chance.

Identity Cards are Another Tax Grab Plan

GB continues with his great masterplan to Tax and Control the population.
Identitity cards can be used to track your work record through your national insurance number.
This will make sure that you have paid your taxes for NHS treatment, pension, sickness benefit etc.
What happened to the data protection act?

Feral Society

We used to have an underclass of people who never worked, now we have a feral society of people who have no jobs, no homes and no money.
As the middle classes find that they cant afford normal housing expenses what is going to happen to the impoverished pensioners, travellers and homeless children who roam our streets looking for handouts.
No doubt they will look forward to the day when they become non residents because they have no identity cards and therefore no identity.
And when in twenty years time the EU State analyses the political status of its electorate so that it can identify anarchists (or people who believed in democracy)
And the police routinely round up “offenders” who carry no cards.
The feral population will be roaming the countyside, hiding & eating raw veg.

Financial Chaos in the money markets.

This is what happens when you put crooks in charge of the national wealth.
GB is too busy taxing us into bankruptcy to notice that the banks and financial institutions can't even do basic maths.
Is GB trying to destroy England to fulfil his Scottish ancestry? William Wallace would be proud of him.

Mugabe & Brown steal the vote

We're now waiting for the Lords to help us..... fat chance
Is the Irish referendum our only hope ?

A corrupt world economy
A weak & tainted government
A sullen and betrayed electorate
No expectation of democratic change.
Don't be surprised if power shifts away from this political process.


The reason that GB has been unable to sort out the old age pension crisis is because the country is likely to be bankrupted by public sector pensions shortly so... whats the point?

Gordon Brown Wins Award

1st March 2008

Who would believe that the Labour Party of Great Britain would surrender this countries sovereignty to the EU without a fight.
That our MP's would transfer power to the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
That they would surrender control of our armed forces, the Bank of England, our foreign policy, control of our borders our tax and our legal system.
To an EU parliament whose accounts have failed to pass the auditers for the past 14 years because of corruption.
By a parliament that is so disfunctional it cannot even control agriculture.
Our soldiers fought two wars for this country and these MP's gave it up for nought.
The peasants of England didn't fight King John for the hard won freedoms of Magna Carta in 1215 just for you to give it away.
Gordon Brown you have been awarded the "Fukwit of the Century"


Brown To Save The World

7 January 2008

Gordon Brown announced his new year relaunch of New New Labour 2008.
This package is designed to totally outwit all television news editors by re announcing all
his previous dimwitted ideas that he failed to put into practice last year.
Todays fatally flawed brilliant idea was last launched by John Major in 1901. He announced that all patients would be able to get health checks from their GP to avoid getting any surprise diseases.
My GP replied;”If I spent my time doing health checks for all, I'd never have time to see any sick people.”
Brown is soon expected to announce massive cuts in the price of fuel, though the price is likely to rise as he puts more Brown tax on.
Brown announced new reforms for the Army after they ran out of bullets.. He promised they would be home for Xmas 2007.
Brown announces a new deal for the health service when he will get rid of waiting lists “at a stroke”
Browns new initiative on Education came in for some criticism after it was confirmed that it involved youthenasia.
Brown congratulated himself for saving the Northern Rock by pumping into it four times the amount needed to maintain the national pension of every person in Britain.
Browns EU strategy comes under fire when he realises he doesn't control the armed forces or the Bank of England any more.
Brown calls for more optimism from broadcasters as he explains that the country's economic decline is nothing to do with him spending ten years in the Treasury.
MP's will vote on a new wage deal for MP's including increases in pensions, expenses & severance pay. They will vote against it and then sneak it in through a back door.
MP's will vote against plans to make taxpayers support the political parties.and then sneak it in through the back door.
Browns new motto is; ”A lie a day helps you work rest & play”



How annoying is I-Tunes.
Not satisfied with turning our children into ear monkeys it now spreads its gospel media wise and attempts to out wit them with its claustrophobic restrictions on trade.
Will our children ever know the freedom of actually owning any music. Of actually having a cd and being able to play it on every conceivable media system.
Will they ever know that mp3 files are actually low quality rubbish sound files. That licensing music instead of selling it is a massive fraud.
We waited years to get to stereo CD quality sound. Will they ever appreciate the full CD quality living room sound.
The I-phone? What?
Q. What is more useless than having a hard drive full of low quality music?
A. Having a 500Gb USB drive full of low quality music.
They can certainly teach Microsoft a few lessons in restriction of trade.

Flood Pain

Was the recent spat of flooded houses caused by the politically correct building regulation which states that all new houses should have wheelchair access.
This resulted in planners banning stair access to houses and ending the common practice of building houses with an elevated ground floor.

Natole Kaletsky in The Times

January22nd 2008, “Mr Browns career as a serious politician ended yesterday.”

The TUC & The EU Treaty?

28th January 2008

The Unions have been extremely quiet of late realising that 'The Party' was going through a tricky patch and not wishing to 'rock the boat.'
Their silence on the EU Treaty however must show their support for the government.
So yet another institution abandons its democratic ethics for the holy grail money pot the EU promises.(Don't mention the BBC)
The TUC must see its future as the representative of the middle classes and the massive explosion of new members from the public sector.
Forget the working classes, the unemployed, the pensioners, the low paid.

Another loud silence emits from the TUC on the subject of immigration and the decision to open our borders to a wave of cheap unqualified labour from abroad.
As British workers are chained down with a multitude of bureaucratic regulations our friends from across the water steam in and steal our jobs with no restrictions at all.
It now appears that the Blair/Brown conspiracy was to flood Britain with cheap labour to boost the economy.
The failure to realise that the new immigrants would need; houses, health care, schools, claim benefits etc was a bit of an oversight.
But obviously well worth the boost in Labour Party membership.

Northern Wreck

28th January 2008

The farce at the Northern Rock shows the true priorities of the Sheriff of Nottingham (GB).
He continues his tax plan for the nation by robbing the poor to give to the rich.
It sadly also exposes how little the electorate matter in between elections and who really holds the power in this country.

The Labour Party

22nd January 2008

It is difficult to describe the sense of complete betrayal I feel for the Labour Party. A party brought to power to represent the working classes.
It has failed in all its attempts to improve our society; health, law & order, education, and seems to spend its time forming corrupt relationship with financiers.
It has lost its ethos of supporting the hard working people of this country and turned into a friendship ring for the rich & the powerful.
Its MPs appear to think themselves above the law, setting a bad example to others.
The indiscriminate taxing of the electorate at each and every opportunity and yet increasing the countries debt will be Gordon Browns legacy.
But the ultimate treason is the abandonment of any respect for democracy and the surrender of Englands sovereignty to Brussels without a vote.

Police - Health and Safety Killed Law & Order

January 20th, 2008
They have no control of the streets, they spend half of their time doing paperwork.
They retire early, go sick a lot and fail to keep law and order.
But the failings of the police are not theirs alone but a combination of political correctness, health & safety restrictions, bureaucracy and unnecessary control.
The castration of the macho male law enforcement officer has left the police forces with a cynical attitude to their work and an inability to carry out even the simplest of tasks.
Statistical analysis of every facet of the policemen's day has left them with no respect for promoting law and order, and no self confidence in their own judgement.

This government stands accused of the bureaucratic analysis of all it controls and then attempting to impose it's own ideas without any respect for the historic development of our society.
While there were obvious areas for the government to improve its effectiveness; law and order, the health service, education. etc this form of analysis and control is not tried and tested.
The philosophical understanding of the multiple situations which it is attempting to emulate has proved to be sadly lacking.
The arrogance of these politicians to supplant their banal ideas into every facet of our culture has caused immense damage to the fabric of our society.

Other countries seem to still have respect for their police, or is it just plain fear.
When we started taking our police to court for “clipping a child round the ear” the battle for the control of our streets and the battle for law and order was already lost.
There would be no drunken teenagers causing chaos on the streets if the police could give them a good whack with their truncheons with impunity.
It is astounding that it is a Labour government that is turning our society into George Orwells 1984.
When we read the book we all assumed that it would be an ultra right wing branch of conservatism that would breed this kind of macro control.
Yet here we are with a Labour government who are supposed to be representing the 'working classes' ignoring poverty, smooching with the business elite and creating an unregulated paradise for financiers.
Monitoring our cars and our lives with cameras ready to tax our every move. The electorate are just forgotten pawns as this apolitical elite feathers its own nest causing chaos with its limited intellectual abilities.


December 15, 2007

There will be no relief from the effects of climate change as long as the world economies are based on expansion.
The first stage of a balanced ecology must be a static controlled economic system.
Economic expansion allows great profits but causes incredible waste, poverty and unsustainable ecological damage.
There will have to be a seismic shift in the basic structure of our economic philosophy to come to terms with ecological pollution and face up to the challenges ahead.


January 20, 2008

Gordon Brown, ten years in government, is his legacy going to be infamy for fiddling statistics.
While Tony Blair had a certain likeable charm about him and with the relative requirements of political expedience, as pm we could forgive him the indiscretions of a few untruths.
Gordon Brown on the other hand has presided over the treasury for ten years with a supposed rod of iron and built up an economic reputation for scrupulous integrity, financial rigidity & prudence.
It comes as a bit of a shock then to realise that his financial acumen is somewhat suspect.
His statement claiming that unemployment is falling fails to ring true under closer analysis especially when you take into consideration the myriad of devious manipulations that he has introduced to the unemployment figures over the years.
The fact that you have to make a phone call & then get through a phone check to even get a first interview at the job centre means that most people fail to register. Many other holes in the figures just don't add up.
When you then take into consideration all the other suspect statistics put out by the government; crime figures, educational improvements, green taxes, inflation figures, immigration, Northern Rock, British Rail.
The question arises, are there any statistics that have any credibility any more , has Gordon Brown totally debased government statistics to such a point as to making them invalid and a useless source of information.

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